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April 23, 2014

Gabe and Anna
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I lived in a family where roller skating to the sound of vinyl in the basement was a normal part of my childhood week day, making up dance routines to our current favorite tapes were a standard part of my middle school summers, and dance parties to the latest and greatest CD release were a regular part of our kitchen clean up routine in high school. Music integrated seamlessly in and out of my life and it takes but one song to bring me right back to those moments. My sisters all live in different states across the country right now, but whenever we are together we still like to break it down to the songs we grew up with. Jackson 5, Chicago (both my dad’s influence in our taste in music), Mariah Carey, and Gloria Estefan.

Music integrated seamlessly in and out of my life and into college. When I met Gabe he started to make CD re-mixes for me. He always discovered unknown bands and was great about introducing me to up and coming artists. When I discovered some of our favorite soundtracks were the same, it sparked a little somethin’ somethin’.

Ben Folds 5 was one of our mutual favorites (before he became mainstream), and when we started dating we played Rockin’ the Suburbs every time we went on a date. The Luckiest would always hit me to my core because I knew Gabe was that guy I wanted to live to the end of my days with him. That song ended up being our first dance at our wedding a few years later. Every time I hear it, it still gives me goosebumps as it takes me right back to that moment when I knew I was his forever. 

It is crazy how a song can seal a moment in time to be stored in your memory for years to come. Maybe that is why I value music so much. It takes but a few notes to bring it all back.

Have a song that brings a moment back to life? I would love to hear it:)

Photos by Chelsey Heidorn

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  • Aww, this post got me all sentimental–for two reasons. My sisters and I would do the same (listen and dance to music while cleaning) and my husband and I both made CD mixes with each other while we were dating. For our proposal date, he worked so hard to put together two discs with our fav 80s songs. I pull those CDs out every now and then and WOW, does it take you back, huh?! Wonderful post! 🙂

  • Spotify is my jammmm. I love the song Dancin’ in the Moonlight – so it always brings back happy memories!

  • Aw that is sweet 🙂 Thanks for sharing moments so dear to you. I have so many songs that bring me to my past. Each period has its own definitely

  • aww so sweet! i really believe that music brings back memories! there are songs that i hear that remind me of my mom, my wedding, my grandma 🙂 all good things! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  • My husband and I are very musical. He has a beautiful voice and a bit of training, I on the other hand, sing like a donkey. But we love to sing because our families always sang as well, in the car while going for a holiday, while cleaning, at parties, all the time. We sing a lot of French nursery rhymes and I sing Romanian folk songs to our baby instead of nursery rhymes because I don’t know many of those.
    We also love to dance, French rock and roll mainly because it goes well with ABBA and Boney M and even Queen. Our wedding song was Crazy little thing called love because we couldn’t decide on a favourite but his mum and aunts sang Edith Piaf during the ceremony.

    • This made me smile wide! You two sound like such a cool couple. I love that you sing Romanian Folk songs and French nursery rhymes to your baby. They’ll be well versed;)

  • Oh, YES, music is amazing and life changing. I feel it sets the mood for everything, right? I play a lot of calming stuff at home with the kids…coffeehouse rock kind of stuff, because it makes things seem less chaotic, you know? As for a particular song? The one we danced to at out wedding is great. It’s an old country song and isn’t on very much, so when I hear it I get a big smile on my face.

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