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April 23, 2013



{image via Viva la Violette}

Still can’t believe I made the jump.

A new look, a new site, and a new domain name.

Heather of Viva La Violette is the brains behind the switch from blogger to wordpress. I needed someone to hold my hand, and maybe a killer blog layout to convince me. She was able to offer both;) Her new Runway theme is launching tomorrow, and she was able to customize it to make it feel like me. Flywheel was also amazing in making the transition smooth. (They specialize in wordpress hosting.)

Reasons I switched from blogger to wordpress: I actually love blogger, and it was a great home for IHOD these past few years, but as the blog has evolved and changed, I needed to stretch my legs a little more and have a few more capabilities that wordpress could offer. (Gallery pages coming soon!)

I also was excited about faster loading time and drop down menus. So organized and easy to navigate don’t you think?

Why I changed the IHOD logo: Just like I outgrew blogger, I kind of outgrew the old logo as well. I debated whether to keep the new logo somewhat similar to the old, but it was fun to have a fresh new start and design without trying to fit a mold. I needed a design that would have some versatile options for some upcoming project sites as well. You can view the logo process designs in this post.

Have a look around! You can check out the new drop down menus with categories, meet the crew, check out some of the new posts, and even a really cool launch giveaway! I switched over the blog feed to re-direct here, but if you do not get any updates, feel free to subscribe via email, bloglovin, or RSS! (linked in the sidebar)

THANK YOU for sticking with me on the switch and for being a great community of friends to encourage and inspire me along the way. I so appreciate you!
Cheers to the next year!
Love, Anna




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