One Truth: My Freckles and Scars

May 22, 2013

freckles and scars - own it


freckles and scars

After spending a weekend with my sisters, I realized we each still have a funny perception of ourselves and the flaws we have. As women, well actually, as human beings we all have flaws. Both interior and exterior. We are made perfect in God’s image, but in our own image we are skewed. Sometimes our interior confidence weighs heavy in the way we portray our exterior confidence, and on the contrary, sometimes our exterior insecurities can deeply affect our spirit. 

I have freckles galore on my face. I also have scars. Two of them. One on my upper lip when I split it open at age 8, and the other on my chin when I fell down the stairs at 3 yrs old. I was holding onto a cross tightly, and it rammed into my chin. These might each be considered facial “flaws” but they have been a part of me for so long, I don’t think I would recognize myself without them. I went through a phase of trying all the best concealers to minimize the appearance of my freckles and scars, but after I met my husband, he would frequently comment about how much he loved them. I also realized my mother has freckles, and I think she is one of the most beautiful women I know, so now I OWN my freckles proudly. Maybe it takes just one person to sincerely tell you that you are beautiful to really change your perspective of yourself (maybe it doesn’t hurt when its someone you love and respect too).

It also just takes one person to remind you that beauty is far deeper than surface level. Don’t you find that you love being around people who have a confident and positive attitude? Who see people beyond what meets the eye? I have a few friends like this that I am blessed to know. It makes me sad when a group of women stands around and belittles their body image. We could really use that time to talk about anything other than image. Maybe the Encourage Beauty campaign and the Dove Beauty campaign (whether it was a good one or not) is the reason why this has been on my mind so much these past few months. My friends and I used to have a group blog called OWN IT. It was all about taking our femininity for all that it is and making the most of it.

So here’s my challenge to you. Name your scars and flaws. I thought it would be good to start a little wave of owning your flaws confidently. I am sharing mine publicly here on a lifestyle blog. This doesn’t mean you have to do the same, but what can you do to take those interior or exterior insecurities and start to accept them? The interior ones are much harder to acknowledge, but maybe if you start with the surface level, you will find yourself going much deeper than you anticipated. OWN those surface level scars and find a way to see that they are a part of you. Maybe even let them show. Sometimes a little vulnerability is what we need. I have stopped concealing mine. Its good for each other to know we are ALL flawed (okay maybe not Halle Berry, but you get the idea…;)) and in our imperfection we can find a very deep level of real untouched beauty that is unique only to each individual.

I would love to hear or see your thoughts on this!

If you do choose to share a photo, tweet, or post about this topic, please hashtag #ownyourscars so we can encourage each other and uplift. (Always my goal!)


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  • Anna, I love this post! I think the same applies to features in general – for the longest time, I hated my nose. But it’s my dad’s nose and it’s what makes me look like his side of the family, so how can I hate that? It took me a while to realize that this nose was me, along with every other “freckle and scar” 🙂

    • inhonorofdesign

      That is such a good point, and I am so glad you mentioned it. My freckles are from my mother so I look at them fondly:)

  • What an awesome post. The flaws I notice- my crooked nose, my crooked front teeth and my height, actually. It’s funny, because it’s things other people don’t notice or see as flaws…it usually is all about self-perception. I loved the latest Dove Beauty video. It’s true! We see ourselves sooo differently from how others see us. 🙂 Thanks, Anna!

    • inhonorofdesign

      Isn’t that true? I see your height as a total rockstar thing. I am on the shorter end so I see height in a different light;)

  • Meagan Murtagh

    don’t ever hide your freckles, they are so so beautiful!
    i too have a scar on my chin (i think 90% of the population does)
    i also broke my collar bone and its not as sexy as it used to be, guess i just have to work the other one a little harder!

    love this post and you! xo

    • inhonorofdesign

      Thank you Meagan! I agree- everyone has scars- it would be amazing if we all learned to see past them in each other and ourselves:)

  • What a great idea! We tend to see all of our flaws, but no one else really sees them. This is something I was thinking about last night. Love it!

  • What a daring post. Totally love this..

  • Ann Fischer

    Isn’t our body/soul combo such a beautiful mystery! If only we could each bring to life that potential we possess – on the inside and also shining outward! Thanks, Anna!

  • I have soo many scars, over 6 to be specific. And they are big ones from surgeries but I have had them all my life so I rock them. I have never given thought to not wearing a type of clothing because they will show….they are part of you!

    • inhonorofdesign

      Thats awesome Em! Rock those scars girlfriend -it is true- they make up a part of you in a very cool and real way:)

  • Monica Williams S

    Anna, it’s so funny that your “flaws” are your freckles because I’ve wanted freckles for as long as I can remember and have always admired them on others! My sister has a sprinkling of them over her nose and cheekbones and I think they are ADORABLE!

    In line with that, I have always hated my nose (think it’s too big/round for my round face) and my boyfriend just said the other day (without even knowing my insecurity about it) that he loves my nose and thinks it is so cute. 🙂

    Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder, I guess. 😉

    • inhonorofdesign

      Monica, isn’t that funny how that works? I love them now. I used to want glasses when I was young. Our perception is so different from the next gals.

      And I am happy you were complimented on your “flaw”…sometimes that’s all it takes to realize it really isn’t one at all! x

  • I have a big butt . . I cannot lie. But on the other hand, it makes for a comfy seat.

  • For the longest time I HATED my red hair and freckles– and my pale skin. I’m finally embracing it– I love that they make me, me.

    • inhonorofdesign

      Love that you own it Erika because I happen to have always wanted red hair:)

  • love this! you are such a beauty! with age I have learned to love, or maybe sometimes live with my flaws – especially the character making ones like scars.

  • love this post – I think freckles and scars make us more beautiful :).

  • lindseymarlor

    you are just gorgeous! and i totally agree with your “Maybe it takes just one person to sincerely tell you that you are beautiful to really change your perspective of yourself (maybe it doesn’t hurt when its someone you love and respect too).” if my husband were to tell me a compliment (because he is not the type to do so) it would change my world of thinking and leave me a little more confident with my flaws haha 🙂 thanks for sharing this!!

    • inhonorofdesign

      I think my confidence has definately soared since meeting my husband, but words of affirmation come easily to him. I know that is not everyone’s way of showing love, but hopefully you at least are get those uplifters from friends and fam! It helps immensely. Hugs to you beautiful friend!

  • Mama Bear

    You are stunning darling!! I loved this post! Agreed with everything. Oh and I LOVE freckles 🙂

  • Adrienne Clark

    You are absolutely gorgeous! I am mixed and have freckles as well, I also have a scar from a botched surgery on my belly button that most ppl prob never see when I’m wearing a bathing suit, but I subconsciously know its there! Love this post!

    • inhonorofdesign

      Thank you Adrienne! Hoping this post brings more confidence to all who read. It has helped me just reading everyones comments!

  • I don’t have scars, I have body “bookmarks”. They save those important pages in the story of my life.

    Stretch marks from my children..they’re the road maps that remind me of how my life and theirs come from, and will always lead back to each other.

    Scar across my lower abdomen from losing a child…reminds me of how precious life is and that you fall in love with your child from conception rather than birth.

    Scar on my thigh from a burn when I was four…reminds me to teach and practice preventative measures instead of learning things the hard way.

    Scar on my calf from a hot motorcycle pipe…reminds me to take some risks. Life is not perfect and you can be hurt from time to time, but it’s the ride I remember and would do it all over again.

    Scar on my forehead from precancerous cell removal…reminds me to take better care of myself and live every day as it was your last.

    Funky toenail from getting smashed with a fastpitch softball…reminds me of coaching my daughters, the other girls on the teams, and how grateful I am to have the opportunity to play a special role their lives.

    Scar on my knuckle from punching a concrete wall…reminds me that anger actually hurts the angry one much more than the one they’re angry with.

    Scar on my side from falling off a farm tractor wagon…reminds me not to do obviously stupid things.

    Acne scars…reminds me that beauty comes from within…perception is only skin deep.

    Scar on my naval…reminds me not to be afraid to get a second opinion if the first just doesn’t feel right.

    Freckles…remind me to always be young at heart.

    Scars on my heart…reminds me that regardless of the outcome, love is always worth it.

    • inhonorofdesign

      Thank you for this. You have an incredible perspective and this is how I hope to view all of my scars and flaws moving forward. Would you mind if I shared? Cheers to you and your positive outlook!

  • meghan silva

    I have freckles and scars they have always bothered me , this post actually made me tear up a bit , I’ve seen the dove video and it crazy how we perceive ourselves thank you for this amazing post.

    Meghan Silva’s Blog

    • inhonorofdesign

      So happy it could help a little Meghan! You are a gem!

  • My nose is crooked. You can not tell unless you are looking up my face. What I love about it is that my sisters is crooked in the same way!

  • Melissa A.

    I have little white or flesh spots under my eyes that look a little like white heads, I didn’t get them until later in life and I guess they are hereditary. They have bothered me some, but I don’t think I really want to do anything about them. I’d like to embrace myself flaws and all.

    I love this Anna and that you are sharing your thoughts on this subject. Every time I read your posts, I say to myself, I would love to meet you. You are a beautiful person on the inside and out.

  • Maggie Broderick

    It’s amazing how we are so hard on ourselves. I have really worked hard on learning to love the body God has given me. To help with this, I refuse to own a scale, and instead just focus on eating healthy and staying active.

    As for some flaws that I am owning, my ears…they are two different sizes and shapes. We joke that they have come from both sides of my family. Also, I absolutely ADORE your freckles. It’s funny how own perceptions can be the opposite of others’. Thanks for always encouraging others to love ourselves!

    • Ain’t it the truth? And I don’t own a scale either? It really has helped to avoid thinking about it when I don’t need to. Love that you have a family trait like your ears! Its those little things that can tie us to the ones we love:)

  • This is great and SO true! I have a scar underneath my bottom lip from when I was 3 and bit it clean through…once in awhile someone will mention it and I used to get embarrassed, but you’re right…without these “imperfections”, I wouldn’t recognize myself 🙂

    • Thank you for sharing this Morgan! Its funny, I don’t even remember I have the scar sometimes I have had it so long! Have a wonderful weekend!

  • Paige Carroll

    I have 5 long and very obvious scars on both my feet from surgeries over the years and people always comment on them. I used to hide it but it’s part of me and my history so why hide it? I also have a long scar above my eye in my eyebrow from a car accident and it kinda makes me feel like a badass.

  • Pamala Kolstad

    You’re so beautiful. I too have a scar on my upper and lower lip from falling. And my eyebrows are crooked… Not plucked crooked, but just not even on my face. I think it’s always harder to accept and be comfortable with facial “flaws” than ones that aren’t always on display. Way to rock it, girl. You are so inspirational. <3

    • Thank you Pamala! How true that is! I have a whole list of scars, birthmarks, and freckles elsewhere but its the facial ones that are a little harder to own. You are awesome for sharing!

  • Such a powerful + brave post and message, Anna! As a girl with pretty obvious acne scars all over her face, it’s been a constant struggle to accept and love my skin. But like you said, after living with my scars for so long, I can’t imagine life without them! And I’m kinda at the point where I’m okay with showing them and not covering them up. My scars are definitely a part of my identity and something I know God created for me for a reason (after all, we are created in His image!). Anyway, after posting something very similar to this on my blog, I know how much bravery it takes to write about something like this–it was super hard for me and I don’t even have a big blog! Anyway, thank you for being brave, being bold, and for being you. Your beauty shines through it all, girl! 🙂

    • Kiki,
      Thank you. I can’t tell you are a gem. It takes a brave woman to be able to reveal her scars so I commend you for your confidence! Thank you for sharing! x

  • Anna, I love this post. And oh, the freckles. I have patches of them under both of my eyes. I get them from my mom, who got them from her dad, who I’m guessing got them from one of his parents. I’ve never wanted to cover them up, they remind me of my history, and where I came from. I have giant front teeth, and crocked index fingers. They’re family traits, and all of my brothers have them too. It’s funny, my teeth often bug me, but when I look at all of us I’m reminded of the ties that bind.

    As far as scars go, I’m proud of those too. I have two tattoos. Both scars that I chose, and each mean something to me. I don’t, and won’t regret them. I have a visible scar on my upper arm and three on my hand from my cat who got spooked by a frame that fell off the wall. I have a small horse shoe birth mark on my face, and two scars on my knees from childhood jungle gym antics. I have scars on my heart too, as we all do. Heart breaks and losses that felt altering at the time,and they probably were. But that’s the best part, as you said. Our scars, visible, invisible, chosen or not, make us who we are.

    • Beautifully put my friend! I have loved reading each story hear of the scars that tell so much about our history. Thank you for sharing yours!

  • Elisabeth

    Thank you for being open and honest. You are beautiful and have very minor scars.

    It’s REALLY tough when scars are not so minor or worse, conditions one has to live with daily. Looks fade.That’s the truth.

    It’s hard though, especially when so much of the blog world is image. Not just image, but images…Pictures galore. Modeling pix and selfies. I am seriously guilty of this. I love taking pretty pictures. But we all start to compare, and therein lies the problem. We have to love ourselves but not compare or think more highly of ourselves than we should.

    • Elisabeth, I couldn’t agree more. We live in a very image driven world and it makes it more difficult not to put value in those things. Maybe that is why I have wanted to post more real topics lately. Thank you for thoughts!

  • As usual Anna, you rock. I love that you’ve challenged others with this! I know all about scars as I have 2 major ones from having heart surgery. Like you said, its hard to image myself without them when you’ve had them for so long.

    I have one down the middle of my chest which is visible in most shirts and one long right under my shoulder blade, they’re both about 6 inches long. The one down my back isn’t normally visible but the one in the front used to always make self-conscious until one day my mom said, “you wouldn’t be here without those scars”. It was like a light bulb flew on and then I knew, they are apart of what makes me, me.

    I also have quite a few flat moles. It’s one of those things you just know you got from your mom. I’ve always had them and sort of reveled in them until I started getting some on my face. Truth: I even tried removing one on my face only to have it grow back weeks later. But oddly enough the minute I’d “thought” I got rid of it, there was a slight moment when I missed it!

    No one is perfect, but now I know having physical flaws definitely doesn’t contribute to our imperfections. They make us, perfectly, us.

    Thanks Anna! I’ll try to tweet a few of mine tomorrow! You’ve got me excited now! lol

    • Just a reminder that you are a rockstar! A scar becomes a beautiful thing when it is a visible reminder of why we are here. Thank you for sharing your story and OWNING it;) x

  • Marchelle Guidry

    Well, let’s see,… I have the nearly 4in scar on the back of my head (that every stylist asks about) and there’s that line on my knee from A.C.L. reconstructive surgery, both of which were due to being hit by a car when I was a high school student. The scar on my left breast was from a biopsy of a cyst when I was only 23 yrs old. The three lines drawn on my lower abdomen remind me of my three little blessings from God and that the post partum hemorrhaging was worth the welcoming of them into the world, even with the blood transfusions! There’s a scar on my right hand from a severe 2nd degree burn caused by cooking oil (a reminder to never let a child of 14 fry up homemade tostada shells). But of all the scars I have, chicken pox included, the ones that are the hardest for me to own are not the “war wounds” which are easily explained or told with emphatic expression of past experiences, but rather, it’s the ones from my eczema and foliculitis on my legs that cause me the most agita. These scars, which sometimes look like bug bites and other times look like boils/acne, have kept me from team sports, sometimes swimming pools, and simply wearing shorts or skirts to beat the summer swelter. I would take great pains to tan, use tanning lotions (thank you, Queen Helene!), and loofa the skin away. Not to be cliche’, but it really wasn’t until I met my husband that I started to accept my own skin and recognize that my vanity was keeping me from being free. I now wear shorts, knee-length skirts, and have found a certain solace and comfortability in my husband’s perspective of really seeing my skin as beautiful, not merely turning a blind eye to my obvious flaws. So, though every spring my skin flares up with agitation from my allergies and skin irritants, I’m finding it easier to relinquish that feeling that I should be hiding my legs. I’m actually owning the imperfections that make me a little spotty; it’s good for the soul and reminds me that all is fleeting in this life.

    • Marchelle,
      You know what, I had bumps all over my legs similar to eczema up until college. I too was embarassed by them and remember every time someone would ask about them. After dating my now husband we realized one day we both had them! ha ha! We don’t so much anymore but our children got them:) I now will be able to tell them (when they ask) that its a cool family trait.

      Thanks for naming your scars and taking this challenge. Its not an easy one, and I am so happy you have found someone who can see past yours and remind you how beautiful you really are. That is a treasure.
      Cheers friend!,

  • Always so inspiring. I too have a scar on my chin from running with scissors when I was little:)

  • sandyalamode

    thanks for being soo honest anna! i do have quite a few scars myself. i have one in my ankle from when i was 5. i was sitting on the railing of my brother’s bike while he was riding and i fell asleep. my foot caught into the moving wheel and i flew face forward into the ground and went to the hospital. also i had a rock stuck under my eye for 4 years before i was able to get it removed so i have a scar under my eye too. i also have a keloid scar above my left breast. i had a mole there that was removed and the scar has been there ever since, it’s about .5 inches long and i am self conscious about ever wearing strapless clothing. i have a 1 inch birthmark, which is just like darker skin, on my belly, which makes me self conscious about wearing bikinis. also, there’s a bunch of stretch marks there from my pregnancy so another reason why i can’t wear bikinis anymore!!! oh anna, thanks for letting me share, it felt good to let it all out! 🙂

    Sandy a la Mode

    • I think many of our scars from being a mother unite so many of us as women who were willing to give up image to bring life into the world. Its a beautiful thing. Thanks for naming your scars friend! x

  • Such a beautiful post! i happen to have a pretty deep scar on my cheek from when I was a baby – one of those multiple-activity toys that hung on my crib fell and sliced my cheek (no rounded corners back in those days!). I live with that very noticeable scar to this day. Though I have never loved it, I realize that it is just surface and it is crazy talk to be so insecure about something so superficial – but still so easy to do! Thanks for the encouragement, Anna 🙂 I’m owning it! XO Brynn

  • chinkygirlmel

    I love this post! I have a scar on my leg. Just a little above the knee. It’s a battle scar. Why do I call it a battle scar? Well I got bit by a rottweiler and it locked jawed on my leg. This happened when I was 22 and when the bite healed it turned into a scar. I was forever trying to hide it with concealers and I even tried scar removal ointments. But later I realized that this scar is a reminder that I survived and not just that, but I still have my leg and it could have been a lot worse. Whenever I am down I look at this scar and count my blessings. =) I also have a mole on my upper cheek. I have hated this mole during my teen years. I once went on a date and my date put a kleenex on it because he thought I had dirt on my face. Awkward much! But then I noticed something. This mole is a reminder of all the beautiful strong women in my life. My mom has it on the opposite cheek, my favorite cousin has it on the same cheek as I do and so does my grandmommy and my great grammy. So yeah. =) Oh gosh, looks like my comment took up a lot of space. hehehehe. Sorry about that. Great post dear!

    • Thank you for naming your scars and being apart of this little challenge. It can take bravery to own our scars and its an accomplishment when we can see beyond a surface level perception of them. Hugs to you!

  • I love this. I have a lot of scars. Some from when I was a baby due to being premature and then having necrotizing enterocolitis at a few weeks old. a small two inch scar on my tummy stretched with me as i grew and now goes all across my stomach. I have a round scar underneath it from it. I also have scars on my neck that people ask me about that held a tube that went into my heart. I have a cross like scar above my boob from the same time frame. There are tons of IV scars on the back of my hand from years of going to the hospital for eartubes. Then I have all those scars from getting hurt or cutting myself shaving, things that happen growing up. Having kids I have stretchmarks and stretched skin. I would love to photography myself sometime soon to sow off the scars. You have motivated me to do that since at times I can be self conscious about it. The scars from my birth though are proof that I’m here and I could have died but pulled through.

    Bonnie Rose | a Compass Rose

  • andrea.dozier

    Anna, you are such an inspiration to me! I love how you bring an honesty to the world of fashion & design. A humility as well. This got me thinking about a few I have that I will have to own up to as well. Some are easier to accept than others, and I guess that one way or another we must coexist with them… but it’s so much better to accept them than to let them skew our view of ourselves. Love to you! -Andrea

    • Andrea, you are such a dear. Thank you for the encouragement. And you are so right, we must coexist with them and not allow them to affect us negatively. It can be challenging but what a feeling when you can! Much love~

  • I have a scar on my leg from chickenpox when I was a baby. It reminds me of how my mom told me I was still so happy even with all those itchy bumps all over me. It’s a good reminder to keep positive even when things aren’t going so well.

    Beautiful post, Anna!

  • Our flaws are part of what make us uniquely US. Love that you are being vulnerable with yours. Inspiring words my friend!

    xo Kelli

  • I adore your freckles!!! I have a horrible scar on my knee from surgery due to my competitive swimming. Hate it, but it always reminds me of what a great athlete I was!

  • gabyburger

    Freckles are no flaws! 😉
    I have a scar on my lower lip, on the left side (3 stitches), and one in my knee cap, not nice at all, it’s such a weird scarf! And flaws, well a ton!

  • Imthatgirl

    I have chicken pox scars on my chest. Not a usual scars, its a hard type scars like pimples bt im sure its my chicken pox scars. So when im wearing a low neck shirts, it is really obvious. It has been 10years since i had these scars and ppl keep on asking me whats that n at the same time they show me their disgusted face. I feel so demotivated and hv no confidence in wearing anything that shows off my skin. But i found no solutions to this problem that im having so all i have to do is chin up and listen to no one.

  • i never understand what the problem with freckles is… freckles are awesome!


    Valentina Duracinsky Blog

  • I’ve never been on this website or seen anything from you before, but I found this while doing some research on google. I’m at the beach currently and I’ve got freckles galore. On my arms, face, shoulders, legs, you name it, I’ve got freckles there. Another thing that I have many of are scars. I struggled for a long time with self harm,, I’ve been free from it for a year or two now. I noticed today that I had been freckling more than usual on my thighs and I found that all of these abnormal freckles were on said scars. I had been looking up why that might be when I stumbled upon this post. I adore my freckles, but I’ve been insecure about my scars for a while now. This post, along with seeing my scar freckles, made me realize how beautiful they actually are and what story they both tell. Thank you for this. <3

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