7 Fall Wardrobe Staples

September 23, 2016



I admit I was slightly eager to pack away the maternity clothes in the record hot Altanta summer, and more than a tad excited to pull out the fall layers. The good news: we have officially landed in my favorite season. Bad news: it is still 90 degrees. However, this didn’t keep me from an inaugural pie bake with my sister on the first day of autumn, and the annual fall closet transition. Here are a few layer-able and interchangeable staples I either had from last year or added to the lineup this year. I will probably using these 7 fall wardrobe staplesthe most this season!


1. Striped Button Down
2. Jogger Pants
3. Distressed Denim (these are from Madewell, and here is a similar option)
4. Suede Booties (similar)
5. Wine Leather Tote
6. Tunic sweater vest
7. Grey layering tank

*Escape Bag via here.


Also, swooning over the new J. Crew pieces at Nordstrom.
Cheers to the first autumn weekend!




Finding the right white paint

September 21, 2016


I am hoping this report on finding the right white paint for your walls saves some of you grief and tears. Short story: A few months ago I made an impulse decision to select a white paint at 9pm at night, and proceed to buy 5 gallons for the painter to use the following morning. I did this against my own better judgement, but took my risks because I was too lazy and in a hurry to test colors on our walls. Well as you can imagine it didn’t end well. We left the house to the painters for the day and when I got home, I found my walls to be practically baby blue versus the creamy white I was certain they would be. Lesson learned. Shotgun decisions no more!

Here are a few tips for testing paint colors, and finding the right shades of white…



What’s on your fall bucket list?

September 16, 2016



With a new baby, I am keeping the expectations real low around here for a fall bucket list, but autumn being my favorite season, you bet your bottom I am still making one! Even if it takes till the end of November to complete;) I asked my little ones to help me come up with some ideas. Here are our top ten:

  1. “Rake a big pile of leaves and jump in them!” – Veronica, 5 yrs. 
  2.  Apple Orchard visit 
  3. Find costumes for all 5 kids before halloween (big goals, little steps) – Me
  4. Backyard bonfires with marshmallows “and fire!” – Max, 3 yrs.
  5. Annual 1st of November Feast
  6.  Bed and breakfast staycation with Gabe
  7. “Foggy mountain morning hike” – Gabriel, 7 yrs.
  8. Eat one too many homemade scones – Rocco, 1 yr.
  9. Master a mean homemade latte
  10.  Declutter our closets and donate coats and sweaters to the local shelter

Do you have anything you are wanting to tackle this fall? 
Happy weekend! 

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