Runway to Room + Weekend Clickables

Runway to Room

The Fig Hotel from the latest post on Conde Nast Traveler


We have two days left of summer till September 21st brings in the new season. I think Atlanta took note. It’s beautiful here. Hope to meet some of you local friends at the Maiedae Mixer!
Wanted to leave you with some fun reads for your weekend so TGIF!

x, Anna

Clickable wonders:

The marvelous Hilary Rushford launched her Style & Styleability series!

10 business tips by Joanna Goddard. 

A snack I can’t wait to try that fits in with clean eating!

Every article in Darling Magazine Issue 9 was good, but there is an incredibly well written article about sex. You will just have to order an issue to find out why:)

A genius budget shopping app.

Thinking I’ll add one of these to my #consciouscloset.

Had a highlighted spot on my calendar for Wit & Delight’s line for Target release.

Cleverest pregnancy announcement I ever did see.

This recent kickstarter may not be raising big funds, but its garnered it’s fair share of attention (and for good reason!)



Condé Nast Traveler: 8 Camping tips for a stress free weekend
eHow Style Blog: Double fish braid bun tutorial
Condé Nast Traveler: Interior Design inspired by Spring ’15 Runway


Diary of a SAHWM

In Honor of Design | Chelsey Heidorn Photography
Photo by Chelsey Heidorn from our Family photo shoot.

Every day that I have been a mother, I have been a stay at home working mother. (SAHWM)
What I would call a mother who is sincerely trying to balance it all, who desperately wishes she had more hours in the day, more organization, more patience, and more coffee. I have had a range of titles, trying to figure out what works best with my family. From a graphic designer, accessory shop owner, blogger, and now creative business consultant, every week of motherhood has been a fight to balance the two worlds for fear one may squash the other. A work hard at night so that I don’t miss to much of their sweet little lives during the day mentality.

“Normal Day, let me be aware
of the treasure you are.
Let me learn from you, love you,
bless you before you depart.
Let me not pass you by in quest
of some rare and perfect tomorrow.”
-M.J. Iron

This is a quote I stumbled on through my friend Elisse on instagram and I wrote it up to keep by my bed. When I feel the anxiety of not being able to keep up, I go back to this. Really, the only important thing to me in this life is trying my best at being a woman of God, a devoted wife, and a loving mother. In that order too. The rest will not matter when I meet my Maker. I can only take each day as it comes, and do my best at all that has been placed in my life. That is the only “balance” I seek.

So when the balance doesn’t seem to exist and we order take out for the second time that week and anxiously await for Gabe to walk through the door, I cling to those priorities and let the rest fall where it may. Chances are, if my task list is crossed off, my house is a mess. If my house is spick and span, I probably have an overflowing inbox. And that is okay. As long as I have gotten plenty of kisses from Max, time to hear about Gabriel’s latest leggo masterpiece, time to dance with Veronica to the record player, and time to just be with Gabe uninterrupted. Normal every day struggles, let me learn from you! Let me not pass you by!

When the day comes that we have conquered the student loans and I can be a full time stay at home mother, I will throw a large party hearty! Until then, I am thankful I have the opportunity to do work that I truly love and am passionate about while I raise my children.

Just some thoughts I wanted to share with you because behind all the polish posts, there is just a normal gal trying to make it work the best she can. Behind the jet setting and glittering opportunities, there is a SAHWM typing against the clock watching netflix in hopes of both meeting a blog post deadline and getting up early enough to help her son get ready for school.

x, Anna

The Brand Market: Chicago

Chicago Blog Graphic

These last few months have chased me down, and I can hardly believe it is mid September! Before I had a chance to announce the D.C. workshop, it sold out! So I wanted to make sure and post more details about the Chicago workshop on October 11th! We had originally planned for August which was a little too tight of a deadline for all involved.

It will be held at the stunning Palm Court at Loyola University and co-hosted by the super savvy Mandy Kellogg Rye of Waiting on Martha and I. If you don’t already know Mandy, she is best described as an extremely talented jack of all trades who I am honored to call a friend. She focuses on “creating a beautiful everyday” through her successful online shop and blog.

The day will be split into segments on Marketing, Branding, Business Growth, Social Media, and more.
I really wanted to try something new and bring in extra doses of wisdom to this workshop. Cue the guest speakers!

Jess Keys –  Jess just recently traded her day job in corporate advertising to go after her dreams. She is the new Brand Manager for Dean Street Society, Fashion editor for The Everygirl, and lifestyle blogger at The Golden Girl blog. 

Matthew Hoffman – A Chicago based artist whose work is internationally known. His astounding work has been installed throughout the city. Just check out Hey, it’s Matthew. He is also the founder of the remarkable project You Are Beautiful which seeks to impact lives in big and small ways. Get to know Matthew in this video, and while you are at it, this Huffington Post article.

Ari Kryzyzek – Ari and her husband run their own design studio, Chykalophia! The vibrant vitality of her design garnered Ari the winner of the annual design award in 2010. Besides her experience in corporate branding for both print and web, Ari has her own paper line seen on Ruffled, Green Wedding Shoes, and more!

Quite a crew, huh?! I cannot wait to be in the Windy City and hope to meet some of you there!
You can register right here.

P.S. Mark your calendar Atlanta! We are ending the year with a bang November 8th!


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