The last summer hoorah: Punta Cana!

September 20, 2018

The start of school was a whirlwind month, so getting away with the kids for a few days was the best way to end the summer! I highly recommend traveling during the off season. No lines or crowds, warm weather, and overall smoother travels! Traveling with toddlers is a workout man! So thankful for this opportunity all the same. Here are a few highlights we managed to snap when our arms were free!


Immune systems, gut health, and how we have avoided sickness!

September 18, 2018

For over a year, we have managed to go without any major sicknesses, and even avoided the stomach flu (I feel like I am cursing myself by saying this). I did some instagram stories on my wellness account about how we were able to build up immune systems and gut health this year. I received so many questions that I thought I would go ahead and put it into blog post format as a reference point!


Lifesavers for Traveling with Kids

September 14, 2018


We had our first international flight this week to the Dominican Republic, and a first time on a plane for a few of our kiddos! I think they were more excited about the flight than the actual vacation. We were pretty lucky with low airport traffic and lines both in Atlanta and Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, and got through really quickly. (We shared some tips for getting through customs here.) Here are a few lifesavers for traveling with kids that especially came in handy on the plane!


Our morning power hour routine. (+VIDEO)

September 6, 2018


This year we are back to the hybrid model school for our 3 older kids. On the days we head to school, we have some routines that help us get out the door on time. Having been through several mornings filled with mishaps, I finally learned that the morning power hour makes all the difference for getting started on the right foot. Our power hour routine changes depending on the day, but in this post, I am outlining how we start our school days, and what gets us all going!


Is Having 5 Kids Hard?

September 5, 2018


A common question I receive in different forms that doesn’t have a short answer is, “Is having 5 kids hard?”. I will never sugar coat what life with 5 kids is like. There are days that seem to demand more energy than I have to give, and there are days that seem smooth enough to give us a moment of reassurance that we are doing alright. There are moments I am tempted to run and hide in my closet for a 5 minute breather to escape the noise, but there are also moments my eyes well up with tears being overwhelmed with just how much I love them. This is the great juxtaposition of motherhood, a wide range of emotions that coexist together. It brings us on a wild ride which requires helmets and serious battle gear. We hurt when they hurt. We fear all of the possible threats or dangers to their lives. We are filled with joy seeing them happy. The emotions are high and low, up and down, and to Timbuktu and back. I think however, all of this applies whether you are a mother of 1 or a mother of 11 (Hi mom! She should probably write this post.).

So when people tell me they are overwhelmed with “just two” children, and they can’t imagine 5, I agree with them. I can’t imagine it either…until I remember the number of children I have. You see, 2 was overwhelming for me also. 3 almost broke me. 4 was batsh*t crazy, and 5 is still borderline batsh*t crazy. However, there are a few things that are different now….

Norfolk, VA with Garden & Gun Magazine

September 4, 2018

(Behind the photo: A photographer we met trying to get a night shot of the ferris wheel snapped this! We were trying to catch a ride when it started to pour. Unplanned moments always end up becoming my favorite shots.)

We have some fun news to share with you all today! Gabe and I were given the opportunity to team up with Garden & Gun Magazine (a home and garden, food, travel, and arts publication) to share a culinary experience of Norfolk, VA. You can imagine how wide with excitement Gabe’s eyes got when he heard about this opportunity;)  You can now see our re-cap of this experience in the October/November issue of Garden & Gun Magazine coming out mid September! For now, you can check out a summarized version of our culinary tour of Norfolk on the Garden & Gun website.

Our tastebuds are forever spoiled thanks to this city! We are so grateful for the opportunity, and enjoyed every sip, bite, and experience during this weekend. Here are some highlights not shared in the magazine we are posting here today…


Happy Labor Day Weekend! (+ Best Sale Finds)

August 31, 2018

(Patio furniture from Article, Outdoor rug from Momeni)

Labor Day weekend! Thank you for coming at just the right time after a hectic first few weeks of back to school! I am usually anxious for fall (always about those cooler temps), but this year I am totally fine with celebrating summer until the very last day. We will be right here in our backyard with the sprinkler on and the grill going, celebrating Azelie’s 2nd birthday with family.

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