healthy breakfast idea

Healthy Breakfast Idea: Oat Bowls

July 27, 2016

healthy breakfast idea: oat bowls
Over the weekend we needed a good detox from a week of takeout and sweets, so we press reset and went back to our healthy breakfast goals. The way I have found that gets everyone to eat a good bowl of oats? Lay out the toppings before them to build your own bowl! Every one of my children were licking the bottoms of the bowls which had me shocked to be honest and resolving to do this more often. READ MORE

first birthdays

A Very Hungry Caterpillar’s First Birthday

July 25, 2016

first birthdays

Our little Rocco Samuel turns one this week so we had a crew of family and friends over to celebrate this Very Hungry Caterpillar’s first birthday. Like each of my children’s birthdays, they are always bittersweet for me. Letting go of the babyhood phase of their life and accepting that outside of your control, they are growing faster than you can grasp. Rocco has been healing balm for some very tough days for me this year, and so it is especially hard to swallow that he is already one. Gabriel, Veronica, and Max were so excited to celebrate their baby brother’s birthday that it motivated me to make it a fun theme for all of them. He may not remember the little details, but for me it is just a part of celebrating his irreplaceable life. Here are a few snaps I was able to get during party chaos!  READ MORE


Splurge vs. Save Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Guide + Gift Cards Giveaway!

July 22, 2016

In Honor of Design


I always hold out on purchases till the really good sales come around. Since the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is now open to the public today, I wanted to share which items I think are worth the buy (if you can get them before they sell out – holy toledo), and which are worth the splurge or save. This is the sale that is actually a season ahead so instead of summer items you can actually get jazzed about the cooler temps around the corner. If I am being honest with myself, they are way further around the corner here in Atlanta than I’d like, but let’s pretend.  READ MORE

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