#EncourageBeauty Campaign Launch


You all might remember when Hilary and I shared the Encourage Beauty campaign last year? Well, next week we will be starting an all new round, with a new crew, and the message behind this campaign is a powerful one. I am teaming up alongside each of these women with hearts of gold to spread a movement of encouraging other women to embrace and encourage a natural beauty given by God to the heart of every women. The kind of beauty that makes you radiate. Self confidence, self worth, authenticity, kindness, faith, compassion…all qualities that make a women undeniably beautiful! That is what we are celebrating and passing on next week, and I invite you to be a part of this campaign we hope catches fire!

It’s pretty simple to be a part of! Announce the campaign you are joining in on, share a photo or two a day on instagram following the prompts above to encourage beauty within yourself and/or family and friends. It is only 5 days long, so head over to the NEW website (weencouragebeauty.com) to get all the details and downloads.

Wishing you all a grand weekend (TGIFFFFF!) ahead and catch you on the flip side of #EncourageBeauty:)
x, Anna

Office Space Update + Giveaway

Desk Space  www.inhonorofdesign.com
Office Space  www.inhonorofdesign.comGeometric Planter | IHOD www.inhonorofdesign.comDesk details www.inhonorofdesign.comBlack and Gold www.inhonorofdesign.com
Work space - In Honor of Design www.inhonorofdesign.comPink www.inhonorofdesign.com
Since I work from home, I have to have be pretty self disciplined with time management. (A look into our day to day schedule here. Need to update that soon!) I would usually rather take a nap when my little ones are napping, but that is the time I make things happen. Sooo, the next best thing is to make your work space inviting. If it is visually attractive, I don’t mind pulling up a chair and getting to it. This goes without saying it is rarely in perfect order – I’ve got a messy artist mind and lots of busy toddler hands around;) I change up the space often with different photos or artwork, and always a fresh notepad.

I met Jeanette at The Brand Market NYC and found out about her fun shop! So many fun desk du jour goodies to spice up my space. We decided to team up to offer the same goods to one of you! Shop Manhattanite is giving away the following bundle will go to the lucky winner:
Acrylic Stapler
Acrylic Tape Dispenser
Rifle Paper Co. Note Pad
Rifle Paper Co. Telephone Pad

Enter via Rafflecopter below! Winner will be drawn next Thursday. Good luck my friends!
P.S. Want to score that Garance Dore phone case? Head over to the facebook page!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Additional desk details: Artwork by Britt Bass and By Luciana, candles and faceted vase by Anthropologie, Mini jotters by 45 Wall design, mini telephone – vintage, planter made by my husband Gabe, DIY mousepad, Garance Dore notecards, Market Tote: Design Darling, both chairs: antique markets.

Old Hollywood Crushes + Must See Movies

Jimmy Stewart via IHODCarey Grant - North by Northwest197234t

I always say I should have lived in a different era – preferrable the fifties. It was quintessential class for style, ways of life, design…all of it. I especially love the movies though. AMC was my favorite channel growing up, no joke. I had big crushes on old Hollywood stars like Jimmy Stewart, Paul Newman, and Carey grant. Always and forever crushes I admit. Gabe is okay considering they are decades older than me ;);) What about you? Do you have an Old Hollywood crush?

Here are some of my favorites from each!

Jimmy Stewart:
The Shop Around the Corner
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Rear Window
It’s a Wonderful Life

Carey Grant:
North by Northwest
To Catch a Thief
Bishop’s Wife
The Philadelphia Story

Paul Newman:
Cool Hand Luke
The Sting
Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid

What are some of yours? I would love to hear them!

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