25 Modern Desk Lamps for under $100

February 22, 2017

There is nothing that could be as boring as a desk lamp, but there is also nothing that can brighten up a space like a good one! In my hunt for some desk lamps for a few rooms we are working on, I bookmarked a bunch. Lamps can cost an arm and two legs which is somewhat ridiculous, so here are some favorites whose pricetags won’t induce ulcers! 25 modern desk lamps for under $100:

ROSEGOLD: one, $95 | two, $55 | three, $55 | four, $99 | five, $55

PASTELS: six, $50 | seven, $69 | eight, $33 | nine, $79 | ten, $25

GOLD: eleven, $43 | twelve, $79 | thirteen, $29
fourteen, $99 | fifteen, $58

BLACK: sixteen, $49 | seventeen, $35 | eighteen, $49 | nineteen, $46 | twenty, $95

MIXED METALS: twenty-one, $43 | twenty-two, $98 | twenty-three
twenty-four, $34 | twenty-five, $43

If you are on the hunt for budget friendly home items, let me know and we will work on more round ups like this!

Indoor Movie Night with Sprout

February 17, 2017


We have been itching for ways to keep us all from getting cabin fever since we got hit with bad colds! We always do “family movie night” with the kids on Fridays, but last week we stepped up our game a little bit. We did a premiere party with an indoor movie night. Thanks to Sprout for teaming up with us and sending over some fun gear to celebrate the season premiere of Ruff-Ruff, Tweet, and Dave. This is a show that Max begs for now. It immediately captivated my little ones with the endearing characters as well as the adventure and learning aspects.


DIY Velvet Bow Shirt Two Ways

February 15, 2017

I had this J.Crew sweater sitting in my cart for months, and realized it was almost exactly the same as one I already had with the addition of the velvet bow. I also jumped out of my chair when I saw this shirt, so I thought it was time to purchase a little velveteen! Here are two ways you can turn something old into something new!


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