Conscious Closet: Phase 1

Conscious Closet

Conscious Closet -
Well now that it is on the blog, I am committed! ;)
Taking the leap and putting a conscious effort to build a smart closet and eliminate excess.

I thought it would help to show you items I already have or recently purchased I am putting into this category. This way, you all can join along with the challenge if you choose, but really it’s just to hold me accountable;)

About the pieces: I wanted to choose pieces that are interchangeable, comfortable, high quality, and timeless. Trendy pieces are fun, but I realize it ends up being money down the drain, since the trend leaves as fast as it comes. Granted, I will still report to you on trends for the eHow style blog, but these are the pieces I am focusing on for a long term closet.

I admire minimalism and simplicity and want to be more disciplined about this lifestyle. It can be challenging when you are surrounded by a materialistic culture, but ultimately, I know I feel so much more at peace when there is less, and gratitude for what you have.

Also hoping to support brands who incorporate ethical guidelines in their product creation and distribution. I am learning so much about this topic and hope to learn more!

Ready? Join in the fun on instagram and share your closet building fun!


Starting from the top left: Chambray shirt // Utility Jacket // Wool Fedora // Blush Blouse // Dark Wash Skinnies // Blush Leather Flats  (similar) // Striped Skirt // Wide Brim Fedora // Checked Button Down // Track Pants // Sleeveless Trench  (similar) // Seed Stitch Raglan // Black Coated Skinnies // Leopard Flats (old from Gap, similar here)


P.S. Need some style coaching? My friend Hilary just launched her free video series!


Styling the Classic Trench

Trench Coat | Pleated Dress | Colorblock PumpsSleeveless Trench | www.inhonorofdesign.comTench Coat | Pleated Dress | Colorblock pumpsSleeveless Trench www.inhonorofdesign.comAudrey Hepburn - The Classic Trench

Finally found a few good options for classic trenches to style this fall. Did a little Nancy Drew sleuthing and styled these a few ways over on the eHow style blog. See ya there!

I am headed to D.C. this weekend for The Brand Market workshop Any good spots to check out while I am there?

x, Anna

P.S. If we were playing a game of who wore it best, I would obligingly agree that Audrey wore it best;)

Look One: Dress // Trench Coat c/o // Shoes c/o //  Tote c/o  // Umbrella (Madewell)
Look Two: Dress (Gap old but similar) // Sleeveless Trench // Flats (Gap old)) // Sunnies

Shop Scoop: Zuzii

Zuzii www.inhonorofdesign.comzuzii shoes
Little Reader Little style
zuzii footwear
Maxlittle specs

After three little ones I have quickly realized how pointless it is to buy shoes that a) do not stay on their feet or b) are not durable. I have concluded leather lasts the longest and fits the best. I will only get a few pairs for each (Veronica sometimes being the exception;)) and they wear them on repeat until they outgrow them.

When I stumbled on Zuzii footwear I died a little inside of the miniature cuteness and handmade leather quality. I just want you all to go peek at the whole collection, and then come back and tell me what you think:) Pretty bonkers right?

Veronica insists on wearing her pair to bed at night and I reassure her they will still be there in the morning. The proved durable and stable enough for Max the tornado and so I am nodding my hat to their successful design.

x, Anna

P.S. There is a women’s line.

Veronica: Cardi // Dress // Specs // Shoes c/o
Max: Shirt // Trousers // Dad’s hat // Shoes c/o

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