Travel Diary: Asheville, NC

January 24, 2017

I am not the best at spontaneous travel. It’s easy to talk myself out of going anywhere with 5 children, let alone a long car ride and a weekend trip to an unfamiliar city. However, Gabe and I both want to take advantage of any opportunities to spend time as a family, show our kids parts of this country, and encourage adventure and curiosity. So I am learning how to keep things on the simple side with packing, and say yes before thinking too much (hello melancholic). So to be ahead of the eight ball and forgo January squirrely-ness, we headed to Asheville, NC…

Mini + me: Best shops for knitwear.

January 19, 2017

I tend to stuff my babies in sweaters and knitwear for my own viewing pleasure. I myself have been living in the same stack of sweaters all season, and I thought I would share with you all some of the best shops for knitwear for ladies + little ones.


(Wearing: Sweater, sneakers, denim from AE)

I wait till January to pick up sweaters since that is when they all go on sale. I will just get an item or two that I know I will wear to death, and that will last over the years. Here are the places I always look first…

Master Bedroom Makeover

January 18, 2017


The master bedroom…..a place we spend little time, but the time we do spend there is valued. It is the place we unwind from the day, and  re-charge for the next. It recent months it has been filled with boxes from our move back in May due to our downsize in closet space. It was actually a welcome change considering it forced us to get rid of anything we didn’t use or need. Our bedroom wasn’t a priority when we first moved in, but we soon realized the disheveled clutter that was consuming it was not contributing to a peaceful day’s end. It was doing quite the opposite. Every time we walked into our room our anxiety levels rose from the clutter. So we decided to bite the bullet and make it a focus. 


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