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June 12, 2013

Method Hand Soap Packaging
DIY Housewarming gift


I admit I totally judge a product by its cover. I am drawn to good design and packaging (just check my pinterest board dedicated to it;)), so I was all about Method’s new Designed for Good product line. Pretty perfect, right? Kudos to the designer on this one! I want to line my kitchen windowsill with these squeeze me cute droplet shaped bottles. My kids were excited about them to because of all the animal shapes and colors:)

I think these bottles are cute enough to be gifted! I put together the housewarming gift idea above and used a simple wood tray as the gift box. All you need is a few bottles of Method Hand Soap, some dishwasher pods, a scrub brush, and any other cleaning supplies that are helpful, and you have a cute and easy way to welcome someone to their new home. Maybe throw in a pair of yellow rubber hand gloves as well;)


What’s also brilliant about this design is that it directly ties into their current efforts to prevent animal cruelty (they never test any of their products or ingredients on animals, and never use animal by-products) and keep their ingredients 100% naturally derived. So not only is it Good for Design, but its Designed for Good. Pretty cool, palindrom there, huh? Combine these perks with the fact that the scent is spectacular (and I mean, like the kind you keep sniffing to keep you in that happy place..) and you have yourself a real winner of a product.

Have you tried their products before? Thoughts?

Fun perks you should know about:

~ You can get 20% off method products on Soap{dot}com if you are a first time buyer! (use code PAWPRINT)

~ If you want to enter to win these soaps + a $50 gift card to Soap{dot}com, you can upload a photo of your pet to either facebook or instagram for a chance.
Facebook: Find the ‘pet photo contest’ tab on Method’s Facebook page (mobile here) and follow the instructions on the tab for uploading your photo.
Instagram: Post your pet’s photo to your Instagram account using the hashtag #methodcutepets, and follow @methodhome. The contest will begin on June 11 and end June 30. Method will select one winner each week!

Have fun with this!

Full Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Method and is %100 my own opinion.

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