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June 26, 2013

hospital bag essentials

Hospital Bag Essentials - Little Hip Squeaks

I have finally arrived. My due date is Friday and next week I will most likely have my new little one in my arms. I have spent the last few days dotting my i’s and crossing my t’s and am thankful to have this time to prepare and rest up. It has been a whirlwind month so these last few days were so needed. Gabriel and Veronica are anxiously awaiting the baby I keep talking about that is going to be all theirs:)

After going through this a few times, I realized packing a bag for the hospital is way easier once you know what you are going into. There are only a few things you actually need and use, and several things you think you will need that never get touched. (ie: that book I thought I would have time to read?!)

These are just a few things I know I will use in those first few days with my little one:

Comfy tees and pajamas – get me out of those hospital gowns! I am packing the softest tees, gown, and pajama bottoms to wear as soon as they let me!

Bumped by Blanqi postpartum tank – to help with post partum support and first days of nursing. So helpful with those post birth cramps and first attempts to feed.

Lara Bars: For when the hospital food doesn’t quite cut the bill. There the only bars I have found without sugars that provide a good amount of protein and fiber.

Soft and snuggle worthy baby clothes – I have a few boy and girl outfits ready to go passed down from Gabriel and Veronica. The take home outfits are c/o Little Hip Squeaks. (I die over everything in her shop!) Since we happen to have two “M” names picked out that we most likely will use, I just made onesies in both colors. I am never this prepared btw..

Healing Balm – I used this balm from Honest Co. on my belly throughout my pregnancy to help when it was feeling dry and tight. Plan on using it for deep moisturizing for baby and I in case we need it.

Aeromatherapy Hot/cold Pack – I mentioned this in my First Trimester Survival Kit post and will most certainly use it on tired, sore, and achy muscles in the hospital.

Blankets – Packing some swaddlers and just one extra blanket for me to feel a little more at home:) (The one pictured is from Dwell Studio)

Not pictured: All those lovely feminine products and pads we are doomed to the first weeks post partum, my rosary for spiritual strength, and my own ibuprofen since they charge you for every single thing you use of theirs insurance or not!

What were/are some of your essentials for the hospital??




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  • I’m due with my 1st the week after you 🙂 The hospital bag is packed and I’m sure I’m bringing too much. Your list is right on with what so many other moms have shared with me! Comfy clothes for after the baby arrives, some energy bars and not too much for baby!

    Hoping these last days are passing at just the right rate to get things done and relax a bit before your little one arrives!

  • I am due in November, 5 days before my first baby turns 2! (As a fun side note, both of my sisters and my sister-in-law and I were pregnant together for about 3 months before the babies started arriving!) Anyway, couple of must-haves from my first visit: chapstick (my lips get really dry during labor) and camera! Gotta love those first photos! Things I wish I had brought: my rosary on CD (so calming for me and I am definitely bringing it this time!) and a nursing tank. I brought a nursing cover, but until you get the hang of things, a tank really covers better! Praying you have a smooth delivery and recovery!

    • That is so awesome Megan! I am bummed because with a waterbirth there is no photography aloud:( I am hoping to at least get those first moments on camera though. I am bringing my rosary and some prayer cards for spiritual strength:)

  • i feel as if i need to bookmark this asap, though babies aren’t even in my near future. it seems perfect! watching my sister-in-law prepare for having babies in italy, i’m reminded how good we have it here. there, you need to bring EVERYTHING, like they don’t even give you a hospital gown! and you provide all the baby’s outfits each day you’re there too, as well as diapers and blankets, etc. crazy, huh?

    • LOL! Well I hope it comes in handy sooner than later;) And wow, that would be so different and a lot more pressure to have everything you need for when you go into labor! yikes!

  • Oh wow you are SO in my thoughts!!! Good luck and congrats! 🙂

  • socks. warm, heavy socks. i had my son in late august so the a/c was cranking full blast! we were freezing the whole time. plus, with heavy wool socks, you don’t have to worry about getting dirty hospital floor germs on your feet.

  • Definitely bookmarking this for October! There are so many “must have” lists out there, but I prefer to keep things simple… so this is really helpful for my first time packing a hospital bag! And I adore the little baby outfits you’ve picked.

  • Mary Davidson

    I always bring my own gown rather then wearing those horribly uncomfortable hospital gowns! I have a halter jersey knit night gown that is my go to “hospital gown”…. I’ve never gotten flack from the nurses as i told them that I’m the one doing all the work so I WILL be comfortable!!!

  • I’m due with #4 in September, and why did it never occur to me to bring my own drugs?? lol. In the past we loaded our iPod with songs (I’ll never forget pushing Monica out to “Chariots of Fire”). And we took our laptops before, but I’m guessing we’ll just take our smartphones for this one.

    Good luck! I hope I’m able to see 38, 39, even 40 weeks! Never happened before!

  • Hey Anna, Wow I can’t believe it’s time already!! I’ve been completely absent from the blogging world for the past 3 months and it’s like time just went full speed. Looks like a great hospital bag – definitely all the things I would bring. I hope you have a wonderful, smooth delivery!

  • Great list! I’m due in September & as a 1st timer don’t want to overload. Congrats again!!

  • Did you get the monogrammed “M” onesie/shirts from Little Hip Squeeks? I see the hats and leggings on the website but not the tops!? Thanks for any help 🙂

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