One Truth: The time Gabe saved my life..

August 15, 2013

one truth

When I was in the hospital after having one of my children (we will keep this part disclosed so no one gets in trouble), I was in pain…. you know….normal stuff after birthing a baby. When a nurse came in to give me some ibuprofen, I noticed she looked tired. She was new on call so it was the first time I had seen her. She was reading the amount to give me as prescribed by the pharmacy, filled a small cup and handed it over. It was full of the small white pills (probably 8 tablets or so). I turned to her and said, “Are you sure I am supposed to take this many??” To which she replied, “That is what it says here.” Mind you in my normal state I would probably would have detected way sooner that this was not cool, but being in my foggy post-partum state, I just thought it was odd. I was about to throw em down my throat with some water so I could get on with feeding my baby, when Gabe stepped in. “Wait a minute, how many milligrams is she supposed to be receiving? I don’t think this is right. She should only be receiving one to two.” The nurse checked and a looked over the milligrams once more. A look of embarassment and a hurried attempt to act composed and nonchalant she replied, “Oh you are right. I am sorry about that.” To which she explained how the way the pharmacy had typed it out was wrong and misleading. I think to save face she took back the extras and hurried out so as not to make a big deal out of the ordeal.

I sat there stupified in my bleary state as it hit me that my husband just saved my life…..or at least saved me from a traumatic stomach pumping experience. We looked at each other a little in shock as to what almost happened. I was just a little grateful he was paying attention in that moment. With nurses coming in and out every half hour (only exaggerating slightly) for 24 hours it was a small miracle that he caught it.

Moral of the story: ALWAYS have someone to look out for you in the hospital. Medical staff are humans too, and it doesn’t hurt to have someone  who has your back when you aren’t coherent;)

So that’s the one truth of the week friends. Your turn!

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  • As a nurse, I think that the nurse should have questioned the dose if it was way off the mark. It is true, we are human too, but you should always double check and triple check your meds before giving them to a patient.

  • i agree with necole being in the medical field as well. always, always, always check to see what you are giving to a patient. you don’t want to be responsible for a wrong med giving to the wrong person. when i had my daughter, the nurse got air in my IV which lead me to fainting. they were concerned the air bubble could have traveled to my heart, and that entailed lots of testing. ekgs, x-rays etc… all the while in labor! terrible experience. so glad he was there to look out for you 🙂

    • Yeah this is true because you trust your doctors and nurses to take care of you. And oh my word!! Your story is nuts! Labor is already a bit traumatic. So happy you came out okay!

  • What a scare you avoided! It’s frightening the potential damage an innocent error like that could have caused… glad all ended well!

  • wow thats nuts! so glad Gabe was there at the right moment!

  • Oh wow, its brilliant that he picked it up. Who would need the added ordeal after just giving birth.

  • YIKES. that is really good advice to take to heart. I’ll be sharing this with Cam (:
    hope you’re doing well friend!!

  • WOW! That’s pretty intense. Thank goodness for Gabe! 🙂

  • Thank God for Gabe! 🙂 I was having a minor surgery after we were newlyweds, and used to “taking care of myself” – Sean was traveling often then, and I thought for sure that I didn’t really need someone at the hospital with me, as it would be a long boring day for them.

    My mom firmly intervened saying that it was essencial that I had someone there to listen to what the dr had to say post surgery (even if it was just that everything looked fine), drive me home, keep me company, etc. We rearranged Sean’s travel schedule to accomidate. : )

    The day came, and I became so nervous, and surgery was delayed for hours due to hospital scheduling – Sean was so gracious to wait all day with me, and play games on our little cell phone so I wouldn’t be too bored or worried, and promised me a snickers bar after I got out of surgery as I was so hungry before surgery.

    Aren’t good husbands great? : )

    • Its so true Katie! I am so thankful for someone who loves me so much as to be attentive at all times. Love how Sean promised you a snickers;)

  • what an incredible story.. wow!
    your blog is exceptionally lovely!

  • Good message! I am so glad you are okay…

  • SO scary! Way to go Gabe! I could honestly say I’m not sure I would catch that right after having a baby, dazed for sure

  • WOW! I’m so glad he was watching out for you. I’m glad he was there to tell the nurse what was up 😉

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