#EncourageBeauty in November

October 30, 2013

Encourage Beauty

I remember when I started dating Gabe I would mumble a good deal and look away when I was talking to him. It was a bad habit I didn’t even realize I was doing. He started to challenge me to look at him straight in the eyes when I was talking to him. Something simple but so challenging to me. Why? Well for one he was so darn cute he made me revert to a third grade level of communication! The other reason being I just wasn’t that confident in some areas of my life. I was always strong in my convictions and was very focused, but when it came to how I felt in general, it would show in my actions. I didn’t really feel that beautiful. Gabe single handedly wrecked down those walls of insecurity (dare I reference him as a wrecking ball??) and re-built them brick by brick…one compliment, one good deed, one authentic act of service at a time. I began to realize his genuine love was giving me a new shield of confidence and an armor of strength I still carry to this day. I thank God for that.


So there’s a point to this story. Give your words thought, and give them away carefully. Love often. Love strong. Love big and small. We all are in need of it, and we all could use a good dose every day. I am so happy to be teaming up with Hilary Rushford again to bring back #EncourageBeauty for the month of November. Its our small way of paying gratitude for those around us, for what we have received, and what we hope to give. Will you join us??

There are many ways you can  join in. The above graphic is just a guide with daily prompts/ideas to encourage beauty this upcoming month. You can post it on instagram or print it and tape it to your bathroom mirror. Link up across social media, and check out how everyone is joining in. Participate one, three, or all days! We can’t wait to read your stories. There is an endless amount of possibilities and each and every small act makes some level of change in the world around us. It may feel a tad awkward the first few days, but I bet by the end of the month you will be __________, the girl on fire!

Head over to  Dean Street Society to see Hilary’s art quote – its a good one! And just get hooked on her blog while you are at it. She is one of my very favorites.


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