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October 29, 2013

Boat Sighting - IHOD Cider and Cocoa Flannel and Cocoa | IHOD Gabe and Max Gabe and Veronica - IHOD Gabriel IHOD- Lakeside Picnic Lakeside - IHOD Lakeside Picnic - IHOD Lakeside Picnic
Siblingsme and max | IHOD Rock Skipping  Veronica Family - IHOD Family

Chelsey moved down here from Connecticut this year and she introduced herself at just the right time. I was really needing a photographer for IHOD and she was up for my crazy adventuring. I have been blown away by her ability to bring out the best of EVERY photoshoot and she is always willing to go the extra mile (sometimes literally). I was especially impressed by the way she handled our family photos. She is so good with kids and knew how to make them comfortable. She even got out on the rocks in the lake to get the right snap.

Chelsey is sharing some of her best tips from a photographer’s perspective and a mother’s perspective on what makes family photos less stressful and more enjoyable – because yes, we actually had such a fun time!

  • The best thing you can do is to be comfortable. Wear clothes that reflect who you are but also that don’t require a lot of fussing. If you are pulling and tugging and fixing, it will make it difficult to get a photo when everyone is looking. This requires you to PLAN AHEAD! Outfits pulled together the night before hardly ever turn out how you want. Try on outfits ahead of time to make sure things fit okay and ready to go.
  • Another part to being comfortable in front of the camera is to not to stress about the perfect pose and everyone smiling. Children can really sense tension, and if you are stressed, they will be too. If you are able to have a relaxing setting, they will feel comfortable.
  •   Plan something your kids will enjoy. That will keep their interest and genuine smiles on their faces.
  • A few “bribe” techniques that have worked with some families in the past: Marshmallows are quick to eat and mess free. One marshmallow given for each smile. Pennies can also be offered that add up to buying a treat at the end of photos. It doesn’t get them all sugared up, and is mess free.
  •  I often bring squeak toys with me to get the attention of small kids, but if there’s something that they really love that will pull out those smiles than bring it!
Its amazing how simple and effective these tips can be! …
Knowing my children, I decided to combine a few things they love…food and a body of water. We did a mini picnic by the lake – hot cocoa and cider, hummus and veggies, salsa and pita chips. It was Veronica’s dream come true (she is a hummus fiend). There was also room enough for an impromptu rock skipping lesson. There was minimal bribing involved simply because they were so happy to be in an environment with so much to see…. boats sailing by, fish in the water, rocks on the sand…we wouldn’t mind spending many evenings like this one. 
Well Chelsey Heidorn Photography (new site coming soon!) is so generously giving away a photography session up to $350 value to a lucky reader!! She can drive anywhere in the Atlanta area (and up to 6 hr radius if you get a few families to book), and she also TRAVELS for weddings!! If you would like to go ahead and book a session, she is offering a 20% discount for any session booked by December 1!! Just mention In Honor of Design

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Gabe: Shirt – J. Crew // Shorts – Old Navy // Sandals – Reef
Anna: Shirt: J. Crew (gift) // Jeans – 7FAM // Boots – J.Crew
Gabriel: Sweater – Ralph Lauren (consigned) // Pants – Old Navy
Veronica: Sweater and jeans -Baby Gap (consigned)//Shoes – Osh Kosh // Headband – Jennifer Ann
Max:Overalls and Denim Jacket – Baby Gap (consigned)

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