9 Neurotic Things to Do While Traveling

June 19, 2014

Destination: CATravel Behavior} IHOD

This post was written in my journal on the way to L.A. this past weekend, not really intending to post, but throwing myself under the bus just for your entertainment…

I got on a plane this morning destined for Alaska, but I am hopping off at Los Angeles. Lucky for me, planes are not like cars in which you can miss your exit or I surely would be that person who somehow finds themselves in Juneau, Alaska with a distraught look on her face. My alarm went off at 4:30 AM which has resulted in a befuddled state of mind and questionable behavior. So here I am somewhere over Minnesota or maybe Arizona, attempting to record my neurotic travel behavior. Things that may draw unwanted attention to yourself while traveling…

1) Sit on someone’s lap as you try to passive aggressively dive for the last charging station available while waiting to board your flight.

2) Start reading your phone on the plane while you wait for the flight to take off and cry puddles of tears to make your friendly neighbor to your right as uncomfortable as possible. (It was a particularly riveting blog post, what can I say?)

3) Laugh out loud at the terribly un-funny video on airplane safety.

4) Ask for peanuts at the un-ripe hour of 7AM and then eat them like it was the first meal you have ever had in your life.

5) Wear a sleep travel pillow around your neck and proceed to do everything BUT sleep.

6) Finally fall asleep with the travel pillow still around your neck and bob and weave and drool an excessive amount in the innocent passenger’s seat to your right who is now thinking through how he request a seat change.

7) Harass the person behind you by trying to get your seat at just the right position by adjusting it in recline and upright back and forth 17 times before deciding it was best to keep it up all along.

8) Speed walk yourself off that plane bonking your suitcase against every single seat you pass and as you thank the pilot take note of the concerned look they have on their face.

And had to add this one from my flight back to Atlanta…

9) Frantically chug your giant bottle of fresh squeezed juice that you forgot was in your bag before going through the security line. That decision not to waste the $9 you paid for it at a local CA coffee shop was worth sacrificing your dignity for as you dizzily stagger up to security check point feeling queazy and unstable…

It’s true friends, so I don’t blame you if you are questioning my sanity at this moment. You can make me feel better if you want by pretending you have done one of these before….{wink}.

x, Anna

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