Flare denim, I’ll never quit you.

January 27, 2015

Flare denim | IHODIMG_4474flare denim

Denim: Paige Denim // Sweater: Lookbookstore c/o // Blouse: Old Navy // Coat: Lookbookstore c/o // Hat: Anthropologie // Reversible Tote: Urban Outfitters // Necklace: Velina and Kendra Scott  // 360 Stud Earrings: Bauble Bar // Nails: Julep 

If I could just wear dresses from the fifties, glasses from the sixties, and denim from the seventies, there would be no need for anything else in my closet’s life.

I am very serious about denim friends. In fact, I could talk to you about various denim brands for hours and my opinions about them. What companies run big or small, long or curvy, etc. What material is worth the designer price, and which ones wear thin fast.

Jeans are that clothing item every girl hunts for till they figure out that perfect fit. And when you find those jeans, they are worn tried and true, in and out. Being on the shorter side, my 5’5” frame usually requires me to hem most designer jeans. Since the seemed to be designed for 6 foot women only, they can swallow me whole in length….truth. However, it is nothing a ten dollar hem at a seamstress does the trick though. (Case in point: the jeans above I had hemmed!)

Last year I realized I had stacks of denim that developed over a dedicated hunt to replace my Seven jeans. I have slowly narrowed them down to a few styles and rotate them daily. The boyfriend, the skinny, the flare, and a few distressed.

So let’s talk denim. Favorite brands and the ones that have lasted you the longest? Best fitting? I would love to hear!

X, Anna

P.S. I am sharing what a day in the life looks like on my wednesdays. It’s an instagram takeover on Amazon Fashion tomorrow if you want to follow along!

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  • yesss let those ankles breathe 🙂 love this outfit! xo jillian

  • i love my Paige’s and swore by AG for a while, but hands down my favorite pair of jeans EVER are the pilcro serif ankle legging. Pilcro is the house brand at Anthro and Its a legit high quality denim that doesn’t stretch out, despite the legging title. I will never buy a different brand! (Bonus I don’t have to get them hemmed)

  • I LOVVEEE this outfit on out. The vibe is so boho easy. So pretty!

  • I discovered J.Crew’s dark wash matchstick jeans about 3 years ago and they are my go-to. I can’t attest to normal wear & tear very well, I tend to buy one pair and wear them TO DEATH. Convenient, because my old pair then becomes my “faded” pair or turned into a pair of cutoffs. But they fit consistently and dont stretch out.

    • Have you noticed a difference in your Matchsticks? I feel like they’re different. They’ve been my go-to denim for the past three years and I noticed my latest pair get baggy and when I wash them the color fades in spots. My mom has had the same problems.

      • Good Q! I have matchstics I picked up at a sample sale last year that are cords. The J.Crew denim has been hit or miss for me. Sometimes, fantastic, and others, stretched out.

    • Isn’t it fab when you find a pair tho that fit you so well! Such a goldmine.

  • So cute! I love flares and bell bottoms. I’ve always like Joe’s Jeans and have had luck with good old Levis and Silvers too. Great hat, by the way!

  • Maggie Broderick

    Sevens typically used to fit me the best, no matter the style, my size always worked. I also love Vince and Paige, specifically their Jimmy Skinny Skinny jeans (super soft and comfy).

  • I am flare obsessed as well 🙂 and You are not going to believe this, but my absolutely favorite pair of denim ever is from American Eagle, and yes, they are flared. go figure 😉
    xo Danielle

  • Going from flares to skinnies, I realized how much I have missed my flares after wearing them a few weeks ago – I’m glad I never gave them up.
    Carolyn | Blog

  • I’m super curvy, so I’m all about flares + boot cuts! I have some pretty reliably awesome Levis but my go-to’s are actually Gap Long + Leans. I haven’t found a better cut for my figure.

  • Gosh, I wish I would have asked for that tote for my birthday! It’s so cute and I’m really in need of one haha. Maybe I can spend less on Quest bars this month and save that money for a work tote!

  • I have the AG skinny jeans from Anthropologie (I suppose they sell them in other places as well, but I had a gift card). They hold their shape really well and don’t bag out. I also had a pair of matchstick jeans from J. Crew (not sure if it was Factory or not, can’t remember) and they were a disappointment. It felt like they stretched two sizes larger by the end of every day, not to mention the sagging butt syndrome after sitting all day. Hated that. I gave them away. Buh bye. I’ve tried Levis but I’m not really a big fan because I feel like they are too stiff or thick somehow. Might be the type that I bought, though. Gap jeans are kind of meh to me, just like Levis. My new absolute favorite in all the wide world are the White House Black Market boot cuts that I just bought. Perfect. They have a real slimming and lengthening effect, hug the hips in all the right places, fit without awkward gaps in the waist (my Levis used to gap), and they’re incredibly flexible and comfortable. The denim feels soft and supple, not stiff and thick. They have stretch and they keep their shape. I’m enough of a fan to go looking for black ones too. I also have white ones from WHBM but the fabric is a little more stiff and there is less stretch.

    • I would have never thought to look there for denim! I hate the stretch and bag effect of jeans so I love when there is a little stretch in the denim that prevents that. 🙂

  • “Dresses from the fifties, glasses from the sixties, and denim from the seventies” I could agree more with you! I would also be set for life! 🙂

  • I love flare bottoms but surprisingly I don’t own any x


  • I love this whole look! xo

  • To be honest, I’d love to chat to you for ages about denim. We’re big into it over here too. So currently I’m wearing a pair of San Fran made denims which have been made by Tellason, for a London-based brand (and my mate too) called Harry Stedman. So that’s American denim, for a British brand, solid! They’re pretty heavy and slim fit, 16.5oz actually. But my fav fitting pair is some by a British brand called Albam, Japanese denim this time. A little looser on the leg too, really like them. Your flares really suit you Anna.

    Well done on the takeover too!

    Buckets & Spades

    • I can tell you are well learned on this topic! One of the best pair of jeans I own is actually from Spain! Fascinated to hear yours are American made!

  • The Lookbook Store sight has sexualized children as models. Really uncomfortable photos. I’m surprised anyone would associate with that shop.

    • oh gosh really?!! I didn’t see any children? And I agree, after sifting through saw some really gross images. Thanks for the heads up!

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