Ethically Made Jewelry Favorites

February 13, 2015

Ethically Made Jewelry

To continue the #ConsciousClosets series, I wanted to share the jewelry I have narrowed down my hoard to! I used to be a big and bold accessories girl (all my college pictures involve big earrings…), and I still love to put bold pieces on for special occasions, but I would consider myself a minimal jewelry wearer now. I am not sure what changed, maybe it’s my perspective on style and the belief we don’t need much to reveal authentic beauty. Although it might have to do more with a busy particular toddler.

I used to just pick up jewelry at F21, because you can’t beat $5.80 for a necklace…but then I started to question how all this cheap jewelry was made. Not to mention it would tarnish less than a month later. I really value the designers behind ethically made jewelry, and realize it is a better investment in pieces that will last forever. I wear these pieces with everything. Sometimes solo or sometimes layered. There are SO many good companies, but here are a few favorites. Will update as I go!

Velina Jewelry
Padgett Hoke
Gold and Gray
Mes Petites Etoiles
Kendra Scott
The Shine Project
Crafts and Love
Moorea Seal
Shop Soko (Thanks for the rec Bien Faire!)
Rose and Fitzgerald
31 Bits
Kluster Shop

The jewelry dishes are from The Object Enthusiast. What are some of your favorites?
I’d love to check them out!
Happy Valentine’s Day weekend!
xoxo, Anna

P.S. Building a closet from scratch part one and two.

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  • I love all of your chosen layering pieces. They work perfectly together or stand as individual items. Matterial Fix and Red Earth Trading Co. are two companies I adore for minimalist, unique jewelry.

    xx, leslie

  • I love the pieces that survived your narrowing down process. For more casual socially conscious jewelry, I love Wakami and 31 Bits.

  • i have that kendra scott necklace and it’s one of my favorites! xo jillian

  • My good friend Jessica makes her own jewelry and it is stunning! I think you would love it Anna! Her site is and she has an online shop there šŸ™‚ She’s definitely my favourite for jewelry.

  • I will have one of everything, please.
    I’m still in the ‘buying cheap jewelry’ phase, but that’s because I am really really cheap and can’t afford much else. I really love more personal and ethically made jewelry though, and I will treat myself every once in awhile…

    • Natalie, that is a good point to make! That is all I bought in college as well. A few of these more expensive pieces were a gift which I will go back and clarify. But I did save for a few good pieces that will last me longer, and I know it has saved me money in the long run;) But yes, you aren’t alone in that! ha!

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  • […] After visiting Bangladesh and hearing accounts of the devastating clothing factory collapse two years ago, it’s become more important to me than ever to buy ethically made clothing – and Anna has some great options for clothes and for jewelry. […]

  • I noticed Kendra Scott on your list. I just received one of her pieces from Rocksbox and have been searching the Internet to find out how the line is made and if it’s an ethical company. I was wondering if you could pass on the information you used to determine that this was an ethical company. Thanks!

  • Jessica Lehnhoff

    Would you mind commenting on how Kendra Scott products are ethical? I’m just curious because I can’t seem to find a lot online and I was just in one of their stores and everything was labeled with ‘made in China’. Thank you!

    • Jessica, yikes! You are probably right! I have come to realize that so many companies products are made in china even though they started as small businesses. I don’t know if everything in China is unethical, but I know that is where the labor is cheap so it’s disappointing to hear that!

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