31 Days of Color: Laundry Room Makeover

March 8, 2015

Laundry Room Makeover via In Honor of Design

This is our second project with Valspar as part of Ace Hardware’s 31 Days of Color launching at The Paint Studio! Each blogger on the panel was given a color to use in a space, and I received Sun Sparkle. It was a fun challenge to figure out where this would best fit within our home. Since this shade is such a bright and inviting color, I realized I needed it in my laundry room. You know, the place you really dread entering in and discovering what has been sitting in the dryer for a few days….

Laundry Room before
^^ Here is the before picture. (The usual mess I close the door on to ignore!)

Sun Sparkle

^^ Here is Sun Sparkle. I used Valspar Optimus , and thankfully it’s a one coat stain-blocking paint + primer. It is designed to be a one coat smooth finish as well. All the elements you look for in a paint color! This was the outcome of the color splash:

In Honor of Design- Laundry Room Makeover

The whole process from start to finish took only a few hours to complete!
1) We hauled everything out, cleaned the surfaces, and painted the walls . We only needed one gallon of Valspar  Optimus (one gallon covers approx. 400 square feet).

You can use the Valspar Optimus Paint on interior walls and ceilings including previously painted and primed plaster, wood, brick, drywall, cement and metal. We simply painted over the previous color and got the rich even hue.

Laundry Room Makeover

2) Gabe built a basic shelf with lip to set over the wire rack already in place. He added only one layer of tung oil because we were aiming for the lighter natural wood.

Laundry Room | IHOD

3) I had a piece of pipe cut down and spray painted gold to add the mini hanging rack below the shelf. (I used rope to go through the pipe and tie on the wire rack.) This is where we hang the clothing that needs to be ironed for the week.

4) I wanted to make plenty of room for storing laundry products and tossing laundry, so I picked up some bins and boxes from Target. I will use these to store cleaning products, laundry detergent, and tossing clean clothes to fold or sort. We are aiming for more organization, but we shall see! The hanging planter is from the outdoor patio section at Target. I filled it with a fake aloe vera plant (because I can’t kill that!). I also added a few frames. One with the very appropriate quote for the laundry room by C. S. Lewis: “It’s not the load that weighs you down, it’s the way you carry it.”

I can honestly say I have never felt more allured to do laundry before! Wish I would have thought to change it up before. It was well worth the few hours it took and cost under $150!

Who wants to come do laundry with me? 🙂

x, Anna


P.S. You should enter the 31 Days of Color Sweepstakes because they are giving away a $10,000 paint makeover and daily $50 gift cards!) Also, Ace will also be giving away free samples of the Color of the Day to the first 1,000 online entrants at ThePaintStudio.com.

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  • we’ve also been working on a laundry room reno. just finished the tiling yesterday!

  • Sharyn Busick

    Great job – this color combo looks so fresh and perfect for that smaller space! Just like luxurious dish soap enhances (somewhat!) washing dishes, this cute room will encourage you to do laundry. Now, if we can just create a way to make scrubbing the tub more pleasant . . .

    • Sharyn, thank you! Wouldn’t it be nice to have a scrubber you could just turn on and sit in the tub to clean for you? Just dreaming…;)

  • perfect! love that cheery yellow too!

  • Love this laundry room makeover, Anna! The color is super cheery for a laundry room and I love the organization.

  • Thank you so much Brittni! I can’t wait to see your office!

  • Hi Anna!

    Your laundry room looks so beautiful that I would do laundry every day in there!! My favorite part is actually the print with the C.S. Lewis quote. I was wondering if you made that or if you printed it from somewhere?

    Thanks – and great job!

  • Very cute easy update! love it! makes me think I need a shelf above ours now too! Also, where is the C.S. Lewis quote from??..

  • Oh wow – these photos are absolutely beautiful! Definitely something I will consider as a benchmark in my own laundry room.. My whole view on Open Floor Plans between bedrooms & living rooms has been completely redefined! Thanks for sharing . . . ^_^

  • Amazing, people don’t typically put a lot of effort into their laundry rooms, but it all looks excellent here!

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