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March 18, 2015

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Did you know that nearly 300 MILLION people around the world are colorblind?

(Source: One, Two, Three, Four)

I have talked about my love of color here on IHOD for a few years now. You all know I have a deep love for bold colors because they express so much more than words can sometimes. They are exuberant, expressive, connective, and complex. Having worked with color throughout my career in graphic design, art direction, and even with my own hands through paint, color has affected my life in such a positive way. My perception of the world around me is largely shaped by my experience of colors.

I admit I have taken the ability to see the complexity of color for granted many times, so I was excited that Valspar paint just launched an initiative called #ColorForAll with a simple mission: to bring color to those who don’t have it, and to help remind those of us who do, to truly appreciate it.
Valspar has created a short film titled Color for the Colorblind that chronicles the journey of four individuals living with colorblindness and their reactions to seeing colors for the first time through the use of the EnChroma glasses. I watched this film and it gave me chills and teary eyes as some of these men and women get to see the world in its bounty of color for the first time. Please watch this moving video:

So get this…Valspar is bringing color to the colorblind through EnChroma’s innovative glasses. Individuals who are colorblind or affected by colorblindness can submit their own stories using #ColorForAll or at where responses will be featured along with additional footage from the film. Some of those submitting stories will also receive EnChroma glasses, courtesy of Valspar! I think this is the coolest initiative, and I am so proud to get on board and help spread the word. Color can enrich our everyday experiences and most memorable moments in life, and as seen in this video, it is a pure gift to those who have been without it. I hope you will join me in sharing this message for all those who hope to see color in all its complexities one day!
x, Anna

Color for all


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