Maximilian Francis: TWO yrs old.

June 29, 2015

Two years old | In Honor of Design

I’m telling you, June is not short on excitement around here.
“Max the moose” was born a few hours after our anniversary dinner two years ago. I seemed to have blinked this year and woke up with a toddler….or mini man-child. I knew the only thing Max would want for his birthday is cake, balloons, and his best buds so that is what he got. Noticing my keep it simple theme this year? 😉

party crewBirthday cakesiblings2 years old | In Honor of Design

Notice his intense cake tackling face? He sat there for a good twenty minutes after blowing out candles, methodically dipping the animals into the icing and eating it from the top downwards. Max continues to be one of the funniest kids we know. This mischief making, hug and kiss bestowing, snack loving, curly-headed dancing machine is the reason our cheeks usually hurt from laughing at the end of the day. He currently is at my feet meddling in his new tool box his pop got him. He is hammering and drilling his way around the house with an intense face and extra noise effects.

Happy birthday Max the moose! You are an irreplaceable part of our family. You still have your mama wrapped around your finger..

P.S. When I was 9 months pregnant with Max, and his first week of life,

*TWO cake banner from Little Dovie etsy shop:)

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