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July 8, 2015

Summer style Blush + White via In Honor of DesignStriped Weekender | In Honor of DesignBump style via IHOD36 weeks. 

I have actually loved the conversation starters a baby in the womb can drum up. It took me an extra hour to get through the store the other day because I was stopped no less than 5 times throughout. In the fine cheese kiosk, over the deli counter, the bakery, around the corner in aisle 3, and once again during my debate over the frozen pizzas in the freezer section….all by different people who wanted to either tell their story or hear mine. I left the store with a wide grin because a new life is actually life giving. One older man wanted to tell me with excitement about his first grandchild being born the next morning. Another, spilled forth her story about how due to a stroke inducing medical condition, she could only have her one daughter, and how grateful she was for that one. And there there was the man with the hair cap on whose first child is due the same week mine is due, and wanted to chat all about it. I could tell how much love he already had for his child.

I don’t really love all the physical challenges pregnancy can bring, but I do love having this baby close to me wherever I go. I realized I am so lucky to be a temple to this little soul for a brief blink in time ….no matter if it feels like years right now.

Just a few weeks left… so the big elbows to the ribs, kicks to the stomach, and swollen feet are reminding me. I can’t wait to see who has been causing the ruckus:)

*Outfit provided by Anthropologie, in collaboration for their Summer in a Snap launch:) Skirt // Top // Sandals // Tote (on mega sale). Photos taken last month:)

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  • Sharyn Busick

    Awesome!! We can’t wait to see the new addition. You will do great . . . after all, you’re a seasoned veteran by now! 😉

  • You look beautiful in these photos! Can’t wait to hear more news about the arrival of your little one!


  • So true! I find that people are always stopping me when I have both children out with me (especially grandmas!). It is so sweet how they seem to really enjoy seeing the kids out and about. It makes those epic Taeget meltdowns a little more worth it. 🙂

    • It is something I love to see, because it is a good reminder how much we need the purity of heart that children have. They are needed in this world!

  • you are absolutely glowing! you make me excited to hopefully be a momma some day 🙂

  • You are so positive! I’m starting to be such a drag and complainer ha!
    Very uncomfortable and ready to pop at this point but you are right, we are blessed to be able to carry such precious gifts in out bellies.
    Thanks for sharing

    Happy Medley

    • Oh hun, I don’t blame you! I actually just told Gabe I am going to try really hard not to complain these last few weeks, because I feel extra irritable! I just keep reminding myself of all the women who would love to be carrying a baby and cannot. It helps with my perspective. You are close Anna! x

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