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November 1, 2015

As our family grows, holidays become a little more exciting each year. Granted, a little more challenging (costumes for 6 is a marathon friends), but definitely a blast. My sisters and brothers came over for an All Hallow’s Eve // Saint’s Day feast after trick-or-treating. I just borrowed recipes from my good friend Pinterest.


Fall feast | In Honor of Design


autumn feast | IHOD

Chocolate caramel apples

Halloween Menu:
Gabe’s chili
Mini pumpkin bread rolls
Caramel Apples (I just dipped in caramel, chocolate, and rolled in nuts)
Spiced Pumpkin Cheeseballs
Oranges (with apple core tops to turn them into mini pumpkins)
Pomegranate, Olive, and Cheeseboard (Havarti dill, goat cheese, and gouda)
Sugar cookies
Mulled Cider

Pumpkin cheeseballs

caramel apples and cookies

pomegranate, olives, and cheese

I think our family theme costumes are probably coming to an end as Gabriel gets older, but this year, my kids were crazy about this movie, and so they were more than eager to play the part…

Hope you all aren’t suffering from too much Daylight savings // halloween candy hangovers. I vote for Halloween on Saturday every year!

Happy first of November!

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