Recently – December Edition

December 17, 2015

These last few months all seem to blur together. Maybe it’s the having a new baby thing, or maybe it’s the holidays. I just continue to hold onto my hat and snap away in hopes that someday I will remember some of the days and hours that make up that golden portion of my memory….

baby boys
{boys rompers from Rags to Raches}
bath time
{I think this may be the end of the double sink bath. For obvious reasons.}
sleeping babe
{gingerbread decorating with her gal pal Harper}
christmas in the city
{My sister Angela’s birthday celebration.}
little one
{The trains are loved again.}

horse farm
  {They all go a little coo-coo over horses. Me included.}
fire side

I am choosing to block out the nasty flu bug that hit our house and demanded my sainthood. I am sure you all don’t need the details on that.
Thankful for these moments though that carry us through the tough ones. Those marshmallows that float on top of the cocoa that just make all of the difference you know? I know, ignore my strange metaphors.

x, Anna

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  • You have a lovely family!! Your baby is so cute!!!!

  • Aww! These photos are beautiful. You have lovely family. Happy holidays!!

  • Merry Christmas, makes me remember the fun days when my adult children were itty bitty!

  • Such cute photos. Your house looks so nicely decorated for christmas! xoxo

  • Lovely family, gorgeous photos. You’d never guess at the sacrifices off camera… you make it look so effortless! Hang in there and kudos to you for the courage to embrace a large family!

    • It’s much easier to share the highlights than the low moments. Those require a lot of emotional and physical energy already so sometimes it’s easier not to share them, ya know? But I hope to write through that more in the coming year because I think we all need the encouragement in the daily grind sometimes.

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