Leave room in your heart for the unimaginable.

May 3, 2016

Now that we have had a good amount of time to process the news, we thought it might be time to share with you dear friends and readers…



So many emotions run through me on a daily basis with this pregnancy. How can we in our human limitations manage another baby in the mix? Why us when I watch friends suffer from infertility or miscarriage? We wanted a big family, but this soon?! These are questions that I will toss around for months to come, but deeply rooted in our hearts we know without a doubt that God makes no mistakes, that He created this life knitted in my womb with great love, and He will provide the strength we need.  And so, this is our baby that has already taught us to “leave room”….there is something much greater here than we could have dreamt of ourselves. We are anxiously await September!

leave room in your heart for the unimaginable


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the outpouring of love and support you continue to show this crazy caravan! We are so grateful for each of you.

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  • So so exciting! Rocco is just a few months older than our sweet baby girl who is the baby of five (although the first for me) and our crazy, huge, love-filled family makes my heart sing every single day! Big families can be a bit wild, but it’s the kind of wild I would wish on everyone. Congratulations to all of you! XOXO

  • Congrats!!! Such a sweet video. Love seeing how excited the kiddos are, esp Gabriel’s comment about praying for a new baby. I’m sure God has big plans for this little one! Hope you’re feeling well!

  • Maggie

    Congratulations! I teared up seeing the video. Your love for each other is definitely obvious!

  • Awww, what a sweet video and a sweet family! So excited for you, and hope you’re feeling well! xo

  • Brenda


  • My congratulations! If anyone can do it, it is the 6 of you; the love and strength of your family is so unique in todays world that is should expand and thus serve to us all as an example!

  • Congratulations!! My sister in law is expecting her 5th child in September as well, and like with her other four kids, I know she’ll just make it work when the time comes. As long as you have support from your partner and your village, you’ll be great!

  • Anna!!! I am so thrilled for you! Congrats again! And yes, God makes no mistakes – you are meant to have this new life in your family. The video is the sweetest! Much love to you, friend!

  • This is incredible news! Congratulations to your whole family, what an exciting time.

  • Julia Mattei

    Congratulations!!! What a beautiful video, full of emotions and sincerity, a faithful reflex of the happy and lovely family you are! I’m 19 weeks pregnant with my first baby, and I cannot wait to have a full house just like you! God Bless you abundantly!

  • Lucia pwrez

    Sooooo beautiful! Congratulations Anna! You’ve been such an inspiration for me this year. You’re an incredible mother and this baby is lucky to have you.

  • Silvia

    Congratiulations to all of you!! Such beautiful news 🙂

  • I’m new to your blog, but oh my gosh–this is the sweetest. Congratulations!!

  • Congratulations! I give much props to those who have it in their hearts to have large families! Although I only know you through your blog, I know you have a very special family and God has blessed you richly!

  • My heart melted when I saw this video in my news feed. Congrats! I’ve always wanted a big family.

  • Kristen

    I totally needed this! I am 18 weeks pregnant with our 5th and we just went through this. Our no. 4 just turned a year old. After some time to let the surprise news set in, we cannot imagine it any other way. We feel so blessed and grateful that we have one more child to raise and nuture in our lives. And our eldest finally gets the baby brother he’s always wanted. Congratulations! Your family is absolutely beautiful…and your words and clip truly touched me and the tears were flowing. Thank you for this.

  • Canaan Stevens

    5 kids…It’s an awesome ride. WE love it!

  • Leigh-Anne

    I read something recently and it impacted me deeply and it was all I could think about while watching y’all’s video…in God’s economy “love is exponential”! Have courage and be of good Faith! God Bless y’all!

  • Melody

    Aw, that’s so great! I can’t imagine five. My husband and I are having trouble envisioning ourselves taking care of one, but somehow it seems like people always do manage and of course it will be worth it 🙂

  • Renee Smith

    Out of the mouths of babes-“children’s prayers are really powerful.” Wow!
    So excited and happy for you. Large families are such a blessing. (We have six daughters) Congragulations!

  • oh my goodness, oh my goodness, Anna, CONGRATULATIONS!
    this is so tremendously exciting. what a blessing you will experience, I’m sure. and hectic? doesn’t begin to describe… 🙂

    xx, leslie

  • AHHH congratulations!!!

    We are also expecting #3! Violet is only 7 months old right now, so they will be 15mo apart. Nervous and excited!!!!

  • Congrats to you and your lovely family 🙂 Big families are the best! I am 1 of 10 kids and it is a blessing! Thanks for keeping up with your blog! _Elyse

  • Congratulations!!!! I am so happy for all of you 🙂 This is such a sweet video, and a neat way to record this time in your lives! I loved the part when the kids were giving name suggestions-though you know, if it is a baby girl that comes out in September, “Little Theresa” could be quite appropriate with the canonization of Teresa of Calcutta 😉

  • CONGRATS to you all!! I’m fairly certain if anyone is up to the challenge it is you! XO

  • AHHHHH!!!!! So happy for you. Your video made me cry! CONGRATULATIONS and a very, very happy mother’s day to you.

  • What a sweet video! Congratulations!! So happy for you and your big, happy family!

  • Oh my goodness, this is so sweet and beautiful!! Congratulations. I’m sitting here nursing our 3 wk old, baby #2, and hoping we will be blessed with many more like you 🙂

  • Oh, great news <3 😀 Greetings from Finland! <3

  • Congratulations again! (I saw this first on Instagram)

    I’m sure it’s not all as perfect as it seems online but you really impress me. I hope I learn to juggle half as much and as well as you do.

    Also, the video is beautiful and really well done. What did you record it/edit with?

  • Renee C.

    Congrats!! Your family is precious. I’ve been following along for a long time and it seems so meant to be that you will add another to the family! The video is the cutest! The “children’s prayers are really powerful” part. Cue tears! 🙂

  • Heidi Ferguson

    This is just great guys!! Congratulations to the whole family!!! Wonderful news! Just made my day!

  • Absolutely beautiful! Congratulations. Children’s prayers are powerful & amazing.

  • Congratulations! Definitely cried when your husband spoke about seeing your hard work and sacrifice bringing another life into this world. God bless your family! Since having my first child in January, I see every day how God gifts us the most perfect little spirits to nurture and love. I’m sure this newest little one will make your family feel even more complete. Dang, though – this gave me baby fever and my baby is only 4 months old!!

  • Chelsey

    You’d think I was the pregnant one with how much I teared up during this video. Love Gabe’s face at the end. Cracked me up. Love you guys and so excited for your family!

  • Really people? Thanks for contributing with the over population, the Earth says thanks (and also some random child growing up as an orphan).

    • Ana,
      I can only hope you have a strange sense of humor and are joking.
      NO child is random. And THIS child will be loved beyond compare. God is so good!!

    • Not sure why you would follow a blog that focuses somewhat on a large and growing family if you feel this way..this world also needs positivity and love, not hostility and judgement. Don’t follow things that you dislike, you will be a much happier person for it.

    • Pamela

      Overpopulation has been disproved so often, it’s a wonder anyone ever still brings it up. I pray that one day you will be able to see the joy that children bring personally. There’s nothing to compare it to, and you never understand it until you experience it.

      And since the populations of many first world countries are dying, thank you Anna & Gabe for doing your part to sustain the earth. God bless you and your family. 🙂

  • ANNA!!!! I am crying happy tears for you!!!!!!! This is AMAZING! And little Gabriel’s comment about the power of children’s prayers made me cry all over again. I could not be happier for your AWESOME family. Keep doing what you’re doing, mama! We need more families like yours in our country and the world! 🙂 PRAISE GOD! Love you my friend!

  • Phyllis Guarno

    Congratulations!!! 5th kid is my favorite…(I’m the 5th in mine) :))))

  • This truly touched me today Anna!! CONGRATULATIONS! Totally tearing up…having a hard mama/biz owner day and what precious reminder that being life-giving at our core is #1 and it is beautiful to see you talk about your sweet #5 on the way as I sit here holding my #5…remembering college and having dreams of this wonderfully messy beautiful life that we now have. What a gift… Love to your fam!!

  • So exciting!! ? Adorable video. ?

  • So happy for you!!

  • So excited for you Anna! I can’t wait to meet your beautiful family one day!

  • Karen w.

    Congratulations! Adorable video 🙂 and yes, children’s prayers are powerful!

  • Amber Krier

    So excited for you guys! Can’t wait to see your next precious baby!

  • Pat Schwab

    Anna and Gabe and all the little Liesemeyers, Congrats!!!!! Every child born is the greatest gift and blessing we could ever ask for. Hugs and smiles, Pat S

  • Congratulations!!! You are looking so beautiful with that cute bump! So exciting for you family a new baby brother/sister. I can’t wait to see all the pregnancy outfits and baby outfits you will style.
    The video is just so lovely, and of course made me cried. You and your husband are such an inspiration and your love for God is so special and unique.
    Sending lots of love to your family!
    Carolina | http://www.dearbabymj.com

  • Ohhhh my there is nothing like the sweet innocence of children! This made me cry! Your family is such a breath of fresh air, and I am so so inspired by how you mother these beautiful children. The world needs your witness Anna…Thank you for sharing with us. I’ll be praying for a peaceful, healthy pregnancy for you.

  • Tearing up over here! Thank you so much for sharing your life will all of us! 🙂 So happy for you and praying for a smooth pregnancy and transition to a family of SEVEN!!

  • SO thrilled for you guys!!!

  • After seeing the snippet on IG, I had to come to the blog to see the whole thing…and I’m so glad I did! Your family is so beautiful, Anna. Of course the kiddos are precious, but I loved Gabe’s comments about what he loves about seeing you after the delivery. And your reaction was priceless. Really, so sweet and genuine. Like, “Oh, hush, honey. You’re too good to me. I love you so much.” Gah! I can’t even. Congratulations on Baby #5. I’m predicting a girl!

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  • Congrats to you and your beautiful family, Anna!! Such a sweet video announcement. 🙂

  • Congratulations!!! I think two separate friends linked to your announcement in their blog posts today – what an awesome video 🙂 I think Rose of Lima is the perfect name, although Baby Shower would work pretty well too 😉 I’m currently 11 weeks pregnant with our 6th (5th pregnancy like you though, with similar ages of kids, just twins thrown in the mix!) and will be praying for you – this life isn’t easy but GOSH it’s a blessing! And the emotions… Oh, I feel you there. God knows what you need, and I know you’ll be covered in prayer along the way 🙂

  • Congratulations to you and your beautiful family! I stumbled across this post no doubt providentially as I just found out i am pregnant with my 4th (with my third being the ripe old age of 6 months. and my second 2yrs, and my first 3yrs). You make it look good! And you show how beautiful it truly is. Your words are just what I needed to hear. Thank you for sharing them and may God bless you and your family!

  • Oh Anna! How lovely! I kinda knew soon you would pop the news when I noticed your legs getting chubby! You are truly blessed with such a beatiful family. May God bless you all! Can’t wait till September!

  • Oh my God!!! THIS IS SO ADORABLE AND SO EXCITING! I’m so so happy for you 😀 😀 Congratulations! you really need to tell me your fertility secrets haha

  • I am SO SO happy for you. In tears over Gabriel saying “b/c veronica prayed for it so bad. Children’s prayers are really powerful”. What a precious family you are! You are such an amazing mother. I’m overjoyed for you all.

  • Congratulations!! I’m an older mom who reads your blog. I know a lot of younger moms because I have young children. I just love y’all’s enthusiasm. It keeps me motivated. I also have an adult daughter. Seeing how you do life whats me excited for her.

    • Hi Lela! I read you’re an older mom. Me too! And I also enjoy Anna’s blog very much. I would love to chat with you someday to share our experiences of being an older Mom. I am 44yrs old and I have a wonderful 7yr old boy and a delightful 5 yr old girl. Hope to hear from you soon. You can reach me at urbutfull@gmail.com

  • Pamela

    How awesome! That was a great video announcement! Life with little kids is such an adventure, and there really is nothing like it. And it ends–because they all grow up one day! 🙂 So, enjoy this time and treasure the great gift of all of your children, which I know you do! Congratulations!

  • Kathryne Gillett

    Thank you for celebrating Life! Most of our “first world” world doesn’t, so Thank You! We have 6 under 10 and its the best thing ever!

  • Bette Moreno

    You are amazing. just incredibly amazing. Congratulations to all. A baby truly blessed

  • Oh my goodness mama!! I don’t know how you do it. Sending love your way! So happy for you guys!

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  • Beautiful!!

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