“Learn to master time, or it will be your master.”

June 22, 2016

first ballet lessons


I make goals on my birthday every year June 22nd. It’s a good half way mark on the calendar that usually has me itching for change in one way or another. This year my goal didn’t come to mind till yesterday.

For so long I have waited for time to show up for me. 

Waiting for the chance to read a book from cover to cover in less than a year.

Waiting to print those pictures from three years ago.

Waiting for just the right mix of circumstances to take that trip to Spain.

Waiting for the day I can spend an uninterrupted week with my children without having to worry about my inbox.

Waiting to have that extra ten minutes to pray.

Waiting for more time to be a better friend and make that phone call I know might take an hour.

Waiting to make that visit to the relative who lives many states away.

Why do we believe when time is scarce, that suddenly it will show up for us and be sitting on our laps? For the first time yesterday, I was reading my daily devotional in the morning and got struck hard with one single line.

“Learn to master time, or it will be your master.”

There it was. My birthday resolution. Suddenly I was writing down so many ways in which I waste time, am a slave to time, and what I allow to eat up my time. I want to back the reigns and choose where I plant my time this year. If anything, I have learned as my babies grow before my eyes that it surely won’t be slowing down any time soon. It will continue to steal the most important moments of my life and the greatest opportunities if I don’t take the lead. I think God is the giver of time and the one who holds the past, present, and future. He gives us the potential of time to our own hands if I so choose it.

This summer, Max has eagerly woken me up every morning to announce the sun is up, and it is morning time. It’s an immediate invitation to welcome the day instead of my natural inclination to pull over the covers and ask for more sleep. I am so thankful for these little light bearers that continually invite me to be more selfless and more focused with my life, so that I can in turn do the same for them. I’m looking forward to this year more than ever before. So much life to live!

*Signed Veronica up for her first ballet camp, and she has been wearing her little tutu every morning in preparation. Gabe took this picture of her and I this morning:)

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  • I can definitely learn from this too, I am too often caught up on “should of’s” rather than just doing. Thanks for sharing!

  • Caroline

    Great reminder for us all! I like this line – “Suddenly I was writing down so many ways in which I waste time, am a slave to time, and what I allow to eat up my time.” Can you share some examples of things that you think can be replaced in your schedule? I am looking for ideas! Thanks!

    • Thank you Caroline! I started with my Netflix habits….I love to watch movies at night as a mindless way to unwind, but I am missing either sleep that is allowing me to get up earlier or the time to read, pray, write, etc. I am dedicating 30 minutes at night to do one of those things.

      I am also ruling out some of the mindless social media scrolling that seems to be an innocent 5 or ten minutes here and there and amounts to one hour to much during the day. I want to use that time for creative energy for either my work or my children!

      Another thing I thought of was my weekend time and how it would be pretty easy for me to carve an hour out of my Saturday to build on a hobby or skill I have wanted to develop more…whether it be music, photography…or even just to exercise! I could keep going but you get the idea;) x

  • You’ve prompted me to write down the things I REALLY want to be doing as well as the things that I waste precious time doing. Thank you!! I’m sure time management is something I’ll be re-committing to for the rest of my life (though hopefully I’ll get better at it ;)).

  • Thanks for sharing! Great food for thought! Can you share what you use for your morning meditation/daily devotional? As this is what I need to make more time for to start my day! Thanks!

  • Happy birthday!

    I love the resolution and have been taking it to heart myself since I went back to work. My priorities are so different it is hard to find balance but you must.

    Veronica looks like a pro!

  • The stress of letting time be my master has completely messed up my adrenal system. Your post is God-given since this is my first night of focusing on myself and giving myself time to enjoy just being me. Too often, I let all of my to-do’s of the day jumble up in my head and overwhelm me to where I think I have no time to do it all. Which is an absolute lie! I am totally adopting your new mantra for the year! Thank you for keeping it real!

    • Nicole, so happy this could be of help to you too! I struggle with not allowing the things I need to do run my mind. I hope this new mantra can serve you well this year!

  • Happy birthday! I love that picture of you and Veronica (and your dress is awesome). This is such a great resolution! I’ve thought a bit about time management in the past few months. So often, people say “I can’t do such-and-such, because life is crazy”-and it turns into a reliable excuse for inaction. I’ve started to play a little game of “would I rather” throughout my days. “Would I rather mindlessly surf the internet or read a book I’ve been planning to read?” and that kind of thing.

  • Margaret Broderick

    Happiest of birthdays to you, Anna. I love this tradition. My birthday is coming up in August and I think i am going to do the same!

  • Happy Birthday Anna! Love and so need this post, thank you! And that pic of you and Veronica is absolutely beautiful – something to treasure years and years from now. ❤

  • Yes, completely agree! Thank you for sharing this quote … Wonderful reminder to be intentional about our days.

  • Make the trip to Spain or MICHIGAN?! ; ) Happy late birthday, my sweet friend! xo

  • Well, first of all, that picture should be a painting. It’s completely adorable. Secondly, I totally agree about the time thing! Where does it go? Stealing bits of time here and there is the only way a mother can get anything done. Thank you for writing this! I need to think on it and pray about the ways I waste time every day.

  • Pat Schwab

    Anna, Is your birthday June 22? OMG

  • Heidi Ferguson

    lovely post Anna! I must say Veronica’s form is beautiful! She might have found her THING!

  • Yet again you’ve nailed it! Thank you thank you for sharing your beautiful life with us!

  • Dear Anna, there is always something so meaningful and true in each and every of your posts that I just cannot help to admire. This one in particular speaks to so many of us; especially stay at home moms. I also struggle between useless time consuming activities and actual quality time on a daily basis. I keep justifying it by lying to myself that I am just to tired to do anything meaningful but it is really just pure spiritual resignation. Tnx for reminding me that I have to do better:)

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