Healthy Breakfast Idea: Oat Bowls

July 27, 2016

healthy breakfast idea: oat bowls
Over the weekend we needed a good detox from a week of takeout and sweets, so we press reset and went back to our healthy breakfast goals. The way I have found that gets everyone to eat a good bowl of oats? Lay out the toppings before them to build your own bowl! Every one of my children were licking the bottoms of the bowls which had me shocked to be honest and resolving to do this more often.
healthy breakfast idea 


Unsweetened Coconut
Chia Seeds
Raw maple syrup
OR Local Honey (good for fighting off allergies and immune building)
Raw almonds

Some days it is just frozen waffles, but if I can carve out an extra ten minutes to make something hearty, my little ones are not asking me for a snack 60 minutes later. So it pays off! What are some things you have been dishing up for breakfast?

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  • Oatmeal is Shiloh’s favorite around here too. Definitely substantial and healthy. Have you ever tried overnight oats? It is so good, and so easy! And you get to make it the night before so you don’t have to do anything in the morning!

    Nicole |

  • This looks so tasty! x

    Jessica — WS Community

  • THE STRUGGLE. It’s the same over here with my tribe – it’s worth taking a few extra minutes to fry up an egg and some ezekiel toast for all these boys of mine instead of just pouring a bowl of cereal. Thanks for sharing some healthy options – honestly, you can never have enough! XOX

  • We love oatmeal around here! I’ve been doing Smitten Kitchen’s breakfast granola crisp with a dollop of plain yogurt (, subbing summer berries for apples and omitting the sugar (I’d use it if it were apples, but it’s not necessary with naturally sweet berries!). I bake it the day before and eat it cold or microwave it.

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