Our Christmas Cards + Minted Giveaway

November 30, 2016



If Minted hadn’t offered to give you readers some gift cards, I don’t think I would have kicked myself in the pants to get these Christmas cards done! Now it will probably take me an entire month to write one hundred addresses and notes, but maybe with the help of a few old christmas movies and a few boxes of Trader Joe’s dark chocolate stars…

I’ll share our Christmas pics soon! Since we hadn’t yet done a birth announcement for Azelie (you know it’s your 5th baby when…), we did the folded card design with recycled paper and put her pic on the inside. Couldn’t resist sticking chub face on the back of the card either. It might be my favorite pic of Rocco to date.

There were so many designs to choose from. I had a tough time narrowing it down. Almost went with this one, and I loved their gold foil options. Also, if you all are more organized than I am and have your addresses on the computer, you can now have them added to your envelopes when you order your cards. Glory halleloo! I at least got to take advantage of adding return addresses.

As our second gratitude giveaway for you readers, we are giving away TWO $125 gift cards to minted!
2. Leave a comment with your favorite holiday tradition.

Winners will be notified via email on Dec. 6th.
Best of luck! Thank you for visiting IHOD each day!
(Announced the winner of the weekender bag in this post.)


P.S. If you are local to the Atlanta area, Chelsey Heidorn is your girl for Christmas photos!

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  • My favorite holiday tradition is reuniting with my family that is scattered all around the world❤️
    I looove your blog Anna! And your family is too cute!!

  • I love baking Christmas cookies – secret family recipe!

  • Letting my son put the star on the top of the tree. Huge smile every time.

  • I have so many favorite traditions, but one of my favorites is one Sunday in December, we have a “gingerbread” house competition . Every year there is a theme, Christmas movies, song etc. and we split up into teams. Then each team has about 5 hours to construct the house out of whatever materials, and decorate with eatables. The kids get a huge kick out of it, as do we.

  • I love our annual family get together and potluck. A wonderful time of the year!

  • Jennifer D

    I always look forward to watching Christmas movies, while wrapping presents! Nothing tops midnight Mass, though!

  • Christmas morning with presents and French toast casserole!

  • We love the Christmas Eve Mass! Best part of Christmas, hands-down. (Oh, and the sweets don’t hurt.)

  • I love making gingerbread houses with the family and our annual ugly sweater competition is hilarious

  • Cutting the tree!

  • One of my favorite holiday traditions is decorating the tree with the kids. This year the girls have gotten into doing perler beads and I think it’d be fun for them to make ornaments.

  • Ashley Thompson

    I always look forward to decorating the Christmas tree – our ornaments always bring back such wonderful memories!

  • My favorite is Hot chocolate when decorating the tree! 😉

  • Anne Marie Barr

    Your card is adorable! Love it! Favorite Tradition? Oh man, so many to choose from. Right now my favorite has to be getting the tree and decorating it! And I also LOVE getting everything set up with my husband the night before for the wow factor when Jonah wakes up to Christmas Morning.

  • My favorite holiday tradition is watching the movie Elf with my mom and sisters. Every year when we are all home we always do this.

  • Ahh i love minted!!

    My favorite holiday tradition is probably when we sit around the table on Christmas Eve and tell everyone in our family what we’ve been thankful for this Christmas. It’s a great way to catch up with all of our cousins and aunts and uncles because we live so far apart!!!!

    Love following you!!

  • My favorite Christmas tradition is opening Christmas presents on Christmas Eve after a special dinner!

  • Our favorite holiday tradition is making hot chocolate and piling in the car to see Christmas lights. It’s always a surprise for the kids because we get them ready for bed and then instead of going to bed, we get in the car.

  • I love Christmas, so it’s hard to choose one favorite tradition, but sending/receiving Christmas cards is high on the list! It can be a lot of work; but brings joy! Who doesn’t enjoy receiving Happy mail (not bills or junk). There have beare years where I almost didn’t send cards out, but remembered those who might be a littl lonely this time of year and how much they look forward to Christmas cards— it’s a small way we can spread joy during this season of giving.

  • My favourite holiday tradition is having Chinese food with my family on Christmas Eve at the same restaurant we’ve been going to since I was a little girl and then attending a live performance of a nativity play. I can’t wait to share this tradition with my first baby next year as I am due in January 2017.

  • Such cute photos! My favorite tradition is new (and washed) Christmas PJs from my parents on Christmas Eve morning to wear later on. Happy Advent!

  • Emily Hannon

    My favorite holiday tradition is going to Christmas Eve midnight mass with my parents and 7 siblings. Might have to adjust the tradition a bit this year though, since I’m recently married and expecting my first baby (and can barely stay awake till 9 pm these days)! Love your blog, I have major aspiration goals!

  • Spending time with at my family’s cabin in the Wisconsin north woods!

  • I love the folded card option for a joint Christmas/baby announcement. Baby #4 arrives on December 21st and we are going to do something similar.

    Favorite tradition – going into DC on Christmas Eve and going to the White House and Capitol Christmas trees and the botanical gardens. It is always so quiet and peaceful which is a rarity.

  • We love chopping our tree every year. We just welcomed baby #4 in Oct so he joined us for the first time! We always try to get our Christmas card photo there. Our photo with the 4 little ones this year is imperfect but shows lots of love!

  • My favorite holiday tradition is crowding the whole family around the coffee table on Christmas eve to eat Chinese food and watch a Christmas movie.

  • I absolutely love caroling with my family onChristmas eve!

  • My favorite tradition is walking outside around the house in the cold with our kids on Christmas eve, knocking on the doors to the house and hoping the “inkeeper” (dad) will let us and the baby Savior (clasped in my hands) in. The hushed excitement, singing, and final joy when we are admitted and baby Jesus is put in the crèche are palatable. 🙂

  • Thank you for this amazing giveaway. My favorite tradition is most definitely having my grand parents home. I used to see them a lot when I was a kid, and now Christmas is almost the only time of the year I get to see them, it’s always an amazing moment!

    I can’t wait yo see your Christmas pictures x

    Jessica — NinetyCo

  • I love Christmas Eve mass in a dark church singing Silent Night 🙂

  • We always make the same french toast casserole my mums sister made us even after she passed and always play “find baby jesus” (the one that goes with our nativity scene that my father hides every year!). its always funny to see where he’s hidden!

  • Growing up my family always gathered around the kitchen table Sunday nights during Advent to light the candles, read scripture passages, have a family “secret pal” activity (like writing secret affirmations/favorite things about that person),and sing “O come, o cone, Emmanuel” together. It’s a tradition I hope to continue when I have kids!

  • I love your card! So cute. Cookie-making has to be at the top of my list.

  • Katie Blonski

    Sending and receiving Christmas cards is my favorite Christmas tradition by far! We were planning on skipping this year to put the cash toward our student loans so winning this would be wonderful! Love, love, love your blog!

  • We love reading a new Christmas book every night before bedtime.

  • My favorite holiday tradition: every year, my husband, step-daughter and now our daughter get together, make snacks and hot chocolate, and watch Elf together. That movie is one of the best, if not the best, holiday movie and to watch it with the ones I love makes it even more magical!

  • My favorite holiday tradition by far is going to church Christmas Eve or this year, on Christmas Day 🙂

  • Kate Miller

    My husband and I both come from huge Italian families. One of my favorite traditions each year is getting together to make Italian Christmas cookies from recipes passed down through many generations!

  • Meredith Williams

    Thank you for this giveaway!! One of my favorite traditions is making hot cocoa and going driving looking at Christmas lights ??

  • Brittany S

    My favorite holiday tradition is getting together with a big group of friends and doing a cookie exchange!

  • Beth roznowski

    Mass on Christmas Eve. Cinnamon rolls for breakfast. My moms cheeseball.

  • Every Christmas Eve after mass my dad would put all my siblings names in a hat, there are 5 of us and my parents. We all would pick one name and say what their most endearing quality was or a certain special thing about them. It was always a time of laughter and some tears as we gathered around with eggnog. It’s not often that you compliment a sibling so being forced to really allowed us all to see the good in each other! As my father always said our siblings will be our best friends he helped foster that relationship between us! I hope To continue this with my kids as they grow!

  • Baking with family!

  • Hannah Johnson

    Every year, on the day before Christmas Eve, my family has a big pizza party and we invite everyone we can think of–friends, family, and strangers. My mom makes a ton of pizza dough from scratch, and everyone assembles their own pizza toppings. It’s one of my favorite traditions, not only because of the yummy pizza, but because of the blend of people that show up to the party. Nothing says Christmas spirit like an open door and new friends!

  • Maggie Schuster

    My husband and I love picking and cutting down our tree and my inlaws’ (giant) tree every year. We always have a hilarious story to go with the picking, cutting, dragging, (barely) baling, and bringing home the giant tree 🙂

  • Hands down the Christmas morning breakfast of white rice and red milk (died by elves of course!!). Such precious memories throughout the years.

  • We celebrate many mini-feasts in December, building up to the big one on Christmas! St. Nicholas Day, St. Lucy’s day smorgasbord, OL on Dec 8 and 12… The whole month is festive!

  • CUTE cards! I need to order ours soon! xo jillian

  • Lauren Havens

    My favorite holiday tradition is to travel and visit family but this year we may be starting a new holiday tradition of extending our travel to a beautiful warm locale! This year- Hawaii! 🙂

  • Our children love putting their pajamas on, getting. A cup of hot chocolate (with a lid), and driving around to look at Christmas lights.

  • Gosh I have too many favorites! Making cookies, getting hot cocoa at Starbucks and driving around town looking at lights.

  • Favorite tradition would be the reading of the Christmas story every Christmas eve! When we were younger, my cousins and I would act out it out, with the babies always being baby Jesus, and girls climbing on uncles’ shoulders as angels.

  • Love being with family…love Christmas movies…love creating Jesse tree ornaments with my grandkids…love Christmas Eve Mass…love Christmas lights everywhere!

  • Breah Madson

    Moving the wise men every day during Advent until they make their way to the manger 🙂

  • Marissa Prain

    I love decorating the entire house with all of the decorations we’ve accumulated over the years while listening to the classic Christmas songs.

  • Yayyy awesome giveaway! My favorite holiday tradition is decorating the whole house the weekend after Thanksgiving… with hot cocoa, egg nog and Christmas music!

  • My favorite tradition is eating chinese with my family on Christmas eve. It’s the time my family gets together and we just laugh and hang out. I have brothers that live far away, but everyone come together on the 24th.

  • I love Christmas mass with all of the carols and doing Christmas crackers at breakfast after.

  • I love receiving Christmas cards but have NEVER gotten my act together to send them! I am hoping to do so this year, so winning this would help a lot!

  • Our holiday traditions have changed over the years, but when I was younger, I loved going to midnight Mass then coming home to make a huge breakfast with my six siblings!

  • ❤️ this! We really make things all about the kiddos in the family, but it turns out giving us just as much joy or even more, seeing their faces light up each time they hear Santa’s sleigh bells jingle on Christmas Eve…Fresh baked, hot Cinnamon Rolls on Christmas morning are also a not miss!

  • Jessica Coffey

    My favorite Christmas tradition is that my dad keeps a journal for each of his kids, kids’ spouses, and now grandchildren, that he writes in each year at Christmas. After we have opened all the presents and stockings, he passes each person their journal to see his thoughts, wishes, and musings from that year. We can go back to all the past years to see what he had to say to each of us individually. What a beautiful memory and keepsake I have in my dad’s handwriting for years to come. So, so special. <3

  • This will be our first christmas in our own home with our first baby so I am excited to open gifts under our first christmas tree and to just spend the evenings staring at the twinkling lights.

    Thanks for the great opportunity!

  • Kathryne Gillett

    I have many … probably hunting for our live Christmas tree and watching our young 6 children running in and out of the trees and yelling across to each other to come look at “this one”!

  • My favorite is doing an Advent Calendar & book with my boys. We read a portion of the Christmas story everyday and have an activity that is either something just fun or an act of service.

  • When any of us do something kind, we get to put a piece of straw in the manger. It’s amazing how much our toddler loves this, and warms my heart to see her “getting the manger ready” for Jesus.

  • putting up the tree while playing Christmas music and
    going outside in the first snow and smelling the air

  • It’s a silly, simply tradition but I love going to a movie as a family on Christmas afternoon. The theater is mostly empty and it’s just so fun to see a blockbuster as a big group!

  • I love getting our Christmas tree as a family, as I never did that with my family growing up! We’ve moved around a lot since getting married 4 years ago, so it’s been so fun to try out a new Christmas tree farm each year and see the different trees each area of the country has! Growing up, I always adored going to the Christmas Eve mass and seeing so many people pack into church to celebrate the birth of Christ!

  • Our favorite holiday tradition (and honestly, the only one I’ve been semi-consistent with over the years) is doing a Jesse tree. The past couple of years we have been using Ann Voskamp’s devotional for kids. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I love midnight mass and the peace it brings. Also love the gift exchange amongst 7 siblings and our spouses: great memories and laughs it always brings

  • Reading from the Bible while eating Cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning:)

  • Tori Peacock

    My favorite tradition is going to get a Christmas tree! Merry Christmas, Anna!

  • Love Christmas Eve Mass + killer afterparty with karaoke with my side of the fam. 7 siblings, 3 brother in laws and 10 grandkids and counting. It’s so much fun.

  • Love midnight mass!

  • BarbaraMae

    My favorite holiday traditions are cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning and the birthday cake for Jesus Christmas Eve.

  • Favorite holiday tradition would have to be going to cut down a tree with my hubby’s family every year!

  • Trimming the tree

  • My favorite holiday tradition was taking the train from Boston to NYC with my sister on a Saturday between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I loved seeing all the window decorations! We live in different states now, so we’ve missed a couple of years, but maybe next year!

  • Love going out with my family to pick out a tree, bringing it home, and decorating it! So fun. Thanks!

  • New Christmas eve pajamas and making pizelles.

  • Frankie Robertson

    Going to Ruidoso with our grown children. Eating potato soup Christmas eve.

  • Opening presents on Christmas Eve and Santa presents on Christmas Day.

  • My husband and I love to see a live production every holiday. This year we saw Hamilton! We always get dressed up, go to a nice dinner, and enjoy the arts. There’s just something about the holiday season that makes it feel extra special.

  • I love the holiday card AND birth announcement combo!! My favorite holiday tradition when I was a child and now what I am doing with my own kids is having a little dessert treat each night in the living room with just the lights of the tree on and Christmas music playing. Last night we decorated the tree and enjoyed homemade pumpkin bread. My almost-three-year old son was so cute, it was honestly magical. Happy Holiday Season to you and your family!

  • Holidays are busy for my household. We love hospitality and using this season to love on people. However, my husband and I are intentional in going out for a fancy Christmas date. A time to eat great food, talk unhurriedly, reflect on God’s goodness in our lives. This is a long evening — from appetizers to desserts. We do not rush it. We turn off our phones. We make a world that is just the 2 of us. I look forward to this every year and it keeps us sane throughout the holidays.

  • My favorite holiday tradition is going into the city (I live in NYC) and making a day of seeing the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center with the hubby and the kids. Afterwards we go to the Plaza to have hot cocoa and look at the Holiday windows along 5th avenue. 🙂

  • Portia Antonio

    Getting all the kids in the car to drive around the neighborhood looking at lights with our favorite Christmas music playing and treats in hand.

  • Sara Huelsing

    Seeing the joy of Christmas on the kids faces!

  • This year I’m enjoying lighting the advent candle each night with my toddlers because they get so excited to blow them out! Above all, though, I love hanging the stockings. My husband and I have been married for 4 1/2 years and have added three little babies to our family over that time. I cherish being able to hang up so many stockings, and I love first Christmases where we get to add another (like this year!).

  • Fav Holiday Tradition: Late morning Christmas Mass followed by egg and sausage casserole, coffee cakes and muffins, piping hot coffee … and lots of family together!

  • Rebecca Pirolli

    Christmas Eve Mass

  • I LOVE our tradition of going to a tree farm as a family to cut down our Christmas Tree. We all wear Santa Hats and take our time finding the perfect tree. We ride the hayride and sing and laugh. We argue about which tree is best but ultimately all decide on one. We end the trip by picking up a gorgeous handmade wreath while sipping hot cocoa and eating cookies in the barn. My kiddos let me take photos the whole time and we treasure seeing them year after year and how they have grown.

  • We are still working on developing family traditions with our two littles only being 2 and 1 but one thing we do love is spending time with family and listening to Christmas music as well as driving around looking at the pretty lights! This year we started unwrapping Christmas books in preparation for Christmas and putting a piece of the Fisher Price Nativity set together every night which has been fun! xoxo

  • Spending Christmas Eve with my family

  • Christy Peeples DuBois

    My favorite holiday tradition is all of our family gathering at my mothers for Christmas. We have a meal and open gifts and it’s so enjoyable to all be together which happens rarely.

  • Aryn Forman

    My favorite holiday tradition is driving around and looking at the decorations with a warm cup of coffee!

  • Picking out the Christmas tree at a farm and bribing it home has been a favorite ever since I can remember! I hope to continue it with my own family!

  • Shannon Crabill

    The one tradition I miss, is driving around the neighborhood to look at christmas lights on Christmas eve.

  • We love the feast of St. Lucy when my daughters dress in white with red sashes and bring breakfast in bed to their dad!

  • My favorite holiday tradition is either watching Little Women or A Holiday Affair with my family the night before Christmas in our matching PJ’s.

  • Hot chocolate and Christmas lights

  • Margaret Howe

    Decorating the tree and listening to Xmas music

  • Pulling off the extra tinsel my mom still tries to sneak on the tree 🙂

  • Christmas Eve pajamas and my sibling gift exchange- even though we are grown with families of our own. My mom was great about implementing so many traditions growing up.

  • Brienne Davis

    My favorite holiday tradition has to be playing card games with my family! Filled with lots of laughter and rule breaking! We could play for hours!

  • Our family tradition is matching pjs for all the girls in my family and we play a really great, fun white elephant game as well. Best time of year!!!

  • Danielle Simoneau

    One of my favorite traditions is waiting till we light the pink candle to get our Christmas tree and put it up. The anticipation of waiting is so much fun!!

  • Love minted!! One of our favorite traditions is taking a tram ride through a beautiful light display at our local botanical gardens!

  • Christmas Eve with family and Christmas Day with my husband. We order takeout and go to a movie!

  • Lauren Glass

    My favorite traditions are going to some kind of christmas play or show; my grandma always took us to one every year when we were kids. I live in Florida so it takes a lot to make it feel like the holidays so the traditions help get me in the spirit. I also love the giving and receiving of holiday cards! Sometimes it’s the only time I hear from some people and it’s nice to see what everyone is up to. ?

  • Catherine tornow

    My husband and I have a date every Christmas eve. We tuck our three babies in bed and then steam two lobsters. We sit down in our quiet dining room and talk about the year over a bottle of wine and some buttery crustaceans 🙂

  • When we were growing up, my parents wanted to take the stress and chaos away from having to tear kids away from playing with new toys to go visit each side of the family… just to come back to a disaster in the living room. So, PJ day was born. Christmas morning we may unwrap presents; but not open them. We celebrate with each other, go to Mass, and the 26th is all about new toys/games and never leaving your pajamas!!

  • Shannon Leonard

    Since my six sibs and I were little, we would get into our pjs, my mom would make hot chocolate in travel mugs, and we would bring all sorts of cozy bedding into our 12 passenger van and the family would drive around looking at all the Christmas lights on people’s homes. We still try to do this each year, and some have started it with their own families. It was so anticipated to all be together in the van in our cozies oohing and ahhing. We ended the night with family prayers on the drive home. Makes me excited for it just thinking about it.

    Thank you for your sweet witness to beautiful family life. You bring joy!

  • My favorite tradition is visiting my mawmaw and pawpaws house on Christmas morning. Every year they cook a big breakfast for the entire family, and afterwards we all listen to my pawpaw play bluegrass on his guitar. It’s simple, but it’s a treasured memory.

  • My family always gets Chinese takeout for dinner on Christmas Eve, after going to church. Easier for the cook and a fun treat for everyone!

  • Anna Moore

    We always go to the Christmas Eve Service at our church and go eat at Waffle House afterwards ?

  • Matching pjs with my mom and three sisters – now my dad and the son in laws match too and my daughter will match with the girls this year 🙂 and Christmas Eve midnight mass.

  • One of my favourite traditions is the annual bake day we have with my mom, sister, aunt and grandma. We listen to carols and make shortbread, tarts and Christmas cake ?

  • Favorite tradition has become our family walk around parents’ neighborhood after Christmas dinner, to see lights and then return for opening a presents.

  • Jackie Tellez

    Making tamales with family! Midnight mass and kids camping out by the tree

  • Lauren Shea

    This seems lame-but the past few years it has been taking our family photo after Christmas Eve Mass!

  • Sara Williams

    Every year, even though my siblings and I are spread out loving all over the country, 23 make our way back to central Illinois to go pick out the perfect Christmas tree for my parents’ house. We pile into my dad’/ tiny pickup truck (which used to be comfortable) and drive into the country to this little family-owned tree farm. We spend way more time than is necessary walking up and down the rows of trees before reaching consensus. We bring extra hats and scarves to put on top of the front-runners (so we don’t lose our favorites among the others as we make our final decision). When everyone agrees we lay down in the cold snow or mud and cut down the beautiful tree that will smell of pine and holiday spirit for the next month in the living room. We will circle around it for sharing stories of the last year, give thanks and presents and feel the joy of Christ. Oh and we always get candy canes for the ride home at which time we name the tree. Georgie (this year’s ?) is probably the best so far.

  • Melanie Felia

    We do a new ornament every year, 1 new book to be opened on Christmas Eve, and a new set of matching Christmas jammies ❤️

  • we are german so we celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. It is nice because we all get to sleep in the next day, and I love the cozy atmosphere in the evening after dinner opening the gifts

  • Our favourite holiday tradition is celebrating HIS birthday with cake in Christmas Eve pajamas. The gift of presence, really is the ultimate present.

  • One of my favorite Christmas traditions happens on Christmas Eve. After dinner and usually a game or two, we gather in the living room and turn off all the lights, except those on the tree and around the mantle and crèche. Sitting there as a family, and now with grandbabies and spouses, we pray the rosary. It brings us all together in a transcendent moment of love, praying with the Holy Parents in eager anticipation of Baby Jesus. I love this moment. It’s so full of joy and peace!

  • Elizabeth hargett

    The grandchildren putting on a nativity play on Christmas eve 🙂

  • We love driving around to see Christmas lights with hot chocolate

  • Favorite holiday tradition is baking a decorating a gazillion sugar cookies with friends and family – I swear the messier they get, the tastier they are! 🙂

  • going the theatre to see a Christmas play!

  • Driving looking at xmas lights

  • elizabeth ashley

    Could browse minted forever; have a million favorites hearted on there! Y’all’s photo is precious!

  • This is such a fun giveaway! I love ordering my holiday cards from Minted. Though, my (new) favorite holiday tradition is picking out a Christmas tree with my other half. A year and a half of our relationship was spent doing the long distance thing (Atlanta to Boston) and now that we both live in the same state again, it’s SO much fun picking out our very own tree. Happy holidays!

  • Our family does the 12 days of Christmas! So we only open a few gifts per day until the 12 days are over 🙂

  • Christmas cooking, hands-down. We have some old family traditions, and some new ones of our own, and I just look forward to it so much!

  • My favourite holiday tradition is delicious dinner on Christmas Eve with my entire extended family… we decorate the house, play Christmas music, make the dinner/bake, play games, and the little ones open a few gifts. There’s always laughter and love in our very full house! And afterwards, many of us head to Christmas Eve Mass, my favourite, and SO beautiful. It is such a time of joy!

  • Ursula Cervantes

    My favorite tradition is one my husband suggested we start 3 year ago, which is to have everyone buy 1 ornament that represented something that made them extremely happy/proud that year. And it’s something that my entire family got excited about doing (which is hard with all the different opinions). Through the years since my sister or mom will randomly say I got to find a ornament that is so and so for the tree! The orninaments we have now are great conversation pieces and the goal is to have the tree completely covered with unique random ornaments. What I really appreciate most about this simple suggestion from my husband is that it is a yearly reminder to end the year on a high note and despite how hard it may of been you had many things that made you happy.

  • Cookie baking with my mom! We don’t live very close anymore, but we still try to do it when I visit for Christmas.

  • Courtney S

    Being a newlywed, I’m looking forward to creating traditions of our own! I do love my families Christmas Eve traditions though: Mass, 1 christmas gift opened, and a wonderful dinner!

  • My favorite Christmas tradition is celebrating the feast of St Nicholas. My mother had sock puppets of st nick and she would make up a skit, it was so fun

  • I love having pizza on Christmas Eve with my family 🙂

  • My favorite holiday tradition is making ornaments with my girls. Our tree has all kinds of handmade ornaments – from little books made from paper and cardboard to clear glass balls decorated with glitter and a name + date to felt stars and stockings.

  • We like to do an advent calendar with fun activities.

  • My favorite Holiday tradition is baking cookies with my mom and now my two little boys. Merry Christmas and thank you for the fun chance!!

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