25 Modern Desk Lamps for under $100

February 22, 2017

There is nothing that could be as boring as a desk lamp, but there is also nothing that can brighten up a space like a good one! In my hunt for some desk lamps for a few rooms we are working on, I bookmarked a bunch. Lamps can cost an arm and two legs which is somewhat ridiculous, so here are some favorites whose pricetags won’t induce ulcers! 25 modern desk lamps for under $100:

ROSEGOLD: one, $95 | two, $55 | three, $55 | four, $99 | five, $55

PASTELS: six, $50 | seven, $69 | eight, $33 | nine, $79 | ten, $25

GOLD: eleven, $43 | twelve, $79 | thirteen, $29
fourteen, $99 | fifteen, $58

BLACK: sixteen, $49 | seventeen, $35 | eighteen, $49 | nineteen, $46 | twenty, $95

MIXED METALS: twenty-one, $43 | twenty-two, $98 | twenty-three
twenty-four, $34 | twenty-five, $43

If you are on the hunt for budget friendly home items, let me know and we will work on more round ups like this!

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  • Katy Dornbos

    These are great, Anna! Thanks for doing this!

    • Katy Dornbos

      Also, rugs would be my vote for another topic! I feel so intimidated by rugs (like the 5×7 or 8×10 size). Both the material (should I go for soft or sturdy? woven or jute?) and how to pair them with my style (should they be louder/patterned/matching/print?). I love your style, so thanks again for posting!

  • I love all the lamps. #4 is my favorite.


  • Oh I love these! Also looking for suggestions on floor lamps too, and side tables.

    That #25 is amazing. Might snag that up!

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