Out with the old, in with the new.

February 1, 2017

I am more than eager to say goodbye to January and welcome a new month. It seemed to be quite a long one this year, eh? In Atlanta, we even have a few blooms starting to shoot up in our front yard. Visual hope of the end to the bleak weather! And not only am I welcoming the month swap, I’m anxious to continue the simplify my life process. I’ve got a self imposed rule going on: with every new item added to my closet, I must donate or pass along another item. This has been a great solution for our small closet space as well as a good remedy for impulse buying. 

Jacket (also love this one), pink chambray (similar), denim (similar for less), pink suede flats  c/o

When I received this pair of M. Gemi flats in the mail, I took out a pre-labeled bag with the note, “Make some room in your closet for your new shoes. Pick a pair of gently worn shoes from your closet to donate. Drop them into the enclosed mailer – the delivery fee on us. We will donate your shoes to help women who need professional attire as they develop their careers.”

Such a cool initiative! I love how they are making it so easy to take part it in this prompt. Any other companies you know of doing similar efforts? I want to compile a list!

Happy February 1st!

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Photos by Morgan Blake


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  • What a great idea! Also I love your outfit. Im actually looking forward to the cooler months of Autumn (currently hot Summer here in Aus).

  • That’s so cool! And the whole outfit is lovely.

    Yes, January did seem very long this year. I don’t know if it was all the anger and hatred that seemed to blow up everywhere or that after living in Hawaii for three years and now being in cold, cold Korea, it’s my first “real January” in a while. Regardless, I’m SO looking forward to Spring.

  • Wow-it is so cool that that company sends that note and container for your gently used shoes!
    I’ve been busily tearing through my closet and amassing a big “donate” pile, so I’ve made a goal to, this month of February, wash everything in that pile and actually donate it since it’s just been sitting in my bedroom for weeks.

  • I’ve been trying to do something similar with my wardrobe, but right now I think I’m just at the donating part in order to make some space. Those M. GEMI flats are very cute and I love that they have a recycling program. The only similar thing that I’ve heard of is Madewell’s denim recycling program, which gives you a discount on a new pair of jeans if you trade in an old pair.


  • Took the survey! You both look so cute.

  • That coat is seriously so gorgeous!


  • I feel ya. Though there was much good in January on my end, I am ready to start this month and make it even better!

    This shade of pink looks so lovely on you 🙂

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