The $6 graduation, teacher, and Mother’s Day gift.

May 8, 2017


May is always a jam packed month of occasions to celebrate. Graduations, Mother’s Day, Teacher Appreciation, etc. To be honest, looking at my calendar right now gives me minor anxiety. So many dates to remember! To make sure I was prepared this year, I went ahead and made a whole bunch of these simple and pretty paper wrapped plants to use as gifts for every occasion. These are fun to hand out to your favorite mothers, teachers, and graduates with a personal note.


Succulent plants, aloe, or cactus plants
Tissue Paper, wrapping paper (I found mine at Paper Source)
Wax paper

Total cost per gift: $6

1) Take your plant of choice and tape a piece of wax paper around the bottom so all holes are covered. This will help keep the moist soil from seeping through to the tissue paper.

2) Double fold your sheet of tissue paper or cut your wrapping paper into a rectangular shape that will reach higher than the sides of your plant. Pull up one corner towards the center and repeat around, folding sides inwards as you go.

3) Once you have all 4 corners pulled up, wrap a piece of twine or cord around the plant and knot. Flare out the corners of your paper.



There are so many fun butcher paper, tissue paper, or wrapping paper options if you want to give a bundle of them in different color schemes. I used peach, pink, striped, and spotted black and white.

Lowe’s has a slew of these plants right now and they are $5 a pop. These succulent, cactus, and aloe plants are hard to kill so you don’t have to worry if the receiver has a green thumb or not. Chances are, they will survive a teacher desk, dorm room, or mother’s window sill.



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