Day 4: Home for the Holidays – Airline Tickets Giveaway

November 17, 2017

Last year we wanted to think of a way to thank you readers who come to visit IHOD each week. I feel so thankful to share with such a supportive and uplifting community. There really isn’t anything better than getting to be with your loved ones over the holidays, so we decided to give away the gift of time with family and friends! So as our Love in Action week continues, we want to direct it towards you, our loyal friends. We are bringing back the Home for the Holidays giveaway this year as our way of saying thank you for being a part of our lives! No crazy entry hoops you have to jump through to enter…



First prize – $1000 airline voucher
Second Prize – Steamline Luggage Carryon Suitcase in Mint + Silk Sleep Mask from Ethical Silk Company

ENTER via Rafflecopter  below! There are a few extra entry options, but not required. We will draw a winner through this rafflecopter widget next Sunday so there is time to get you home for Christmas!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

(pic from visiting my sister who lives across the U.S.)

I’ll wrap this up with a bittersweet story from last year’s winner:

I decided to enter the airline voucher giveaway on a whim, never thinking that I would actually win. Then, on a day I was feeling particularly dispirited, I opened my email and saw that I had received Anna’s gift and it brought me to tears.  

I wasn’t certain what trip I was going to use the tickets for but the answer came in next to no time. My sister-in-law announced she was having her 50th birthday celebration in Nashville. 

To our surprise, my partner’s Aunt and Uncle were planning to be in Nashville at the same time!  We spent a fun afternoon with them, pedaling around downtown, singing songs and taking in the sights. Uncle Larry was giving life advice and words of support and encouragement. He hugged and kissed us all and then he was gone. He passed away just 30 minutes later. As hard as that was, his last moments were happy and were spent with family and friends – celebrating life.

We will forever be grateful for that Nashville trip. We were able to be there with our Aunt through the hardest first few hours of losing her husband of 54 years until her children could come be with her; thankful that we were able to be with our sister celebrating her and meeting new family. Thank you IHOD, for giving us the gift of time. Time spent with family celebrating life and supporting family during the passing of another. – Carol 

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  • Hilary Adams

    I’m getting married next year, and my fiancé’s father can’t come due to health issues. I would love to surprise him with flights to Albuquerque to see his dad before the wedding, but with all of our other costs at this time, the flights are prohibitively expensive. Crossing my fingers!

  • Bree Thompson

    My sister just had her first baby, my parents’ first grandchild and my first niece! She was born the week before our wedding, half way across the country. Momma, Daddy & Baby weren’t able to travel so soon after birth and they weren’t able to be there on our special day. I️ would use the airline voucher for my husband and I to meet our beautiful new family member, Lena!

  • My husband’s whole family is in Ireland, so we would use a voucher to fly over and visit them all. My sister in law is also expecting her first baby in March, and getting over to meet the little one would be amazing!

  • what a thoughtful giveaway!

  • Marjorie Meeks

    I would fly to Seattle to visit my sister and her new baby!

  • My husband, baby daughter, and I live far away from both our families, who conveniently live in the same town. We just found out a few weeks ago that I’m pregnant again (surprise!) but we haven’t told our families yet, planning instead to FaceTime them on Christmas and tell them our news then. We just don’t have the money for two plane tickets back to the States this Christmas, but I would love more than anything to surprise our families and tell them our news in person. It would be so meaningful, especially because this pregnancy I am really, really missing my mom. You’re so sweet for doing this giveaway!

  • I’ll fly home so my family can meet my infant son!

  • I would go to Illinois to see my family. We had a family wedding in August, so it’s just too expensive to head back up for Christmas this year.

  • This is the sweetest gift one could give!
    I would use this voucher to bring home me sisters for the holidays❤️

  • Kristen Dempsey

    We would take our three kids cross-country to see Grammy and Grampy (who still hasn’t met our 9 month old!).

  • Would love to visit friends and family during the holidays for an extra bit of cheer, especially after a tough year 🙂

  • What a lovely giveaway! This would get me to western Canada to visit my family. I would time the flight for my dad’s 70th!

  • Caroline Bullington

    Visiting my grandparents in Arizona to surprise them for Christmas!

  • I would love to visit my family in Texas, especially the ones who are growing up so fast and will be leaving for college soon!

  • We can’t get away at Christmas as my husband is the music minister at our church, but this Florida family of 7 would love to fly up to New York right after for my baby sister’s wedding!

  • After a two year overseas tour with the Army, we are craving time back home in Nebraska with family! Seeing our children reunited with their cousins will be incredible!

  • Aw!! This is such a sweet giveaway! I would use the voucher to visit my sister <3

  • I would use it to visit my parents in Naples, Florida. They spend their winters in Florida and I miss them so much when they’re gone!

  • Monica Wilson

    I’d head down to North Carolina! My sister has decided to stay there for the forseeable future and I miss her so much up here in Connecticut!

  • It would amazing to visit my father in law, he lives across the country and my husband misses him but it’s tough to haul our kids aross the country!

  • Karen Wyatt

    I would take my family on a holiday adventure to see snow…a white Christmas!!

  • Emily Vaccaro

    I would go see my sisters! I miss them so much! We moved from Chicago to Albuquerque two years ago.

  • I would love to use this to visit my sister and her family!

  • Michelle I

    This is so thoughtful and generous of you! I’d gift my mom a ticket to visit her sisters and brother in Germany, she moved away from her whole family 30+ years ago and rarely gets to see them.

  • to visit family

  • Both of my best girl friends live on the other side of the country and I haven’t seen them in over a year! I would use the ticket to go spend time with each of them and their new blossoming families.

  • Reading some of the comments has me teared up!

    If we were lucky enough to win, my husband and I would fly our four boys from Wisconsin down to my in-laws’ Arizona home.
    It holds a special place in our hearts. We don’t have the opportunity to fly all of us down together at the same time very often because of the expense of traveling with a big-ish family.


  • Lauren havens

    Wow! What a great giveaway! I would love to be able to go home to see my family. Not sure I’ll make it otherwise as a poor grad student living on the other side of the country 🙁

  • My husband just returned home from deployment (today!!) and we would use these vouchers to go visit family who hasn’t seen him for 8 months for Christmas!! What a blessing this would be to us, as the costs of flying during the holidays are NOT cheap, but we love spending time with our families!

  • Kim Henrichs

    I would love to be able to see my family. We all live across the globe from each other!!!

  • Corina Montreuil

    Visit my family!!! This would be awesome!

  • Mandy Brush

    Such a great giveaway. Would love to see my parents, esp my dad since he has not had the chance to me my 9mn old babe. Travel costs are too expensive for us all to get together, so it’s been years since we’ve celebrated together!

  • Katie Keys

    Awe. I love this giveaway! I would proabably try to plan time with my sister Sarah. We had such a good time together in May that I’d love to do it again!

  • Visit family and friends who I hold near and dear.

  • We’d love to bring the kids to BC to see all their cousins for Christmas!

  • I’d use it to travel to France for my sister’s wedding!

  • I would love to win the voucher so we could use it towards a trip home to see my family for Christmas. We are a military family that just got stationed in Okinawa, Japan. It is extremely expensive to travel back to the states having to buy three tickets so we aren’t planning on going back this year. It will be my first Christmas ever (I’m 31!) not spent with my immediate family. So we would really love to win!!

  • We would use it to visit my grandmother in Canada who has stomach cancer and announce to her we’re naming our baby boy after her first son:)

  • We would take our boys to meet their great grandparents in California. This has been on our hearts for while. What a sweet gift to give!

  • Brittany Sweat

    Trip to Spain for our 10 year anniversary ?

  • Kelley Boykin

    My husbands family lives in South Carolina while we live in Ohio. We would use the voucher to take an extra trip to go visit them!

  • Maggie Schuster

    we recently moved to GA from MD??-I somehow convinced my (construction background) hubby to move here to be back with my family and pursue a dream he has with starting his own business in agriculture ? I’d love to be able to fly our dear friends to come and visit us in aTL. One is an amazing full time high school guidance counselor and her husband is a talented builder who works 6-7 days/week. They would so appreciate the assistance with the trip down south and could use a break from their extremely busy schedule!l having two adorable kiddos under 4 ?. We would love for them to come and visit us!

  • Maggie Schuster

    we recently moved to GA from MD??-I somehow convinced my (construction background) hubby to move here to be back with my family and pursue a dream he has with starting his own business in agriculture ? I’d love to be able to fly our dear friends to come and visit us in aTL. We are planning a trip to Nashville for my 30th on NYE and are dying for our best friends to celebrate with us! One is an amazing full time high school guidance counselor and her husband is a talented builder who works 6-7 days/week. They would so appreciate the assistance with the trip down south and could use a break from their extremely busy schedule!l having two adorable kiddos under 4 ?. We would love for them to come and visit us!

  • Tiffany Banks

    I would LOVE to be able to go visit my parents in Florida! It would make my mom so happy!!

  • I would love to go somewhere special with the husband. We have been married 40 years and never had a honeymoon.

  • Marleett Blackwell

    I would love to visit our daughters in MN Saint Paul . Our youngest will be moving to India for three years . They both live in MN right now ,our sonin law will be done with school in December . He is from India he will be moving back to work as a chiropractor.I cannot imagine being away from them for three long years .We would love to surprise them before they leave to help them pack , just be with them before they leave .

  • You truly are the kindest family! I would use the voucher to visit my sister who just had a baby!

  • Whittney Loquillano

    My father does not have much family here in the states but the one aunt he still keeps in contact with is in Washington! (We live in the Midwest) I’ve been looking for a ticket to gift him this Christmas but i just can’t seem to make it happen. It would be a complete shock and overall heart wrenching gift for him to see his aunt again and in mother’s hometown (coupeville WA) ❤️

  • I would use the ticket voucher to fly my parents to visit my family. I have two daughters under the age of two and traveling is difficult for us. The girls are growing up so fast and I would love to give this gift to my parents.

  • Brittany B.

    I’d love a quiet retreat by myself to re-set after the holidays. My current postpartum state is really wearing me down.

  • Katie Swauger

    I enter IG contests all the time and have never won, but I would seriously cry if my luck initiated on this one!! My sister lives in Portland and can’t afford to visit ever. Once a year, Christmas, she tries to scrape together the time off and money to make the trip to see us. Usually we all end up helping her out to get her down here.

    Without oversharing this year has been particularly difficult for her financially and mentally, and I would love to be able to give her this flight so she doesn’t have to worry about figuring it out!!

  • My sister is pregnant with her first baby, and she lives far away from my family and I. I’d like to use the voucher to send my mom to help her with the delivery and at home after the baby is born! Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!!

  • We are trying to make it back home to NY to enjoy the holidays with my family. When I first moved across the country I could get tickets for $230 but now they cost over $800!

  • My sister lives in Amsterdam and is having her first baby in December. I would use the voucher to go meet the little babe that is going to make me an aunt! <3

  • My grandmother turns 99 years old in a few months, and the whole family would like to get together to celebrate! Not knowing what the next year holds, this birthday is an important one!

  • Megan spillane

    This is such a sweet idea. I would use the voucher to go visit my brother who is in Wyoming at a Catholic rehab center. He isn’t allowed to come home for the holidays or communicate via phone and I think it would be lovely to go visit him for the holidays to show him my love!

  • I would surprise my dear friend. I am so thankful to live close to our biological families, but she is my sis in so many ways. I would love to see her for part of the holidays!

  • Alyssa Anderson

    My brother recently moved to Arizona and is unable to come home for Christmas yes. He is the only one out there and my sisters and my parents all live on the east coast. Would love to see him for the holidays!

  • I’d take my new baby home to see his grandparents for Christmas (and his older sister with him!).

  • kimberly d harrison

    I would love to use it to travel with for future holidays, have always wanted to travel!

  • Sarah Forrest

    So fun! Would love to take out new son (2 days old!) to meet his great grandparents!

  • I would take my husband somewhere special. We haven’t been on a vacation together in five years since we’ve have two sets of back to back twins.

  • Sara Wooten

    I would love to win the tickets for home for the holidays! We have family in Italy that I have never met before but would love to get the chance to meet them and explore where my origins are from.

  • I’d either give it to my SIL or use it to isit my parents in the winter!

  • Lindsey Theisen

    Happy thanksgiving In Honor or design! I would use airline tickets to start a new traditions With my little family of 5.

  • Amanda Ayala

    Living across the country from my family has been so hard on me, especially with a 1.5 year old. I would love to get to spend time with them for the holidays!

  • Bethany Hartman

    We haven’t been “home” for the holidays in six years. We moved from where our families live to Atlanta. So we would fly home and surprise our families in the Chicago area. My children have never been on an airplane so it would be really exciting for them too. ?

  • Kaylin Feliciani

    Would love to take my family of four to Utah, been a rough year and we could use a break!

  • This is an awesome giveaway! I’d love to fly my sister from across the country home for the holidays to our family.

  • Marymargaret

    What a fantastic prize. I would love time in TX with my family!!

  • Rachel Rosemary

    My boyfriend and I live many states away, having some money set aside for plane tickets would be so helpful to us!

  • This is so amazing! I love what you are doing this week ❤️ I would use the tickets for my partner and I to be able to elope finally!

    • Our service as missionaries has taken us away from home. We would love to surprise the family with an unexpected visit. We had our hearts set on it this year but can’t afford to fly the 3 of us there. It would be a true blessing to be reconnected with our family before our next little one arrives!

  • This would be awesome for a trip to visit my great-grandma oversea!!

  • How thoughtful! I would use it for our family to go to GA and see the fam or to take the hubby and kids on a little getaway as we could use some time to slow down and be together as it has been a busy year.

  • Our service as missionaries has taken us away from home. We would love to surprise the family with an unexpected visit. We had our hearts set on it this year but can’t afford to fly the 3 of us there. It would be a true blessing to be reconnected with our family before our next little one arrives!

  • Such a great giveaway! I’d go visit the fam for the holidays for sure.

  • What a very generous gift! I would probably use the airline voucher to take my hubby and I away for our 10 year wedding anniversary

  • Kari Beckett

    Such a thoughtful gift IHOD! I’d use the voucher to spend time with family. Happy Holidays to all of you!

  • kelly mitchem

    We have not traveled much since having our two kids. I would love to be able to take some time and go somewhere new, together as a family!

  • I’d fly me and my son to MA to meet with medical specialists.

  • I love, love, love that you guys are doing this! Before my husband and I built our own home and turned that into the place where people come (we are hosting holidays all year this year!), there was nothing more precious than that plane ticket home for us. I think if we had an extra airline voucher, we would use it to let my sister or other friends we have who love to come and visit get on a plane so they could come stay with us for another holiday!

  • I would use this towards a trip to Ireland with my mom and sister. My mom has always wanted to go – and there’s no time like the present!

  • Amanda Farnsworth

    I would use the tickets to go somewhere with my husband for the holidays!

  • I love your hearts & how you use your big ?

    • Whoops, hit send too soon. We would use these tickets to take our new baby to meet my grandparents for the first time!

  • Bridget Olver

    We would use it to fly home to visit both our families. We will have a new baby by then, whom we can’t wait to introduce to everyone!

  • You all are the sweetest. I’ve loved watching this series you are doing. Our Christmas flights home have already been purchased with air miles we had stored up. So I would use the flight voucher to get away and finish the book I’ve been writing – which is what our air miles would have gone towards had we not needed them for the holidays. ❤️

  • This is such a beautiful gift!
    I’d use it to fly my sister home for Christmas. She is currently halfway across the country in nursing school. She initially started school 3 years ago, but made the huge sacrifice to drop out and come back home to take care of her 6 younger siblings while my father dealt with a very difficult divorce, became a single parent who worked full-time, and transitioned from homeschooling. My sister worked and used her own income to provide for their needs during these years, which left nothing for her in the way of pocket money at school. She helped raise her little brothers and sisters like they were own children and it would mean the world to them if she could be home for Christmas.

    Thank you for being such amazing examples to the rest of us. Have a blessed holiday season!

  • I would to go visit extended relatives I haven’t seen since I was married.

  • Lauren McKee

    My cousin is getting married next year!

  • I would run away with my husband, for a much needed getaway!

  • Liz Andrews

    I would love to get my little family and my sister’s family home to MN for Christmas!

  • Anna Brooks

    We would use this to cover some of the crazy cost of flying a family of 5 home for Christmas. My sister is due with her 2nd any day so flying home to get all 5 grandsons together In the same state will be a rare and welcomed occurance!!

  • I would go on a trip to reconnect with my husband. Our (wonderful) surprise timing 3rd baby threw us for a bit of a loop and my post partum depression was hard on both of us. It would be nice to take some time to just be us again. With baby girl in tow 🙂

  • This is amazing!! We would so use it for a trip to see family! We moved across the country and would love to be able to fly home to see them.

  • Tracy Domitrz

    I’d fly home! To be with my mom, just the two of us for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, watching some beautiful Michigan snow fall!

  • I would fly to see my sister. I haven’t seen her in almost a year.

  • Angela Myers

    I would love to fly to Seattle, and visit the North west region of the country; somewhere I haven’t been before. Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving;)

  • I live in Maryland and would love to visit my brothers who live in CA and OR.

  • Nicki Carter

    This would be awesome for our family!

  • Ellen Casper

    I’d love to fly and see my family in NY/

  • Heather Rae Doyle

    This must be paid forward! Your constant compassion is infectious and would love to bless a family this season unexpectedly with this gift ?

  • We’d have the best Christmas EVER!

    Love the intentional service and giving you’re doing for others. ❤️

  • My husband and I would fly back to Ohio (where we are originally from) to see family and have them meet our 3 young boys, as we haven’t flown back in a couple years because of high ticket prices. Our 3 year old would love the experience of flying on an airplane, too!

  • I would use the voucher so that we could fly across the country to introduce our new baby to my husband’s family.

  • I would fly to Hawaii with my husband for a getaway after almost 11 years of getting through medical school and residency together. Plus it would make for a great baby moon before #3 arrives this summer!

  • Fly home instead of drive!

  • Andrea Whalen

    Terrence and I desperately need a vacation without the boys…we haven’t had one in years! This would go a long way in helping us relax, just the 2 of us!

  • Jennifer D

    I’d fly my brother home from England for Christmas! And if he couldn’t come home, id fly to him! 🙂

  • Your generosity inspires me to give more of myself, because the gifts and graces are so clear in your family! I have 4 little ones and can allow myself to feel drained by the needs, but you are a witness that there is always more to give, and a reward waiting. Xo

  • Carolina Peter

    This is so fun! I think I would use the tickets for a little getaway with my husband before we start to have kids

  • I grew up in Vienna, Austria and it’s been 12 years since I’ve been back for Christmas at home. I would love to win and take my family (two little girls) back for Christmas. I could cry I miss being there during the holidays so much. Thanks for having this as a giveaway!

  • My family is in Vancouver and I would always love to visit them!

  • We would love to be able to see both sets of our families (one on the west coast & one on the east coast) for the holidays! This would be such a help XO

  • I am an American living abroad with my husband in Oslo, Norway. I won’t be able to make it home this holiday season as we’re due to have our first baby (boy!) right before Christmas. I would LOVE to use this to visit home-Washington, D.C.- next spring and have our baby meet my whole family for the first time!

  • Visit a family member who has a lot of little ones and needs all the help she can get!

  • Brittany Dimassi

    I would visit my siste and nieces. The youngest, born in August, will be celebrating her first Christmas ❤ My sister and I have not spent Christmas together in years. This would mean so much to all of us…

  • I would love to go to California to see my parents and grandparents. My husband and little 9 month old live in South Carolina.

  • Kim derrick

    I would love to visit my daughter at Ave Maria University.

  • We would love to go see family in Alaska. With 3 little ones those airline tickets add up fast (as you know). Thanks for the giveaway and love your blog!

  • I would give it to my sister-in-law so she could fly her parents up again to see her. She has metastatic breast cancer and doesn’t live near her parents. Her spirits are always so lifted when she is able to see them.

  • Brittiany Klug

    We would use the the voucher to fly our young family across the U.S. for our kids to meet aunts and uncles for the first time.

  • Love this giveaway! I’d fly to see my sister in the A!

  • Sweet story from last year- I love when that kind of thing happens. I would use it to visit my sister who lives across the country. She has 11 kids & I have 7. We never get to see each other. 🙂

  • Michelle Spencer

    This is so amazing! My mom is moving 5 states away after living a mile away from me my whole life. Would love to be able to visit this summer!

  • I’d love to win so we could visit my husband’s family in Poland. With 3 little kids, there’s no way we could afford to go otherwise.

  • Me and my hubby had a baby 7 months ago and would love to have our first get away together since the baby and before we move far away from my parents. Once we move we wont get another chance for a solo trip!

  • I would go to Kentucky where my family is! And pray for some snow too!

  • Meghan Olson

    It’ll be my fiancé’s first Christmas without his parents; they moved to Florida this year and we can’t afford to visit them. This would be the greatest surprise for him:-)

  • I would love to (with my husband) visit my brother and his wife in Colorado!

  • I would visit family in Oregon

  • I’d fly home to see family, which is not something in the plans. It’ll just be me and my husband on Christmas in Nashville. It’s been years since all my siblings have all been together at once. We’re still so young and only two of us are married but spread all over the world with budget and work restrictions. It’s hard to be without them holiday after holiday.

  • Mary Elizabeth Jones

    We’d go visit my in-laws! My little guy doesn’t get to see his grandparents enough!

  • We live far from family so I’d use the voucher to bring us all together!

  • What a thoughtful and kind gift! We have a 9 month old son (the joy of our lives!) and live across the country from all of our family. My husband’s family is traveling to Florida and we would love to join them. I grew up taking family vacations to Florida and have so many meaningful memories from those trips. We would love to start making some of those memories with our son, too!

  • I would take my mom on a trip to Sonoma for some wine tasting! 🙂

  • Katie Ranniger

    Such a cool idea! I would use the voucher to treat my sweet husband, who lost both his mom and step dad this year, to a getaway to be with family.

  • Jessica Coffey

    I would use the voucher to fly my MIL back home with us after the holidays—she only gets to see her grandkids once a year when we make it home for Christmas, and I’d love her to come spend a month with us in California!

  • I’d gift the tickets to my sister and her wife so they could come home for christmas and meet my newborn daughter!

  • What a sweet giveaway! My family lives several states away and this would be perfect! Bless you for your thoughtfulness!

  • What a sweet giveaway! My husband’s brother and his family just moved away and my sister and her family also recently moved, so I would fly to see one of them!

  • My husband is about to join the Coast Guard after we’ve lived in my small home town and dedicated the last 18 months to a small church that has a focus of meeting the needs of the under-served in our valley. They are doing incredible things! Working for a church means I never get a Sunday off so no weekend getaways. I’m hoping I’ll take some time off before he leaves for basic and I would LOVE to surprise him with a getaway, just the two of us, before he leaves. We are newlyweds and would love to get special time together before I don’t have him for a bit! Thanks for all you do IHOD!! ??

  • Love your blog and this very thoughtful giveaway! It would be amazing to have a break with family over the festive season ❤️ The gift of time is the best gift!

  • I think the opportunity to see loved ones with the voucher is such a sweet gift. There are so many uses it’s hard to come up with the perfect one; I’ve got family all over the world and tons of close friends in the states too. Maybe I would use the voucher to take my mom on a nice vacation where she can actually relax and we can both reconnect to friends (I might also check out graduate programs and use the voucher for interview flights – also with mama hopefully)

  • Yawl are amazing! And oh so giving. Thank you so much for doing all that you are doing. 😉 so here’s what I would do if I won…I would either 1) fly back east to NC to see my dad and all of that side of my family. I have not been able to see them due to finances, having two babies within the past year and an oldest who graduated. I am so blessed in the fact that we weren’t given the chance to develop a healthy relationship at a young age due to some family issues. It wasn’t until I turned about 30 we really became close. 2) or I would go see my oldest graduate basic training beginning of next year and take the entire fam bam. He is leaving us on 12/7 for basic. Because of finances we had planned on myself just going. It would be such a blessing if my little ones Zander and Emery and my hubby could also go. And I know it would mean the world to my husband as he’s been in his life since he was 3.

  • I would use the tickets to fly my family to Florida to see my parents. This is the fist time in 10 years we won’t be going for the Holidays because of the price of airline tickets.

  • Nancy Loring

    I would use this to bring my best friend home. She has been living in Missouri for many years now and home is here in New Hampshire where we grew up. I know she misses the mountains and all of us who still live here.

  • My husband and I are stationed in the UK so I would use the tickets to go home and see our families, who we haven’t seen in almost nine months!

  • I’m a very busy physician and only get to see my family a couple of times of year. Over the years I have missed out on a lot of family events (good and bad) because of my schedule. Flying last minute is often cost prohibitive. Would love to be able to head to see my family in Sweet Home Alabama or Nashville, TN on a whim.

  • Jenn DeGloma

    Absolutely love reading your blog and seeing it change as you’ve grown your family being in Atlanta it’s like getting advice from a friend. My husband and I have been married a month and we’d use the voucher for a weekend away from our busy jobs and lives…Just the two of us!!

  • Most of my husband and my traveling and travel money is spent seeing our families that live half the continent away from us. Generally that leaves us with little time or money to go on trip just to spend time investing in us and making fun adventurous memories, so that is what I would do.

  • Megan Lewis

    This is awesome! Hoping to get home to see my Oma who is not doing too well- this may be her last Thanksgiving/Christmas.

  • My husband and I are expecting our first child in February. We would use the flights to fly family in from California to be here for the birth! ?

  • Nicole Janak

    I would give the voucher to my best friend’s cousin and her husband so that they could fly to TX from CA for my bestie’s wedding engagement!

  • Laure Heikes

    My sisters’ keep talking about a girls weekend and I keep avoiding it because of cost. This would be an awesome way to be able to go on my first girls weekend!

  • Whitney Lenci

    I would use the ticket to fly our twins to see my husband’s nonna in california!!! They are the only grandchildren she hasn’t met yet! This is so so sweet of yall.

  • Brittany S

    Most of my husband’s family is in Texas- a 16 hour drive for us. We just had a baby this year and are hesitant to drive that far! We would love the opportunity to fly!

  • My daughter is a intern with very limited funds so I would love to pass on to her the airline tickets for her to use.

  • Ginnie Clark

    I would use the voucher to fly my daughter, husband and I home to see my family in Atlanta.

  • I have 3 siblings who unfortunately are scattered across the country. They’re quite literally my best friends and I’m so profoundly grateful for them. Any opportunity to spend time together is amazing!!

  • I would use these tickets for my mom so she could fly to California to visit her sister (my aunt) who is recovering from surgery!!! ?

  • I would fly my little brother home from Colorado to celebrate an East Coast Christmas with all of our family!

  • Our house flooded this year in Hurricane Harvey the weekend we were going on vacation so needless to say life has been stressful since then. I would love to take my family on that much needed vacation we missed out on!

  • Sarah Burton

    My fiancé and I are planning a trip to Europe next year after we’re married to see friends. This would be perfect!

  • Phongvan Nguyen

    I would fly to Michigan with my 1 y.o. to see my family and in-laws. Or alternative, fly my parents to see us in Albuquerque.

  • A friend of 20 years desires to see his elderly folks in india one more time. Whatever your gift voucher does not cover, i will make up the difference. It really is about life’s journey, not the destination printed on the boarding pass.

  • I would love to fly my sisters family home for Christmas!

  • Heaven Her

    This is great and the luggage is beautiful!!!

  • Heaven Her

    This is great and the luggage is beautiful!!! I just got married and for the first time ever, I’d be away from my family during Christmas. I would go home for the holidays.

  • Emily Smolak

    Hi lady! I would love this voucher. My son is 3 now, but my parents haven’t seen him in a year. My mom has had deteriorating health with her back and hips. She has hardly been mobile for years now. I would love this voucher to help us fly to TN to see them. Hope you and yours are doing well. – Emily

  • I would use the voucher toward a family vacation in April. We haven’t seen our family much these past few years, and it’s be great to finally get everyone together again. When you live over 1200 miles from family, you can get “homesick” for those visits often. What a blessing you are giving to someone!

  • How do you guys do it!!! Such an amazingly big family!!

  • I’d use the voucher to visit family in Washington state.

  • You guys are so positive, uplifting, and kind! I think I’d pay it forward. I’m blesses to live near my parents, siblings, and in laws but have several friends unable to be with their dear ones. I’d share it with one of them so they could enjoy Christmas at home.

  • I would use the voucher to see my family in Houston. I live in Ohio and the cost to visit is so expensive.

  • Oh this is such a wonderful giveaway! We have family and friends on the other side of the country we would love to see❤

  • This is the nicest gift! If I won, I’d give it to my sister and brother-in-law…he had to leave for work training just a month after their baby was born, and doesn’t have much time off for Christmas. I just want them all to be together for as much time as possible!

  • Oh my gosh, this is wonderful! I would use it to fly my brother and his family home. We haven’t seen them in a year!

  • Deborah Hanna

    I’d fly my brothers home to my parents so for once we could all be together for the holidays.

  • My daughter and I live in Utah, and family is all over. I’m not sure exactly how we will use the flights/who will go where, but any which way there will be more love shared.

  • Jennifer Brannon

    This is an amazing giveaway! So generous! I haven’t been able to see my family at Christmas time since I moved to AZ 20 years ago to marry my husband. What a gift it would be to fly my parents here for that!! Thanks for the chance!!!

  • We live in a city we love but alas, our family lives states away. Would love to use this voucher!

  • We live in a city we love, but our family lives states away. Would love to be able to use this voucher!

  • We currently live 3,000 miles from our loved ones (military family) and getting home for any holiday of life celebration is so difficult (not to mention $$$)! So a gift like airfare vouchers would be an incredible blessing. Thanks for the opportunity and for being a light in blog world, Anna! Your little family is such a joy to watch grow.

  • Family time!

  • Chinh Nguyen

    Crossing my figures

  • We can’t travel this year because our son has cancer, but we’d use it to go see family when he’s done with treatment in March! Never too late to celebrate 🙂

  • Laura Niedzielski

    Wow! This is amazing! I would use the voucher to fly myself, my husband and our two girls to Seattle to spend Christmas with my Sister, Brother, Mom, and their families!!

  • Krysta Morgan

    I would send me husband home to visit his family! He moved to the states from England in 2013 and we have only been able to visit once. We just had our first baby (who we love so much!) but it has kept our finances pretty tight. I’d love to send him home to visit his sweet family.

  • I would love to fly my dad to Georgia. I haven’t seen him in over 3 years and he hasn’t met my 2 youngest kids. Winning this would be such a blessing!

  • What an incredible story! You are doing great things for so many people Anna (and Gabe!).

  • I would use it to visit my Grandmother who is 91 and I don’t get to see very often.

  • My husband’s grandmother is turning 100 next summer, and we’re hoping we can plan a trip to Florida and visit. We’ve missed the past few family reunions due to poor health, but I’m finally in remission!!

  • I would fly home to my family in Minnesota! I haven’t seen my family in a year, and am missing out on seeing my nieces and nephews grow up. I would absolutely surprise them all!

  • I love your beautiful heart and tremendous generosity! Keep up the amazing work!! ♥️

  • After reading Carol’s experience from winning last year’s giveaway, I was so happy that she won!!! It was meant to be. She was able to be were she was supposed to be because of the giveaway. Thank you for making that possible!

    If I was to win, it would bring the opportunity to visit my precious granddaughter in CA!!!

  • Allison dowlen

    What a generous gift!

  • Emma LeBlanc

    I haven’t seen my family since July when I moved to Phoenix! I’d love to fly back to Michigan for the holidays! 🙂

  • Emily Runyan

    My parents just moved to Minnesota leaving my sister and her family in CT where we grew up. The move was bittersweet because they are moving closer to my family but taking the rhythm of returning to my sister and childhood home. I would use the money to fly to see her at Christmas since this will be the first Christmas since she was born we won’t see each other.

  • My husband and I are celebrating our first Christmas being married and his second Christmas in the states. Settling into life in America is not always easy, and we would love the opportunity to spend Christmas visiting his family in England.

  • Nominating my husband! We’ve been married for almost two years now and he’s seen his family once during that time. He moved from England to Texas to be with me, what a guy, am I right? 😉 Anyways we told his mum earlier this year that we’d be able to come to England for Christmas but the financials just aren’t lining up for us to do that. So I nominate Thomas Wright for this gift. So he can squeeze his momma on Christmas morning! ❤

  • I’d love to take my husband and three girls up to Wisconsin to meet my dad’s family and all my cousins and their kids! It’s been so long since we’ve been up to see everyone and it’s so expensive, so I’d love the opportunity!

  • What a blessing! We would go visit family!

  • I would use it to take my son to Florida to see his grandparents (and possibly Mickey Mouse too-his new favorite!)! what an awesome giveaway this is. Love the story from last year’s winner.

  • So thankful for your willingness to so gracefully share your triumphs, your weaknesses, and your daily family life. It gives us all a reason to smile and to know we are not alone! If I won, I’d send my parents on a trip to Ireland for their 35th anniversary. Thank you for being you!

  • Would use this to send my mom to visit her sister!

  • I have a lot of family who lives across the country in Oregon that I have not seen in 8 years. I would use it to visit all of them!!

  • Denisa barrantes

    I would fly to Czech Republic with my babies to spent Holidays with their grandparents and cousins.

  • alicia gordon

    my grandma and grandpa never celebrate the holidays with us because they live in a different state, i wish i could fly them out to see us and celebrate with us as a family!

  • The thought of going home to visit my parents and siblings (I’m the oldest of ten) when my Marine is deployed with my baby fills my heart with joy and my eyes with tears. There’s no place like home especially when your “home” is on deployment. Love you and your family!

  • What a great giveaway! We would love to able to visit with our family and the luggage would make the trip that much easier!

  • After working like a crazy person during the holidays running a small candy business, I would use the voucher to do something to spend time with my husband and son.

  • My daughter lives in Alabama and her dad and I live in Ohio. I would fly her home for Christmas!

  • Ariel Wilkins

    We are a military family and haven’t been home for the holidays in 10 years due to the location of our duty station and lack of funds. My husband recently has had some devastating health challenges, and it would mean the world to be with our loved ones and take a break from reality this Christmas. What a generous offer!

  • Georgia Kristan

    Thank you Anna and family for all the amazing things you guys are doing! Such a beautiful gift for all. We have not traveled in so long but I would love to bring my kids back to my hometown, Fargo ND, to see friends and family. It just gets too expensive buying 5 plane tickets for all of us.

  • Shannan Butler

    I am affiliated with a non-profit in Haiti that provides a family environment for orphans and I haven’t seen them in almost a year, due to affordability and lack of funds that come with planning a wedding. I would use the flight voucher to visit my beautiful once-orphaned kiddos and the Port Au Prince community, I am lucky enough to call my 2nd family.

  • What a wonderful treat!

  • I would fly to see all my cousins and relatives that live in Georgia and we don’t get to spend many holidays with!

  • Analise ebaugh

    We moved to Boston a couple years ago (from Cincinnati), and we just had our fourth baby. We’ve toyed with the idea of making the 18 hour drive but with unpredictable weather and now a new baby in the mix… that’s not feasible! To win tickets would be a sweet surprise to get home and spend Christmas together with our family (and introduce our newest)! Thank you for the chance!

  • Britta Roper

    I just got married this year and moved away from my hometown where my parents and siblings still live. I would love to visit them for Christmas, since driving to visit them is out of the question during winter.

  • I entered this contest in hopes of winning the airline tickets for my brother and his fiancé to come home for Xmas. They moved over a year ago to follow their hearts. But with those dreams came sacrifices and being away from family is one of them. To be able to surprise them with the opportunity to come home and be surrounded by those who love and support them would be the best gift possible!

  • I would use the airline voucher to bring my brother to my wedding across the country next month!

  • Well. My family is all right here in town. I have a solo trip I would like to take myself in the summer to hike a portion of the pct (to get some space from a life situation) but I believe that’s not what you are aiming for. So, I happen to know some newly weds that put their honey moon on pause because they paid for their own wedding. They have both worked really hard to be able to get where they are now I think they could kick back a little and enjoy some r and r.

  • Nice, Anna! I would love to hear what Carol’s uncle Larry gave as life advice!

  • Kristen Walker

    My daughter has been begging to go visit my cousin and her daughter that we are so close to and can’t come home for the holidays. What a wonderful surprise for her!

  • Make my holiday so special. Thank you.

  • I’d love to use this towards bringing my mom’s sisters over here!

  • Scarlet Biberstein

    New to the blog! Sometimes i take a while to join Mommy blogs since they tend to make me feel a little, em, inadequate lol. But yours is lovely. And I think this Love in action series is really pretty incredible. We’ve already got our tickets home to see our family in Virginia, but my brother and his girlfriend can’t afford to make it out. I would definitely use it to get him there so he can meet my baby, his niece for the first time and I can meet his girlfriend – his first serious relationship, for the first time. If we could afford it I would totally just buy his tickets. But it’s a lot just to get us out there. It’s hard when the whole family is living in so many different places. ❤️

  • Sheridan Christensen

    My husband currently works three jobs and I️ have been saving for a little over a year to try and surprise him for Christmas with a trip for our family to Mexico. I️ haven’t meant my financial goal yet so I️ was going to wait until his birthday in July but this would make it possible for Christmas and would give us the chance to spend some quality time together as a family!

  • Mari Marte

    I love your blog, Anna. Thank you for being so real and inspiring me to be the same everyday. I would use the voucher to visit my sisters in Michigan and Alabama. They both just had babies recently but I haven’t been able to meet my new niece and nephew since I live in Seattle. That voucher would be a huge blessing! Thanks again for all you do.

  • What a wonderful thoughtful giveaway!!!!

  • Such a thoughtful giveaway – thank you so very much. I know just how I would use. Thank thank you!

  • Heather musumeci

    I would love to surprise my husband by bringing his brother home from Cali! We live in upstate NY. The holidays are always hard without our loved ones!

  • My husband and I just found out we are pregnant with our 3rd child!! But I recently lost my job of 7 1/2 years so it has made it difficult for us to travel. We would love to tell my family in the midwest the great news in person, so this opportunity would make that possible. Thank you for offering such a meaningful giveaway! xx

  • It would be nice to visit family in Europe whom we haven’t seen in almost 10 years.

  • What a great giveaway! I’d love for our family to be together this Christmas. We have suffered a lot of hardships and deaths in the last few years and could really benefit from a treat like this. Thank you Anna for doing this. ?

  • Amanda Beachler

    We live on the West Coast and have siblings living on the east coast with their families and would love to visit them! That means all of our kiddos 18 cousins are on the east coast! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Your week of giving is one of the most amazing and thoughtful things I’ve seen on social media in such a long time ❤️

  • Thank you for your generous hearts! This gift of time is going to bring so much joy to someone’s life and heart. My entry to this giveaway is because my husband’s family lives across the pond in England. It’s been two years since my older girls and I haven’t seen them and over 4 years since my husband has. In that time we’ve added a previous boy to our family, the only one who will be carrying on our family name. Our England family have only met him through Skype. As you can imagine traveling as a family of 5 doesn’t come cheap and this giveaway would help us tremendously in making our way over to the spend the holidays with them. It would be a very memorable moment in time to be all together for the first time!

  • Mary McLean

    I desperately want to go visit my parents. We had a trip planned in October so they could see our one year old (their only grandchild) but plans changed when our house was flooded from Harvey and we had to cancel the trip.

  • Almost 3 years ago, my parents and sister (10 years younger than me and still in high school) moved from the Midwest to Austria, to be closer to my dad’s teaching job. Since then, I’ve only seen them for a handful of days. I feel like things just aren’t the way they used to be. Being able to fly from California to Austria is no small feat, and this giveaway could so change that.

    My heart feels for all the commenters beautifully describing how dearly they want to see friends and family, so no matter who wins I’m sure the time spent together will be magical. Thankful for you, Anna.

  • I’d love to fly my cousins here!

  • Emily Krieger

    I would love to win this voucher to use for my Christmas travel across the country! I’m going home to Idaho (from Boston!) and this would be a big help.

  • I would love to win the voucher because my hubby and I need a vaca soooo badly! Thanks so much for the chance!!

  • I would like to win so that I can fly my son home for the holidays.

  • * Jessica Kuznia *

    I would love to go to Virginia to visit my sister who is expecting baby #8 and see their new home!! She and I are really close but see each other very seldom. 🙁

  • Danielle Fermier

    This would be such a great way to have my whole family together for Christmas! My sister has been out of the country for the past 3 years, and she’s back. But we all live in differrent states. Some airline $$ would get us all in the same place for the holidays!

  • This is seriously one of the best ideas. I would give anything to be able to afford to fly my best friend and her family out to be with us. We are celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary just after Christmas and I get sad every time I think about it because I know my best friend and maid of honor can’t be there. Maybe this is our “ticket” to being together! Love and many thanks to IHOD!!!

  • I would love to be able to gift this voucher for my sister to fly home for Christmas! We both recently relocated away from family, and I know this would mean so much to her.

  • My husband and I are expecting our first baby, and we are hoping to make it home to my parents’ for Christmas and for one more visit with my family before Baby arrives!

  • Danielle Dow

    Love this!

  • Lizzie Pope

    Hoping to bring family home for the holidays and help my mom spend Christmas with her first granddaughter! Happy holidays to all!

  • Emily Brady

    Such a sweet idea. Happy holidays to you and yours!

  • Kari Bazan

    What a lovely giveaway! Looking forward to the holidays!!

  • Cindy Howell

    Would sooo love to win this so I can take my two precious boys to England to visit their nanny, aunts, cousins, and extended family. Flying with two young ones isn’t cheap these days so we don’t get to see them anywhere near as much as we’d like, so this gift would be extra special this time of year!

  • What a heartwarming and incredible story from last year! And so generous of you to open up such an amazing giveaway again! I hope to win so I can take by 7 month old daughter across the country back to visit my mom, stepdad, sister and grandma who she has yet to meet! They are my biggest supports and yet I live a five hour plane ride away…which is especially hard over the holidays!

  • Jessica Stubbs

    I would looove to win!! My fam loves out west and I feel like we never get to see them and they never get to see their new grandchild!

  • Jessica Stubbs

    I would looove to win! The fam lives out west and I never get to see them ? they’ve spent hardly any time with their new grandchild!

  • This is so thoughtful! I’d leave my kids with their grandparents and go on a solo trip with my husband for the first time since they were born.

  • Tina Powell

    I would use the airline tickets to fly to Texas to visit my 81 year old father and stepmom.

  • I’d find a way to visit my family in KY!

  • Traveling 19 hours from North Dakota to Colorado with a 2.5 year old and a 10 month old in a small car is hard!

  • This is so thoughtful! I’d go home! I just moved away from home in NYC to Fargo, ND. I had enough points to get home for Thanksgiving, but not enough for Christmas and New Years. I’m not sure if I can justify the expense between my boyfriend and I, since I’ll have been in November, but it would be nice to be there. Then I’d go visit my aunt who just had surgery and can’t travel.

  • I would send my parents to Hawaii for a family wedding. They so deserve to go somewhere sunny <3 Thanks, Anna!

  • Thank you for spreading such kindness!

  • My second baby is due in Feb and I’d love to be able to take both kids to see my dad and grandparents in Minnesota soon after she arrives!

  • Such an incredible giveaway! If I were to win, I’d love to visit my mom and sister who live on the other side of the country. I’d take my husband and son with me and we’d have a magical holiday indeed.

  • Wow, what an awesome gift and show of love and appreciation

  • Such an important reminder to to hold your loved ones close and never take them for granted!

  • Carol Esser

    Love following IHOD on Instagram! And always love the opportunity to spend time with my family.

  • Kari Koska

    I’m from Mexico and this season we would really like to fly down and visit my family, but it’s so expensive, so I’m hopping we could win this and help us get our tickets, we are a family of 5, and I haven’t a seen my mum in 3 years… so, fingers crossed!

  • JoAnna Carpentier

    I hope to win this giveaway because I live 1,000 miles away from my entire family and rarely get to see them. This would make going home for the holidays so much more affordable! <3

  • Thanks for this opportunity to win an airline ticket. If I win, I’ll send the ticket to my mom so she can come visit me and her grandchildren in Atlanta during Christmas ?

  • I would love to visit my brother and sister in California rhat I haven’t seen in 5 years this would be a blessing fingers crossed

  • So I could make an extra trip home to see my family! We budget one a year….last year to fly with only four tickets.

  • I live in Michigan and the rest of my family is in Georgia. I’ve love to visit them or at least contribute and have all of us take a nice trip somewhere for the holidays.

  • I’d love to be able to use it to visit my grandmother in Germany. This would be such a wonderful treat!

  • Thank you for the opportunity, Anna!

  • Would love to use this voucher to visit my family for the holidays. They reside across the country so this would come in very handy.

  • Anna Krueger

    Love the idea of being home for Christmas!

  • Becca Crooks

    Such a sweet gift for the holiday season!

  • This is such an amazing giveaway! I’d love to be able to fly home and visit my mom who I haven’t seen in over a year!

  • My husband’s grandma was just diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. We want to visit her and bring her love, as she has just moved into a assisted living space and is feeling a little alone.

  • Melissa Wlezien

    We are trying to get home to Chicago for Christmas. My husband is disabled and it is hard to travel by car. His mother is 87 and lives in Chicago. We have her only granddaughter so it would be a great holiday for all if we can fly there for the holiday

  • Oh my goodness, Anna! How generous! My in-laws would be ecstatic if we could make it out to KY from CA! We haven’t been able to spend a holiday with them in years.

  • What a great give away!! ❤️

  • Love this fun give away! Thanks for the opportunity! Would love to surprise my husband with a trip to visit his fam!

  • I would love to win to fly to California to visit our grand babies <3

  • Sue Jackson

    To be able to fly home & see family! What a great give away!

  • What a nice giveaway!

  • I would love to win in order to fly home for the holidays!

  • Karrie Millheim

    i would love to see my niece..she is having a baby any day now and i want to see her for the holidays

  • I need to support a friend in her most crucial days of struggle and i am really hoping to be there on her most important day of her life for which she stood for herself and may be have to fight even more after this. Fingers crossed

  • This is so special. We have family visiting us so I won’t enter, but I’m so excited for the person you will bless–and their family! I dread the day our children leave us and can’t come home together at Christmas. I might be more excited for the Mama of the winner!!!

  • Love love love!

  • That is the sweetest story ever! Love following along for your week of sharing love! Very inspiring and trying to think of what my family will do this Christmas. Always an important part for us too! <3

  • I would take my husband on a trip for our anniversary!

  • Crystal Okeefe

    Thank you for sharing Carol’s story. This is one of my favorite blogs and this giving back series is one of the many reasons why. God bless!

  • We have family all over so winning would be a great chance to visit the people we love!!

  • I’d fly my youngest sister home for Christmas or send our parents to her for a much needed vacation after a crazy year. I look forward to your posts and you’re my fairytale family! Warmest Thanksgiving wishes to you all!

  • This is so wonderful. I’d use it to go on a little getaway with my husband. 3 kids in 3 years and we are spent! Last time we had a solo weekend, I had just found out I was pregnant with #2. (#1 was only 6 months old!) I felt so terrible because my husband planned this nice weekend for us and all the nausea, etc started kicking in. I also fell asleep during the show we had tickets too. We all know how REAL 1st trimester tiredness is, ha! Thanks Anna. Your blog is the best!

  • Anne Marie

    This fall, I moved to Washington State as a Catholic missionary with FOCUS. My family lives in Chicago so I would love to visit them!

  • Two of our sons came to our family through adoption from Ghana. I would love to fly them there someday to visit the country of their birth and meet some of their birth family.

  • Paula Delapasse

    You are so generous! And trust me when I say this military family could totally use travel money to visit friends and families around the globe! But truly, I’d love to meet your family…so you knock on our door to announce the winner?!?!

  • Paula Delapasse

    So generous! We’d love to meet your family, does Max get to ring our doorbell to announce we’ve won?!?

  • I love your focus on the holidays and helping others!

  • Our 10 year Anniversary and my husbands 40th Bday in the same month (my birthday too same month but not the big 40)
    Would love a chance to plan a little get away ❤️❤️?✈️
    But whoever wins I know it will be a huge blessing! Good Luck to all???

  • How kind of you, Anna! What an amazing giveaway! Happy Thanksgiving and Merry (early) Christmas to you and your beautiful family!

  • I would use it to visit my hometown and grandparents!

  • This is so kind of you! I would use this voucher to take my son to spend time with his grandparents. We live abroad and he never gets enough time with the grandparents!

  • Caitlin Robinson

    Would love to get to surprise my husband and kids with a trip to family and snow in Milwaukee!

  • my brother will not be able to make it home this Thanksgiving nor Christmas because he is stationed in Germany and the expense is too much for him and his wife, I would love to be able to help them with the cost, so they could come home for one of Christmas

  • What a wonderful giveaway! I’d love to be able to take my family to visit our friends who do mission work on an Indian Reservation in Arizona. We’ve been wanting to serve alongside them. How amazing would that be to do so over the holidays!

  • Great Giveaway! Would love to travel back home to GA to be with my family!!

  • My dad was born and raised in tennessee. he passed away recently from cancer. i would love to fly back, explore the mountains, the many farms, in and around his home town but also beyond. that… seeing the south through his eyes, experiencing what he loved so much about it. he took me to many places in tennessee, some i want to revisit, but i’d also enjoy going off of the beaten path, exploring new terrain, restaurants (he love to eat!) meet people, take photos, and then tell him all about it, one day.

  • I’d use it to visit my nieces and nephews-we won’t get to see them this year for Christmas

  • We would love to be with family for the holidays! 🙂 thanks for your kindness!

  • Would love to travel and see family!

  • It would help us be able to afford a trip to California so our kids can meet my husband’s grandmother (their great grandma) for the first time

  • I would love to visit my family in Canada who I haven’t had a chance to visit yet.

  • Would love to win this! And that luggage is dreamy!!

  • I would love to surprise my mom with a ticket to go visit my brother because she complains about not doing so enough and I know how happy seeing him makes her.

  • Yay! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • What a gift to be with family this time of year!

  • This would be such a blessing! My boyfriend could come visit me and my family!

  • What a sweet giveaway! Someone is going to have such a great story to tell (again!).

    My family owns a small restaurant in Monterey, California and since they’re the people waiting on the customers and cooking the food, they have had a hard time taking time away to come visit. I’d love to surprise them and just show up one day! Fingers crossed this giveaway can get me there. 🙂

  • Mary Therese Quense

    Family is the greatest gift I have and nothing is sweeter than it. 11 siblings make for quite the happenings all the time and I love to travel to them any chance I get being I don’t live by them! Pick me ?

  • Dana Boone

    To be honest, I’m not sure where I would go yet. My husband and I have been putting off a honeymoon, trying to save and find the right time, but life keeps getting in the way. I could imagine 1,000 places we would go with this certificate – Bora Bora, Pontours, Scotland? Yes please.

  • I would take much needed vacation with a friend.

  • We would use it to fly back to Maine!

  • This is incredible! My brother and his family live in California and I would love nothing more than to see them. (We’re in Texas.) With young children (both of us), would take something miraculous (like this) to make it happen.

  • Madeline Starr

    This would give us the opportunity to pick my little brother up from Peru as he finished his LDS mission. He is my best friend and greatest example. Since my husband and I both speak Spanish (learned while serving missions in Argentina) we could come to love the people he has spent the last two years serving. This would be an extremely humbling gift to surprise him with.

  • Janine Markham

    Oh this would just be lovely, my parents are getting older and they live in the midwest and we are on the east coast. Would be just wonderful to see them more than once or twice a year!

  • I would surprise my family in Texas. I told them I wouldn’t be able to make it because of finances but this would make it possible!

  • What a lovely giveaway!! I would love to win so I could take my husband back to Brazil and see where he lived 10 years ago and meet the people he still keeps in touch with! I have never been and we have been talking about it our whole marriage.

  • Tiffany Harmon

    My daughter Madison is a sophomore in college on the other side of the country (we are in Washington State, she is in Rhode Island). She usually comes home for Christmas but this year she had to come home in October as my Father, her Grandfather passed away. She flew home this week to be with my Mom and our family for Thanksgiving as this will be the first holiday we celebrate without him. She is concerned with the financial impact of three cross country trips in three months so your giveaway would be a welcomed blessing!!

  • Kathleen Straub

    My husband and I recently had our first sweet baby. We love in Kansas and we would love to fly to California for Christmas to visit my parents!

  • Kathleen Straub

    My husband and I recently had our first sweet baby. We live in Kansas and we would love to fly to California for Christmas to visit my parents!

  • This is such a beautiful idea! I have so many ideas in mind for this… visiting my family more often throughout the year, a photo trip to Ireland, a getaway with my husb…

    Love this so much!

  • I recently moved to follow a dream which means I don’t have much in my pockets. This year I have two homes I want to get back to, Illinois to spend the holiday my loving family, and Minnesota to visit my loving, perfect, and very understanding boyfriend ❤️ Thank you for this chance!

  • This would mean everything! I am a counselor and rarely get to practice the self care I preach to my clients. All I want is to be able to travel and see new places – I’ve never been out of the country and I’m almost 30, so I’m feeling very behind in life!

  • What an exciting giveaway!
    I would love to ship my parents (who live over 1000 miles away) down to visit all their grandbabies. We haven’t seen each other in over 1 year, and we all miss them so much!

  • What a wonderful and thoughtful giveaway.

  • Kara Beard

    I would use them to take our dream trip for our 20th Wedding Anniversary! Great giveaway!

  • Luana Hayes

    I just had a baby and would love to go home so my dad and my brothers could meet my baby girl.

  • Kimberly Cocuzzi

    I would use it to visit family in California who we only get to see once a year!

  • Sally Drum

    This is such a sweet giveaway, all the feels!! It’s so hard to get back home sometimes, life happens, time flies by, and coming up with the money to take the trip/take the time off is often hard to come by. I’m so encouraged by you and your family’s heart for serving others during this holiday season. Love this so much!

  • I would use the gift card to go visit a friend.

  • Sally Drum

    This is such a sweet giveaway, all the feels!! It’s so hard to get back home sometimes, life happens, time flies by, and coming up with the money to take the trip/take the time off is often hard to come by. I’m so encouraged by you and your family’s heart for serving others during this holiday season. Love this so much!

    I️ would love a chance to go back home to see my family and for my family to meet our new baby boy for the first time!

  • Hey Anna & Gabe! Thank you for your generosity! I would love to either be able to fly to FL to surprise my parents or fly to Maine to surprise my husbands family for the holidays! Living on the West coast is wonderful, but SO far from our families ?

  • My parents are both deceased so I don’t really have a childhood home to go to. Sadly my only sister lives on the East Coast and my MIL lives far away as well. While they do come to see us about once a year we haven’t traveled back East to see them in 8 years (shortly before my mother died). Airfare for a family of 5 has been too expensive for the cities we would need to fly to. So i would love to be able to fly my kids to see our few relatives and see where they live.

  • Love this! My in laws moved overseas and we would love to be able to visit them!

  • Elizabeth Krump

    I’ve already booked my flights home to visit my family on the other side of the country in January, but my younger brother is away in Australia and we may not be able to be in town for the same time window. It would mean the world to fly him home so we could all be together!

  • Katherine B


  • Stefanie B.

    The last three years, my husband has been deployed with the Army twice (two nine-month tours). He came back in July, but he’s away again now at Ranger School, which will keep him away for months. I would love to use these vouchers to go on a family vacation once he’s done with this Army school. We would go to Washington DC to see my dad. My relationship with my dad has been non-existent the past 8-9 years. He has never met my 4-year old daughter or 2-year old son. He doesn’t know we are expecting our third child in April. I feel led to reconcile the relationship. Even though he has made huge mistakes that have torn our family a part, I believe that we show Christ’s love magnificently when we forgive. And I would love to show him that I forgive him and allow him to have a relationship with his grandchildren.

  • Grace Mitchell

    Because I really want to travel to Europe next summer!!

  • We are blessed to have family close, but I would love to use this voucher to spend quality time with my husband and explore a new destination!

  • Lynn Waterhouse

    cant wait for the holidays and to hopsefully see my family. everyone has a crazy schedule so I still don’t know when I can meet up with them.

  • Love to take my son on his first airplane ride to visit family in New York for the holidays & see snow for the first time.

  • Danielle Bailey

    I’d like to bring my son and husband out to meet his great grandparents in Arizona for the first time. My grandma has Alzheimer’s and is starting to get worse. It’d be a dream that she get to meet my son before we lose her completely.

  • How sweet you guys rock!

  • I would send my mom to go see her mom. They haven’t been able to see each other in three years due to life circumstances and travel expenses. I know one of the things she would like most is to go spend time with her.

  • I would love to either travel to Cali, my sister is pregnant with twins and I’d love to help her out when she delivers or visit my family in Fl.

  • I would love to visit out of town relatives I haven’t seen in years!!

  • I would give the tickets to my sister to come home for Christmas. I haven’t seen her in a year and I just had a baby she hasn’t met. She lives halfway across the country and couldn’t afford to come home for Christmas this year, she hasn’t been home for two Christmases! I miss her so much!

  • I would love to win it to give it to my mom so she could go see her family.

  • I love the story of last years winner! So sweet and brings joy!

  • We would use it to fly down to Sacramento to surprise friends who just had a new baby!

  • I’d take my daughter and mother to go visit my grandmother, four generations of ladies!

  • My husband has been gone for 9 months of this year (military deployment) and I’m hoping to win so we can spend less time driving around the country over Christmas and more time together and with family! Love your blog.

  • Chelsey Heidorn

    Anna you are always so thoughtful and giving. I’d love to win this so I could send at the very least Caiden to CT to be with his best friend cousin on the day of his baptism in December. With all the baby bills and Christmas we aren’t able to make that happen on our own. Fingers crossed!!!

  • i want to give plane tickets to my mother in law so she can come meet her newest granddaughter for the first time

  • What an amazing giveaway! Last year I was diagnosed with a chronic illness that has really taken a toll on my whole-being as well as my family. We have been wanting to go out west to spend some time away from the cold and humidity of Ohio and see if it offers any relief to my pain and other symptoms. We have friends that we consider family which we would love to visit while there and since I am currently unable to run the business I started over five years ago that is just not a reality for us to do on our own. Having this opportunity to travel could be the path to healing and would definitely be much appreciated.

  • Allie mbelu

    Firstly, this is so great! Secondly, I would use the voucher towards a visit to South Africa! My husbands dad passed away days before Christmas last year. We had our third baby a few days after as well. We would love to spend the holidays with his mom and siblings age introduce them to our youngest two who they haven’t met! Would be such a dream to surprise my hubby!

  • My husband and I, along with our three little boys moved across the country three and a half years ago. We’ve been home as a family once for Thanksgiving a couple of years ago. Flying five is no easy task on the purse strings. I’m watching my twin nieces grow up over FaceTime (although I’m very grateful for it!). My sister is a single working mom taking care of her one year old twins as well as our momma. I’d love to go home for a tender Tennessee Christmas. My heart aches to wrap my family in my arms and not just through a screen.

  • I would use the voucher to fly my husband, 4 month old son and myself to Toronto to see my husband’s family for Christmas. My sister in law has yet to meet our sweet baby & my husband’s parents have only spent a couple days with him. He is too precious and i’d Love to surprise my husband with this!

  • Hey IHOD! I am a freelance graphic design and Photoshop artist in LA that’s hit some hard times recently. My major work client had a major dip in sales around October, and cut my work load in half. I’ve been trying to attract new clients, but it has made this holiday season extremely tight so far. As an artist, I love most everything about the holidays — the music, the colors, the traditions. I’m keeping a positive spirit, but it’s hard not to be distracted with the worries and questions I have about what the New Year may look like. This travel voucher would bring such a peace of mind as I think through my holiday travel — my first Christmas with my S.O. to be with his family in New Jersey. It would really help boost my holiday and hope for the coming weeks, and allow me to put more thought and care into the gifts I’ll put together for his family.

    Thanks for your consideration! Happy Thanksgiving and an early Merry Christmas!

    ❤️ @czugrun

  • Jordyn Norrick

    My husband never went on a family vacation growing up. When we got married, we made a pact to take at least one trip with our family a year. This would allow us to continue the tradition!!

  • What a wonderful giveaway! I would use the voucher to fly my mother home to spend time with my one year old daughter! She was recently affected by the hurricane in Key West, and won’t be able to make it home this holiday.

  • My husband is from just outside of Atlanta, and we’d make the trip from Wisconsin to see family and friends this winter. We’d love to make the trip happen before not being able to travel due to being too far into our first pregnancy!

  • I’d fly home to western New York to see my family and have a white Christmas!

  • My cousin is getting married in Scotland in the spring of 2018 and I’ve been dying to go. I have been an Americorps and an Alum Service Corps volunteer the last two years working in schools and non profits to experience the lives of those who live in poverty in order to give back in gratitude for the education I’ve been able to receive. Since I am doing that until this next year, I have no money to be able to fly to Scotland for my cousins wedding (even though my sister is able to go). I would love to be able to take my mom to the wedding as she is unable to go because she just lost her job! Please consider me for this amazing opportunity to share w my mom who deserves to witness the beauty of the wedding and family across the pond.

  • Would love to win!

  • What a special giveaway! With the holidays fast approaching this would be a blessing!

  • It would be a wonderful to spend the holidays with my sister and her family as they won’t be able to fly anywhere with a new little one.
    You are wonderful and generous to offer this!!!

  • I would love to get away!!

  • Elizabeth W

    I’d love to visit my brother in Colorado!

  • Vivian Garcia-Bruno

    Many miles from our Florida family-
    Would be so blessed to be together,
    BOND- and build new memories!

  • What a crazy sweet giveaway! My family of five could definitely use a break on holiday flight prices!

  • Thanks for the chance! I would love to visit my sister, brother in law and nephew that live in Hawaii! I am so thankful they are coming home to Colorado this Christmas, but I want to go visit them sometime, I rarely see my sister (its been 3 years) , so this would be a gift!

  • Lindsey Tanberg

    The story of Carol,last year’s winner moved me to tears. Thank you for graciously giving the opportunity to see friends and loved ones. If I were the fortunate recipient , I would fly to Arizona with my family to visit my Mother and Step-dad. We are very close and share a deep bond. I would love to be able to spend some much needed quality time with my mama.

  • Amanda McCall

    My husband and I felt God tell us to move to Texas, so within a matter of just 3 months we had sold everything, quit our jobs and moved cross country. I would love to be able to surprise our families for Christmas! Due to my husband still out of work, we just aren’t able to afford going home for the holidays!

  • What a wonderful giveaway! I would love to spend Christmas with our family in the Philly area and make a trip into NYC to see all the beautiful Christmas decorations. Good luck to everyone!

  • Liz Bryant

    My best friend moved to Idaho a year ago and I would fly out to see her and meet her new baby!

  • It would be beyond amazing if my husband and I could travel home for the holidays! We live on the opposite coast from all of our family and just to see the look on their faces — oh wow! Fingers crossed and happy holidays to all!

  • Jennie Whitaker

    Most of my family will be traveling to Florida for the holidays this year. We live near Seattle, and tickets are expensive at the end of the year. But it would be so fun to fly down and surprise them!

  • I would love to bring my daughter and husband to my hometown for the holidays-it’s been years since we have all been able to travel back there to see my family!

  • Jessica Buyers

    My family suffered from a horrible divroce and fight over the kids two years ago and since then my dad and the kids (my younger siblings) have moved twice. From Seattle to Las Vegas and then most recently to Connecticut. My 17 year old sister is my best friend and I’m pregnant with my first baby and I would LOVE to be able to visit my family on the east coast. We live in Salt Lake City so flying to Connecticut is exspensive and we haven’t been able to afford it. I sadly wouldn’t be able to travel for Christmas but would like to be able to see them after the baby comes.

  • Anita Duvall

    I was sick in August so we had to cancel our 30th Wedding Anniversary Trip. I would love to surprise my husband with airline tickets somewhere nice.

  • I have a new baby whom I’d love to take to visit his grandma for the first time, at Christmas – she lives accross Europe, we live in the UK. The whole trip for our family is around a thousand dollars which is why we can’t go. Fingers crossed huh 🙂 All the best to your beautiful family Anna, and have a great Christmas. Kasia

  • We’d use the voucher for me, my husband and my 21mo to surprise visit my stepson as watch one of his basketball games.

  • Crystal Fuentes

    My dad lives in South Carolina and his health has not been that good. I have only seen him three times in the past 10 years, and it would mean so much to go back and visit him for the holidays. I never know when it’s going to be the last time

  • Going home for the holidays is the best. I would use the tickets to visit my family back home in the states! I love being home at Christmas!

  • Mary Kate Rolwes

    This past month, my Gramps turned 80! As a college student, I have not had the time nor the funds to see him and my grandmother, however I have been trying to stay in touch. I would love to have the chance to go spend time with them next summer because I know it would mean a lot to them. I prayed for them every day but would also love to be with them too!

  • One of my best friends is living in Costa Rica for a year and I would love to surprise her for our 30th birthdays.

  • I would love to go visit home for the holidays. I am pregnant with my rainbow baby after a hard journey of getting here and this would give me the chance to be surrounded by family as they won’t have the chance to see me pregnant. This giveaway is awesome and I am grateful to even have a chance at something like this!

  • My parents fly to the east coast every Christmas and it would be great to give them this as a gift!

  • Christina Moore

    Work has taken me 1000s of miles away from home and family the past few years. I haven’t been home in a year and a half. I can feel the longing and the call to be home, to be nurtured. Oh, comfort! But it looks like I may not be able to afford going home for the holidays again this year. Feeling defeated, but hoping for a Christmas miracle! ‘Tis the season <3 Happy Holidays!

  • gosh that story just made my heart swell. love that you do this anna and love you! xoxo

  • Sarah Einav

    I would love to win this giveaway! Being able to visit my parents, siblings and relatives who live across the ocean would mean so much.

  • my husband (as of last week! eeek!) is dying to go see his sister who is a missionary in scotland. i’d love to be able to give that to him as we just can’t afford to go. 🙂

  • Jen Samuelson

    So generous and exciting!! Love this season of spreading the love you have going on!! Keep up the good work, Mama!!!

  • My husband and I and three boys have always lived by both sides of our family. This past June we moved from Minnesota to Florida to help with a church plant. We are both very homesick right now especially around the holiday times! This is also the first Christmas without my grandma, who we always spent Christmas with at her house so I know it will be hard on my mother and would love to Ben there with her!

  • My husband and I are lucky enough to live in the same town as most of our family, but we are planning a big trip in March and would love to put the tickets to good use then! I’d probably wrap them up and put them under our tree!

  • My best friend is getting married in LA in July and I’m so worried I will be scraping by because of the price of the airline tickets! My brother in law lives in Colorado and we’ve never been able to to see him, again because cross country flights are so pricey! (We’re in VA) would love to do a big trip where we could do both – and not worry about if we’re able to afford it!

  • To travel to see my husband’s family in Europe and allow my son to spend more time with his grandparents.

  • Lucy Frain

    Hey Anna!! I would love to give the plane ticket voucher to one of the German (RCMC) missionary boys I’m stationed with in D.C.! He left his home in July and won’t be back until August!’ He’s the 2nd oldest of nine and he’s not going home for Christmas ? I think this would be the greatest gift for him!! ?

  • Jeanne Coulombe

    I would be so blessed to win this to go see my dad he moved to Florida after my mom passed away and I don’t get to see him much at all. I would love to surprise him . Thanks for a chance

  • So lovely! Thank you so much, what a wonderful gift.

  • I know exactly how we’d use the tickets- my husband is from the NE and we haven’t been able to get back there this year due to finances. This would be such a blessing! Xo

  • Karina Sanchez

    Hello IHOD,

    I would like to use this opportunity to fly home for the holidays. I am currently working my first job post graduation in New York City and would love to be able to visit my family in time for Christmas and ring in the New Year with them!

    I come from a big family, five siblings, my neice and nephew, and my parents, so it is a little hard to get everyone together but this is perfect for me to fly back home to Texas!! I know my little siblings are old enough to understand holiday prices are expensive to fly home (they are thirteen and ten) but if I were to win I could surpise them just in time for Christmas!!

  • I would love to make it out to see my parents!

  • I’d love to win to visit friends in Massachusetts! They were our “family” when the four of us lived 3,000 miles away from anyone we knew for about 5 years. Now we try to visit with one another at least once a year but it easier said than done.

  • What a beautiful giveaway, thank you!

  • My husband and I are currently living across the pond in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We won’t be able to make it home for Christmas this year as my husband is a full time student and we can’t afford to fly home. We would love to surprise our families this year for Christmas as we have been living away from home for three years now.

  • This is amazing! I am inspired by your generosity and the story of last years winner- what an amazing blessing to be with family in such a hard time. For me, i would love to win this giveaway because I rarely get to visit my family in Idaho, or Maine because i live in Kansas and the airfare is so expensive! Thank you for this opportunity!

    Xoxo Nicole

  • Katie Hagel

    My Husband and I moved from Oregon to Arizona last year for both of us to pursue out graduate degrees-this doesn’t leave a ton of room in our depleting budget to buy plan tickets home to visit our families who are both still in Oregon. Would love to be able to go home and see our amazing families as much as we could.

  • I’d love to be able to visit my grandparents during the holidays. I haven’t been able
    To see them since my wedding 2.5 years ago 🙁

  • Michelle Ward

    I hope to win because I have never been on a plane. My husband and I always drive to our vacation destinations to save money.

  • I would use it to go home for the holidays to see family! They haven’t all gotten to meet our newest baby girl.

  • Jillian Pattison

    I would love to be able to fly home so that my babies can see their grandparents (and vice/versa)! ?

  • Love this!

  • No better gift than being able to explore this beautiful world one destination at a time! Thank you for this. ❤️

  • Emily Southern

    My husband, daughter and I are stationed overseas away from our family. We haven’t been home in over a year a half and don’t have any family where we are stationed now. It would make our 2 year old’s dreams come true to get to see her Nana and papaw for Christmas.

  • Katlyn Sahad

    My husband’s whole family lives in Dominican Republic except for his parents who live in NY. We live in FL and his parents plan on taking a trip to visit his family soon. The last time he was there was a few years ago for his grandfathers funeral which meant there wasn’t a lot of time to catch up or have fun. And I was not able to go with him and meet his family. We planned on going with his parents, However due to recent flooding that we had to deal with from hurricane Irma, a lot of our savings had to go to repairing and replacing our home and furniture. That being said, I would use the voucher for us to able to see his parents and family and down in Dominican Republic. My husband would be able to see Family he hasn’t seen in a while. And I’d be able to meet a lot of family members for the first time who couldn’t come to our wedding. This is such a wonderful giveaway! ❤️

  • I’m a travel junkie whose friends & family have moved all over the globe. I will love to pay them a visit!

  • I live in Scotland and all of my family are in the Pacific Northwest. I would so love to be able to surprise them for Christmas (including my niece and nephew!).

  • I tried to enter the travel voucher contest but the app wouldn’t allow me to type my comment. So I clicked on “Enter” thinking it would take me to another screen to write, but it submitted my entry with nothing. Could I re-do the entry?

  • I would love to take my hard working mom on a girls getaway!

  • Would love to win for our honeymoon next year! Love this giveaway! Good luck to everyone!

  • I would like to win for my dear mom.

  • Hope Pedulla

    I’d take my husband on a trip because he deserves it!!!

  • It’s so expensive to travel as a family of 5–winning this would mean we get to go on vacation next year because we really can’t afford it otherwise!

  • Donna Kellogg

    I hope to win this so I can get my son home for the holidays he is stationed in San Diego, California

  • My sister recently moved to Atlanta for work from California after graduating law school and I would love to use the voucher to pay her a visit with my mom during the holidays.

  • Jennifer Pellicone

    I hope to win this airline voucher so I can visit my mother who lives 3,000 miles away and suffers from alzheimers. I would also use it to travel with my husband and 2 grown children on a family vacation we haven’t had in years.

  • This would be a absolute dream come true.

  • I just finished my first year living away from home! I live in California and my family of twelve kids is in Cleveland, Ohio. I can’t go home for thanksgiving this year because I can’t afford it, and I would love to win your giveaway for Christmas. Thank you for hosting such a thoughtful giveaway!

  • I would love to win this to go on a trip with my boyfriend! Our 4 year anniversary is coming up and I would love to be able to take a trip with him to celebrate. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  • My husband is the military and it costs us several thousand dollars to fly home and see our families. It would mean so much to make a trip without the financial stress.

  • Because one extra trip home to see my family would be so great. The more kids we have, the more of an investment plane tickets become. 😉

  • I would love to fly home on Christmas Day to see my family! I work Christmas Eve!

  • Elisabeth Becker

    I would so love to take a fun baby moon with the hubby before baby no. 2 is born!

  • Perfect giveaway and very thoughtful!

  • I would travel home to visit family!

  • This is such an awesome giveaway! If I had this it would give me the opportunity to go see my boyfriend who is away in Wyoming for 9months to a year. He is in a rehab facility out there and won’t be home for any of the holidays. He is going to miss thanksgiving and Christmas along with my birthday and our one year anniversary as well as the one year anniversary of his dads passing.He is amazing and is overcoming so much and we are all so proud of him!!! By winning this giveaway I would be able bring some love his way because he is by himself during the most special season and time of year.. These moments are cherished and so important to him and I could only imagine the joy and light it would bring into such a dark time of his life. He is the best person I know and we would be so appreciative and thankful. We aren’t able to have contact except for letters. What a beautiful surprise it would be to be able to visit him and make him feel special and loved during these times. I can’t tell anyone enough how much this would help. It has been such a long emotional road for the past four months this would be incredible!!!

  • Maria Putzke

    We are in GA with our two babies, and my husband’s family lives in NY. I would love to be able to get him home to be able to see them. We miss them so much! They haven’t gotten to see the babies much.

  • Elena Zepeda

    This is such a beautiful giveaway! God bless you for doing this! I’m a poor college senior who can’t afford a ticket to visit my boyfriend across the country. I haven’t seen him in 5 months! ??? I would be so grateful if I won this giveaway! ❤️

  • I’d love to win to visit my siblings in Seattle. I wish I could see them more often.

  • Lauren Lippert

    Would love to win the airline voucher to go see my brother in Montana!!

  • I would love to bring my son to town!

  • Lyndsey R.

    I haven’t seen my sister in 7 very, very long years. Even had to miss her wedding because of financial reasons. Sure would love to surprise her with a visit.

  • i’d love to spend Christmas in Oregon with my family!

  • Jennifer H.

    I would love to take my boys on a trip. They both have Autism. Family outings and travel are challenging at times but they love to travel.

  • I’d love to win to take everyone on a family trip.

  • I would really love to visit my mom in Thailand!

  • Christy Peeples DuBois

    What a wonderful giveaway. There have been several times if I had had the extra money I would have gone to be with family during difficult times. I would love this for when the occasion presents itself I can be there the next time. And I need luggage badly.

  • I would love to visit family in Georgia

  • Laura Royal

    I would love to win because I just had a little girl and she needs to meet her grandparents who live across the country.

  • Gianna Bruno

    I would give to my parents they need a vacation and deserve one they’re both so hard working and sacrifice so much for there kids and They deserve a vacation

  • My husbands family is in Puerto Rico and his last flight was cancelled right after the hurricane. We would love to go see them for the holidays.

  • Eileen Boyce

    I need a vacation.

  • jerseyi hope to win this to see my family in

  • Cynthia Schmied

    I would love to visit an old friend that I have not seen for 15 years. She lives across the United States

  • I would love too go visit my family in another state,I miss them.


    I’d go visit the family for the holidays for sure that way!!! Kinda broke!

  • What an amazing giveaway! We have several family weddings this year so this would be awesome to win!

  • Danielle Magee

    I hope to win this voucher so I can take my mother on a trip since she can’t afford one herself.

  • Yes please! 🙂

  • I would love to visit my Famiky for the Holidays! This would be so great!

  • Hello! I would like to win the voucher because I have friends and family in Peru that I haven’t seen since 2012. My plan is to go there next Christmas, but if I ended up being the lucky one, I would go home for Easter. 🙂

  • I would love to go visit some old friends where I went to school would be such a wonderful trip

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  • Nicole LeBlanc

    i just love you.

  • I’d love to win a flight to visit family on the West coast. We moved to SC from California earlier this year, leaving most of our family behind. As a fellow ‘big family’ (4 kids) it’s been difficult saving up to fly back to see them. My sister-in-law is due in May, we’d love to travel to see them next summer after the baby’s born.

    Here’s hoping we’re blessed! Thanks!

  • We live in Denver and our entire extended family is a flight away. With everyone in separate states it’s impossible to see everyone every year. It makes me so sad that my 2 year old only gets to Skype with my parents and in laws on a regular basis.

  • I’d love love love to visit my family!

  • What a lovely contest idea! Making memories!!!

  • My husband, small family, and I live in Tx. Our families (I’m one of 10; my husband is one of 12!) live on opposite Coasts, in California and Maryland. We’d use this to visit our families for Christmas! Thanks for hostin, Anna!

  • Ok… just kidding. I take it back! I think my husband and I would use the voucher for a second honeymoon getaway. We’ve always talked about going abroad together. I think we’d finally do that!

  • Thank you for the reminder of what is truly most important this Holiday season.

  • Ahhh, after a week of working online retail madness a post-shopping-season getaway sounds sooooo dreamy…. And that suitcase is amazing!!

  • Being away from one of my best friends turned sister is always hard. She is not only a mother now but she is a police officer as well and everyday she goes to work I wonder if that will be the last time I hear from her. She is thankfully one of the few that I think takes her role as seriois as it should be with everything that is going on in our society involving law enforcement. To see her and her baby girl would make us all take that extra second to show how much gratitude we have for each other. I would love to win this contest!

  • I would use the voucher to fly my boys and I to Boise to see all of my family. My husband is military so we’ve never lived close and getting home means flying across the country or from another one which is expensive! My grandfather has been in the VA home for a year which makes it even harder now when we can’t make it back as much as I’d like.

  • This is one of the best and most thoughtful giveaways I have seen! I would use this voucher to visit my fiancé’s family, who live all over the US!

  • Emily Hannon

    I would love to go to Naples, FL ago visit my grandparents!

  • i would gift the voucher to my parents who recently retired and send them on that trip to ireland they’ve been dreaming about for years ❤️ they deserve an inspiring getaway

  • It would be a blessing to have the funds to visit my parents in 2018.

  • This is amazing! My husband is in the Air Force and it seems like every assignment moves us further and further away from family. And the more kids we have and the more distance between us and our families = more expense to visit. This is such a special giveaway!

  • I would go see my boyfriend in Because he isn’t flying back home to see his family this Christmas 🙂

  • This is such a sweet giveaway and I would love to be able to go on a trip with my husband!

  • IHOD you guys are GOLD, what a fantastic giveaway! If I was lucky enough to win the home for the hoildays giveaway I would use it visit my family in British Columbia, Canada! While I can’t complain about living in the Lone Star State, there is just something about a white Christmas (surrounded by loved ones) that does the soul good.

  • laura bernard

    I would love to win this for my dad who is from the Phillipines. He has not seen his family in 21 years. It would mean the entire world to me to give the gift of family to my father.

  • The gift of experiences (&giving!) is the greatest we can give our daughter . Time has flown and she’s one in just a couple weeks (our own Christmas miracle!) – with the voucher, we’d take her to visit family she’s never met , making the most valuable of memories a lot the way! Merry Christmas!

  • Sarah Taylor

    I would love to win this! I’m a college student who lives across the country from my family and I haven’t been home in a year. This would be a huge blessing!

  • joseph gersch

    I hope to win to see Family!

  • Lindsay A.

    I would LOVE this voucher to be able to visit family in CA. Thank you so much for such an incredible opportunity!

  • Although most of our family lives fairly close to us, it would still mean the world to win this! Growing up we never had a lot of money so we didn’t travel out of state. I would love to instill a sense of adventure in my 2 kiddos and be able to take them on a trip somewhere, this would totally make that possible! My daughter is 2 and is fascinated when she sees planes in the sky and we tell her there are people in them. She will ask where they are going, and insist she wants to go too. Taking a trip with my family would be a dream come true.

  • my sister lives in Ireland but has only been home a handful of times in 12 years, would love to give this to her!

  • I would love to get a mini vacay with the hubster!

  • Keegan Flaherty

    Living in Montana, flights are expensive averaging $500 just to get to a major hub. I would love a voucher to be able to make a trip to NZ to see my best friend!

  • Rachel Klein

    My best friend just received a job offer in San Francisco. She hasn’t even moved yet, and I miss her already! I’d love to be able to fly out and help her get settled.

  • I got married 10 years ago this December — just days before Christmas. I’d love to win this voucher so that my husband and I can jet away to celebrate this milestone anniversary, and then be home for the holidays to spend it with family! Thanks!!

  • This would be an amazing gift for our family of 6! We would love to visit with my husband’s family in Ohio or take a trip to make some memories with our kids!

  • Nici Robinson

    I would love to win this for my sister and niece to come home for Christmas!!

  • I would go to Germany to visit my little brother (and his family ) for the first time!

  • My husband is a full-time student, and we haven’t been able to get back to see his family for Christmas in three years. We would love to surprise the little kids with a trip to see grandma and grandpa ! Thanks for this sweet opportunity!

  • Paol Trenny

    I would love to take a trip with my sister so this would be awesome. It would cut down our cost tremendously. Thanks!

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