Date ideas under $10.

February 7, 2018

Getting a sitter for our 5 kiddos can be priceyyyyy. So paying more for the actual date is hard to swallow sometimes. At this point in our marriage, going to the store just the two of us feels like a luxury! However, we thought it would be fun to share some affordable date ideas (under $10!) we have loved over the last year. It doesn’t need to be extravagant to have a good time!

1. Antique hunt – Whoever finds the coolest item under $10 at an antique market gets to take it home. Get a passer by to make the vote if you can’t decide between yourselves;)

2. Cooking class in your own kitchen – Come up with ingredients to make dinner or dessert together under $10. The creative challenge is what makes it fun! We love to cook together, but rarely have the chance to do so. When you set aside a night to do this it can be something you plan and look forward to!


3. Arcade! – Empty your lose change jars and take it to the arcade for a round of air hockey or skii ball. We ended up spending most of our change on skii ball, but a good round of motorcycle racing was the best way to end the date….maybe because I won that one.


4. Hike it out – A free date with unbeatable views, that comes with stress relief therapy;) It also gives you a chance to spend time together outside of the normal patterns of netflix and movies. There is something Gabe and I have always really enjoyed about doing something active outdoors together. If you are unable to hike, I would say a drive up to a mountain top is a great alternative.


5. Truth or Dare over coffee – Grab a couple of lattes, and attempt a game of truth or dare. I know you might think this is just for the high school crowd, but I can guarantee playing a game of truth or dare will bring out some comic relief you won’t soon forget. I still laugh tears when I re-visit this dare. (Click right to see the video of Gabe speed walking through the crowd.)


We try to make time for dates twice a month. Sometimes that isn’t possible, but it sure helps to stay connected to each other no matter how crazy life can become. More marriage topics here.


What are some of your favorite ways to spend time with your significant other?

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  • Cooking and getting groceries together with my boyfriend is one of our favourite date activity! It’s super cheap, we get to bond in the comfort of our own homes and we can eat everything up at the end. Nothing beats it! 😀

  • I love all of these ideas! My husband and I definitely want to get outside and go hiking more now that we’re living in Utah.


  • This is great. My husband and I are looking into taking salsa dance lessons (not cheap) so that we can go out and dance together on the weekends (will be reasonably cheap). I’m excited for it as an alternative date idea because it’s physically active, fun, a bit silly, and it gets us out of our usual routines. Plus it’s fun to get dressed up and go to new places and do more than just sit and eat!

  • I love the arcade date! My husband and I have done this and it’s priceless when you give all your tickets to a random little kid, and they look at you like you have to be absolutely nuts to give away this pure gold.

  • I love the arcade date! My husband and I have done this and it’s absolutely priceless seeing the shock when you give your tickets to a random little kid there. They look at you like you are crazy for giving away this precious gold that is tickets. It’s adorable.

  • What lovely ideas! Although we do not have kids yet, we are always looking for great dates on the cheap. Probably because we are cheap! 😉

    I will have to suggest some of these to the hubster. I’m sure he’d like quite a few! And I’m already imagining the fun we’d have. 🙂

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