Going Clean: Morning + Night Skin Care Routine

March 8, 2018


As you know, I started “going clean” on everything in our house when Rocco was a baby after doing more research on the affects of chemicals in our products on our bodies. This is how I stumbled into Beautycounter. I wasn’t expecting to use clean ingredient products that I actually liked as much as my old favorites, but they ended up doing a much better job than any previous bottle of moisturizer I’ve ever tried (I have tried soooo. manyyyy.) More than anything I love their initiatives to fight for safer FDA regulations (see the recent Today Show segment), and the change they are advocating for in the beauty industry. I hope other brands follow suit! This week, Beautycounter is offering a FREE overnight resurfacing peel, cleansing balm, or charcoal mask with the purchase of a 4 pc skin care line! In addition to 10% off any skin care line. Quite a deal! So here’s a breakdown of my current skin routine + a free product offer!


1. Countermatch Pure Milk Cleanser or Charcoal Bar – The charcoal bar has really helped remove blackheads around the t-zone area, so it continues to be a favorite but I like to only use it a few times a week since I tend to have dry skin. The PureMilk Cleanser is super gentle and hydrating. This cleanser lasts me at least 6 months. (Charcoal bar is FREE with a Band of Beauty membership this month!)

2. Countermatch Intense Moisture Serum – This is an intense moisturizing age-preventing serum which is loaded with vitamin C and E to improve skin radiance. This is a much safer alternative to retinol and retinoids!

3. Countermatch Adaptive Moisturizer – This is a new release that has bio mimic technology to adapt to your skin’s moisture level throughout the day! Crazy. So whether you are oily or dry, in a humid climate or walking in cold weather, the moisturizer adapts to what your skin needs. Most moisturizers still had me feeling dry (which I later realized because they contained petroleum!), so this has been a welcome relief.

4. Eye Rescue Cream – 5 little ones has showed up in the form of eye bags, which I am sure many of you can relate. It feels instantly soothing to apply just a little bit under the eyes and on the brows in the mornings. I notice an a difference after a few minutes.


1. Cleansing Balm – I was really hesitant to pay the price tag on this until I read the reviews. After trying it I became a believer!  It removes your makeup by rubbing in a very small amount into your face. It melts as you apply and you wipe off with a warm washcloth. It feels like  a hydra facial. I will also put a little more back on after removing makeup at night in the winter as an overnight intense moisture  mask. If I am feeling super lazy about night routine (which is more often than not), this is all I use and I still go to bed feeling clean!

2. Overnight Resurfacing Peel (2-3 times a week) –  This has hands down the biggest game changer in my skin. I have struggled with uneven texture and dull patches for a while, and applying this serum at night a few times a week has left my skin looking so much healthier. I wash it off in the morning! It can help with scars, dark spots, and sun damage as well. It doesn’t smell the greatest, but it is made of a combination of fruit acids that do the work! This is a much safer alternative the wildly popular retin-a and retinoid creams.

3. Countermatch Recovery Sleeping Cream – After the resurfacing peel absorbs, I apply this night cream. It’s thicker than your daily moisturizer and does the hydrating work while you sleep!

This week, Beautycounter is offering a free overnight resurfacing peel, cleansing balm, or charcoal mask with the purchase of a 4 pc skin care line! In addition to 10% off any skin care line. If you have break out prone skin, I would try the Countercontrol line, and if you want more anti-aging benefits, look into the Rejuvenating line. 

If you have thought about going clean in your household, you can start with one thing at a time. It took me about a year to switch everything over including detergents, cleaning products, deodorant, etc. Since the ingredients are super concentrated in this skin care line, a little goes a long way, and I try to make them stretch as long as possible. (They usually last me 4-6 months!) I look at going clean as preventative health care, knowing I’d rather not deal with the much heavier health problems arising in both men and women today as a result of the toxins we are using.

Of course, we could all try the Sofia Loren method and just slap some olive oil on our faces! Worked for her:)


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  • Thank you for the tips and recommendations! I don’t use any of these products but my routine is similar to yours. 🙂

  • I have been asking around lately about this very topic ! Thanks for posting ! We are now expecting our fifth baby and safe skin care and hair products have always been a concern for me during pregnancy and nursing. Would you happen to know if these products are appropriate for me during this time? Or is there any other product you could recommend? Thanks for your helpful posts and advice !

    • Hi Monica, good q! Yes every Beautycounter product is safe for pregnancy and nursing. They screen every ingredient to make sure it is safe even for little ones and pregnant mothers. Even the plant based essential oils fragrance blends used in a few of the scented products make up less than 3% of the ingredients. So I use the sunscreen on both my kids and I, and I don’t freak out as much when Zelie gets into my lip gloss. ha!

  • I want to try some of these! Especially the eye cream…this momma’s tired! Do you use SPF on your face daily? If so, which product do you use? Sunscreen or some of the makeup?

  • This is really random but awhile back you had a blog post on hybrid model schooling and I’ve been meaning to ask you what program you guys use. You mentioned living in Atlanta and there’s a hybrid school model called Regina Caeli in Atlanta, Georgia. Is that the one you guys use? I was wondering because we’re friends with the person who started it 🙂

    • Hi Cate! No our little ones don’t go there, but I’ve heard of it! There are many hybrid models starting to pop up around the U.S. which is really neat!

  • I literally almost DM’ed you asking you for your morning/nighttime routine last week! How perfect! I’ll be 30 in June and I have seen SUCH an intense change in my skin in just the last year! I’m lucky to have pretty nice skin in the first place, and I do the basics, but I know I need to step my game up to keep things looking the same and stay healthy. I’m excited to try beautycounter, safe products really matter to me! Thank you!

    • Hi Elyse! How funny! Yes, totally saw a big difference once I hit 30 and that was the first time I started an actual routine! Happy to send you samples to try if you need. Just shoot me an email:)

  • I’m so glad to see a clean skincare recommendation! I want to make the switch, especially for the eye cream, night cream, and moisturizer, but certain fragrances make my skin break out. Can I purchase samples to see how my skin will react?

    • Hi Nicole, they don’t offer samples to purchase, but I would be happy to mail you some! Just email me your address and skin type: hello (at) inhonorofdesign (dot) com.

      Beautycounter doesn’t use any synthetic fragrances thankfully, and even the essential oils used in some of the products make up for less than 3% of the ingredients so it usually works great for sensitive skin!

  • I, too, am following the home and body cleanse towards natural products. Try following the interactive “think dirty” app which allows you to scan beauty products at the store. This forward thinking group is led by a young woman with breast cancer family history trying to cut thru the marketing hype. All products rated 1-10 on the carcinogenic/toxic scale. Ps: burts bees routinely gets poor ratings on many products. Best wishes keeping your lovely self and family healthy

    • Hi Gail, yes I use that app and love it! An even more thorough site is ewg.org’s skin deep database. It tends to have more information on certain ingredients and give more accurate ratings. I didn’t know that about Burt’s Bees so will have to look it up on ewg. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Hi Anna! I love following your blog! You have been such a great inspiration in my motherhood and trying to use cleaner products in our home! Do you mind me asking what toothpaste you use!? We can’t afford to switch over everything but I’m really trying to do one thing at a time! Thanks! Brigid

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  • Thanks for sharing your post, I’ll might follow this for my skin routine and also the product that you are using.

  • Your blog is amazing! I’m happy I found it. So much interesting content and beautiful photos! Happily I’m looking what’s next!

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