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February 12, 2017



Sunday mornings are usually the only time I get the chance to sit and skim my favorite news sites, books, articles, blogs, and devotionals (but like, one or two if I’m lucky).  I’d occasionally like to share my current list with you if you would be up for dropping me some of your own recs as well?! Deal? Here’s this week’s Sunday reads…

Articles and posts I read and loved:
The Most Important Time to Digitally Disconnect 
I Am Standing Upon the Seashore – A poem that really hit home this week after burying my grandmother.
10 Financial Resolutions

Chasing Slow – I just downloaded this book for Audible for our next road trip this coming weekend. Erin’s blog is one of the first I ever started keeping up with and I can’t wait to listen how she chose to step away from the fast pace frenzy of the culture and pursue a slower and richer method of life.
Better Than Before: Making or Breaking Habits – This is an NYTimes Best Seller that peaked my interest. Looking forward to reading.

Coffee and Crumbs – A collaborative blog from different women on all topics from marriage to motherhood. I’ve just started tuning into this one thanks to one of you reader’s tips!
A Minnesota Home Tour – A little interview and home tour of one of my favorite online gal pal’s Kari over on Glitter Guide.
Literary Heroins based on Your Meyers Briggs Type – Which one is your match? I am totally a Francie Nolan.

One Thousand Gifts – Ann Voskamp has a way to shoot words right through my being. I have gone back to this book many times over to help me keep my mind set on the glass half full.

Wishing you a restful Sunday!

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  • I’ll have to check out Coffee and Crumbs.

  • I’ve read better than before, and really want to get my hands on Chasing Slow! Better than Before was pretty life changing for me.


  • Absolutely loved Better Than Before! I read it and also listened to it through Audible. I thought it was even better the second time around. Gretchen is so entertaining! I also loved her book The Happiness Project.

  • Hey Anna! Your blog is one of my favourite! I’ve been reading your for quite some time. Thanks for the list, Coffee & Crumbs sounds just like what I need right now, just finished off the home article – beautiful, open and touching. Happy Monday!

  • I am reading so many more books these days, in part thanks to my fantastic husband who got me a book stand for Christmas! Every nursing session, even the short ones that happen now with a one-year-old, involves at least a few pages of reading- which also motivates me to keep going with the book! I recently finished All the Light We Cannot See and Kristin Lavransdatter. Now I’m reading John Senior and the Restoration of Realism (about education- certainly applies to education in the home, and what we can do to prepare our children for education at school- I highly recommend it) and Josef Pieper’s The Four Cardinal Virtues. Like all Pieper, it is excellent and heady, but can be read in small chapter chunks.

    As for devotional reading, I’m listening to these recorded talks by Jacques Phillippe that are really fantastic. The theme is interior freedom and the last one I listened to was about freedom toward other people- and, mostly, forgiveness.

    • Ahh thank you SO much for the awesome leads. Can’t wait to check them out! Feeding Zelie forces me to take time to read which is a needed mind break!

  • Oh I really like this post! šŸ™‚ Erin’s book was so raw and meaningful. Some of her words felt like they were lifted from my head! I hope to see more posts like this! Thanks Anna!

    Hope you are at peace and healing after your grandmother’s passing.

  • One of my favorite books to read during transition, in particular with a new baby. is Sacred Rhythms by Ruth Haley Barton. It’s a book to go through slowly… every time I sit with it, I feel more free and more peace. It’s been so helpful in navigating my spiritual life in all the “new normals” that life takes our family. I can’t recommend it enough! I’ve given so many copies to friends this year as gifts.

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