Spring Capsule Pt. 1

March 16, 2018


Last summer, I tried my first capsule wardrobe, and what I came to conclude is that it was freeing! It saved me so much money, and really helped me become more intentional about adding pieces I really loved and could get good use out of to my wardrobe. Ultimately it gave me more peace stepping away from the culture of buy more, have more.

I wanted to share some items I am pulling back out of storage as the warmer temps arrive here in the south, as well as a few pieces I am adding to a spring capsule. I hope this can help stir up some ideas for your own capsule. 22 pieces seemed like a small amount to me last summer, and it turned out I could have gotten by with even less! Ten pieces is a great number to start with, and you can add in more as you see what you may need more of. This doesn’t include accessories, but I stay pretty minimal with those as well. Going to try really hard to show you all the complete capsule soon, but hopefully this can be a good starting point for you!


1. Chambray jumpsuit – I wore this a fair amount because it’s easy to dress up or down, so I’m keeping it around for spring this year.

2. Lettuce edge white tee – goes with everything. Wore it with skirts, pants, and under a jumpsuit.


3. Flowy skirt and top set
– I think I’ll be wearing this skirt often because it can be worn with flats and a tee or with the top and heels to dress it up. I ordered true to size.

4. Short sleeved striped button down – I got a similar one a few years ago and have worn it to death. I love that you can cuff the sleeves on this style and it comes in pink or blue. (Wait till their 40% off sales!)


5. Black and White striped bodysuit – Probably one of my most worn items, but if you prefer a tee this is a good alternative.

6. A good pair of jeans! – We all come in different shapes and sizes, so you will know your best place to shop for denim. I love the Old Navy rockstars as the most affordable option, as well as J.Crew’s toothpick.



7. Golden flowy top and skirt set – This is a decent price considering you can use the skirt and top solo or combine together. I wore this skirt over a golden yellow suit at the beach as a coverup, and also paired with the top on our trip. This will always be one of my favorite colors to wear!

8. Striped linen pants – I was shopping for Azelie, and stumble on these pants. They fit really well and are so comfortable. I love the blue and white stripes for spring and summer.


9. Wide leg linen pants – I don’t think linen has to be restricted to summer. It works for spring too. These slit leg linen pants from last summer are out of stock, but found these similar ones that I like even better. It’s a good pair to transition seasons that can be work with any of your capsule tops.

10. Floral Dress – The only time I feel restricted with a capsule is for special occasions so I think it helps to have a few good options on hand for those! I got this floral dress because it’s a color and style I know I will wear throughout spring and summer. Wearing it to my best friend’s wedding next weekend. ASOS is a great place to find affordable options as well.

Shoes and accessories – I will be using the same purses from last season, as well as most of the same shoes. I am eyeing these espadrilles to add to the mix!

If you have never done a capsule, they can be intimidating at first. It does take time to assemble, but it saves so much time and money in the long run! Cladwell might be a good place to start. I also loved Un-Fancy’s guide.


Sites I visit frequently:
Poshmark – A site (+ app) where you can find gently used items in all brands, so you can find some great quality pieces. I will selling many items from my closet as well on there.
ASOS– Free Shipping and returns. I find most of the items I try are good quality and fit true to size. I have had some arrive that are cheap and poorly made, but that usually isn’t the case. Easy to ship back with free return labels. They have great prices as well.
J.Crew- I always manage to find a good staple or two here, and they have good sales!
Nordstrom – They have such a wide variety of brands, sizes, and styles and I really appreciate the free shipping and returns here as well!
Etsy – This is where I usually find fun bags and accessories for good prices, like this handbag shop or this earring shop.
Sezane – I love that these are well made items. Higher price tag, but a timeless style that usually has pieces I know I will wear forever.
Free People – This is the place I always find at least one thing that makes me swoon. You have to sort through the site, but I like how they have sets that you can mix and match so you get longer use out of your purchase. I often make something work differently then they have the model styling it;)

I hope this can be a helpful start for you, and please let me know if you have any questions! I’ll be sharing more capsule looks on instagram in the coming weeks.

Happy weekend to you all!


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  • Where are your sandals from?

  • I boxed up my closet for a capsule and still have too many clothes. Less is definitely more!

    • Anna Liesemeyer

      Yes it’s crazy how eye opening a capsule is. You don’t need much!

  • Kelly M.

    Loved this post! I’ve been using Cladwell to help pair down my closet to a more sustainable and timesaving way of living. I love that you choose fun and colorful pieces! The idea of a capsule always makes me feel like I need to play it safe to get the most use out of my clothes. Thanks for inspiring me to be brave! Also, I noticed you don’t have any shorts – saving those for Summer or are you not a fan? (Also, this question is coming from Texas, so maybe I’m just jumping the gun on the shorts 😉

    • Anna Liesemeyer

      Thanks Kelly! Yes, color makes me feel more alive! 😉 I definitely wear denim shorts all summer, but it’s just been to cold here so saving that for a summer capsule!

  • Love your pieces for your capsule! I did a capsule wardrobe last summer for just the month of June and it was fantastic. So freeing to know you only have a limited number of items to choose from. How does the striped bodysuit fit? Is it true to size? Also did you really hand wash it like it recommends or did it hold up in a washer?

    • Anna Liesemeyer

      Thank you Erin – exactly! The bodysuit runs small so order a size up! I don’t think you need to handwash. I washed it but just would hang to dry!

  • I love capsule wardrobe posts! They always inspire me how to stay on top of my clothing game. Gotta declutter pronto! ❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • Loved this post and have been on the quest to simplify our home and my life the last couple of years. When you do a capsule wardrobe do you just keep the 10 items in your closet and no other clothes? Would you ever consider doing a closet tour haha?

    • Anna Liesemeyer

      Hi Tamara! These are just 10 pieces to start, but I am adding some more items as I go. I keep everything in my closet still, but it helps me see what I am no longer using and should donate. I have a small closet so I keep off season items in storage. Will definitely do a closet tour! Might take me a few months to get it organized though;) We are trying to build in some shelves.

  • Having a really hard time NOT buying that black and white body suit. Love these looks–esp that free people set. One of my favorite purchases for the whole last year was a linen two piece set from them. I wore it to death last summer. They always have the best colors!

  • Would love to know what brand/style your sandals are!

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