IHOD Mentorship Session Giveaway!

March 21, 2018

(Don’t worry, we will try to be serious during the mentorship session.)

Since I began blogging when I was a new mother, I always had a drive to try new things and chase different entrepreneurial ideas. I have been through quite a few different small business efforts and creative jobs since then. Some of you may remember… my accessory shop, my time as an art director for an online magazine, or The Brand Market workshops! They each lead me to something else, and I loved the experience of calling something my own. I just kept moving forward without taking the time to look back, because I knew if I took an honest look at the amount of hours I put into the business, or the risks I would need to take to get to the present, I would have been too scared to move forward.

This year was a big milestone for Gabe and I as we saw the many years of unpaid or low pay work finally come to fruition as we very cautiously, but confidently stepped into working together full time on IHOD. It’s hard to believe this dream is something we get to live out, but I know it wouldn’t have happened without guidance along the way. There were a few mentors that gave me the courage to follow through with my goals. I have always loved supporting other small business owners and starting bloggers because I see what it can do for someone’s life. I would love for more people to have the chance to do something for a living that makes them come alive! All of this to say, Gabe and I both have hearts for mentoring (with backgrounds in education), and have thought of a way we can tie that in with giving back. So today, we are launching a free mentorship session giveaway! We will be selecting a few individuals or partners in business for a free mentoring session in person (if you are in the ATL area) or via online (anywhere in the world!). While we don’t consider ourselves experts, we would love to share our experiences and resources to help in any way we can.

– Pre-session Q&A where we get to know you to prep for our session.
– Going over business goals, helpful tools we recommend, content creating, social media tips, business plan of action, tips for best partnerships and working with brands, how to grow your reach, and even tips on establishing a cohesive aesthetic. We will answer any questions you have!
– Follow up by email over the following months to check in about your business plan and goals.
– Gabe might even teach you how to move your eyes in two different directions at the same time. 😉

We want to keep this simple!
– In a short instagram story or instagram photo, tell us about your blog or small business, and why you started. (Tag @inhonorofdesign.) It can be in typed words or you speaking about it…however you feel comfortable sharing.
– Come back and comment on this blog post letting us know your IG username so we can keep track of entries!

Open to both U.S. and International readers.

That’s it! We will be selecting the winners in a few weeks, and will announce it in this post as well as social media. We cannot wait to “meet” some of you!

P.S. If you know someone who would benefit from this, feel free to share this post with them!

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  • Giiiiirl. I would die to learn from you. I’m at a point where I want to make the jump full time and would love to know how you made it work for you and your amazing family! FINGERS CROSSED!

  • Dang, I want to BE you! A mentorship sounds awesome! 😀

  • Theresa Backowski

    Yes. Please.

  • I do social media for a living, I left my non-prof job to join a start-up last fall. We launched a family site for Detroit last month (I also run After 5 a site for adult in Detroit for the job) and it’s going well but we want it to be big. I know that my personal branding and blog can help in that area and I love everything you do and would love to get some lessons.


  • How amazing is this?!? Would love to be mentored by you and to pick your brain!

  • I would love this! I just started a website last year and would love to hear your ideas!

  • Thank you so much for this generous giveaway, Anna and Gabe! I gave up Instagram for Lent so my entry is in your inbox. It would be such a gift to learn from you!

  • Geez. This post strikes a cord! I have all those new mom/lots of ideas/trying to juggle it all feelings! I currently have a nursery bedding shop on etsy, along with a blog to feature some of my clients nurseries. I have a background in Interior Decorating (which I’d love to get back to), but I also have two boys under two! I would love to learn a thing or two or ten from you! How you juggle it all and how to form more of an identity for the blog! I fear I’m jumping around too much and that my mind wants to do too many things!

  • Just posted about the mentorship program on my Insta Stories 🙂

  • Love this and would be so excited to be chosen!!!

  • Thank you so much for sharing your gifts and talents with new entrepreneurs. You are a great inspiration.

  • I would pay for a mentorship and drive
    up to ATL from JAX whenever you guys open up availability. I could totally use some solid guidance with Spoken Bride.

  • Small third wave coffee business, custom roasts, single origins, subscription coffee and local farmer’s markets

  • I think this is such a generous thing for y’all to offer!! It would be such a blessing and an honor to learn from you! Thank you for taking the time to read the heart behind our stories!

  • Hope to learn from you both! <3

  • Yay! What a neat giveaway and opportunity. I love your blog and look forward to reading all of your posts and projects; you are totally an inspiration!

  • Anna! I would absolutely love to learn from you! Gosh, the blogging world needs more generous people like you who have forged an unseen path and have learned so much along the way! I just posted on Instagram and I hope, very very much, that you would be willing to share with me! I am on the southside of Atlanta and would gladdddddddly drive to you so we could meet in person! xx

  • Just posted an Insta story @vwinteriorstyle Gahhh why is that so hard to do?! I would love the opportunity to pick ya’lls brain on how to grow your reach, work together and juggle all of those cute little cubs!!
    Xoxo Val

  • becca shapiro

    LOVE this!! I completely stalk (but not in a scary way) your account to try and figure out how you get your feed to look so cohesive and gorgeous- how great would it be to get specific business and marketing direction and feedback from you both?! Thanks so much for giving of your time and expertise!!

  • Would love to learn more from you both… our goal is to be working together on SOE as soon as we can and invest more time and effort on being together as a family enjoying this beautiful ride called life. Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Kelly Mitchem

    I love that you all are doing this. What an amazing gift to give back to people trying to start or grow their business! It is so generous of you all and says so much about you that you have a passion for sharing your gifts with others. So excited to follow along and see the winners from this! I can agree with everyone here when I say I would love to learn from you all, it would be an invaluable experience!

  • Love following along with your family and blog! I’m in the very beginning of starting my own business and I want to soak up as much knowledge from others as I can! Thank you guys for blessing others with this mentorship! Hoping for the opportunity to get to know y’all better!
    @mollyannelle @sellersandcompany

  • I’m amazed at the beautiful business and brand you’ve and I would LOVE to soak up some wisdom from you!!! @brickhouseinthecity

  • Hi! I posted about my business for the mentorship session give away!



  • Hi! I’m Adalee, @brightlyhude, and I just found out about your mentorship giveaway. I posted an Instastastory, if I’m not too late! Thanks for offering this opportunity!

  • Done (Insta-done)! How exciting is it that y’all are offering this opportunity?! Brilliant.

  • I would love love love to learn from you! Brand new in social media and bloging/vloging and trying to figure it alllll out! This would be amazing!!!

  • So my business instagram is @marimacdesigns My personal blog is @iamvenicewilliams (but I linked my biz YouTube Channel) and my dream life blog is @thervadventurefamily I am hot mess! Send help SOS!!!!

  • Hi Anna & Gabe! I just posted why I started my blog + freelance graphic design business on my Instagram @bravegirlspirit. What an exciting opportunity you 2 are sharing! Hope to be considered for the session to continue the message of Bravery + Courage in creativity. 🙂 Happy Friday, Emily

  • […] We have loved reading everyone’s stories who entered our mentorship giveaway! It has been such a neat way to get to know some of you. A few new to me small businesses I have discovered through your insta-stories: Notebooks & Honey, MariMac Designs, and Willow and Burl. You still have time to enter through next week in case you missed the announcement post. […]

  • just posted!! @christinemariephoto

  • Hi there! We are huge fans and truly love following along with you. We would be honored (no pun intended) to learn from both of you! It would be an absolute dream! Hugs, Brenda + Cristina, Femme Boutique Boston


  • Hi! My name is @margaretkathleen. I’m a recent college grad and a med student interested in psychiatry. There’s a lot of words and wisdom I’ve been given by mentors and learning that I wish I knew when I was younger. I would love love love mentorship from you, as I know this is something I want to do but have insecurities and questions about finding my voice in this sphere. Hopefully this isn’t over yet!! Thank you ♥️

    • Oops, it’s @margaretkathleen__

      Forgot this too: trying to live in a way that’s an adventure and part of the world, but which is seen through a catholic way. I want to write in this way because it’s hard to find twenty somethings learning to adult blogs, and I would love there to be more 🙂

  • Hello,
    My husband of 27 years is pursuing his passion for writing a wholesome teen fiction book series under The Journey of Rol title. His first book entitled “Be The Journey of Rol was self published in 2014. His second book is “Not Afraid” and he is discerning self vs traditional publishing. I noticed you had a teaching background- there is a downloadable teaching guide on his website thejourneyofrol.com where many reviews are also found. We would appreciate any feedback you have on getting the word out there on his book, also if you would like to review his second book, we would greatly appreciate it. His background is graphic design and Creative Director ( he penned his illustrations). God Bless, thanks muchly! PS- I just heard your interview with Jen Fulweiler (I’m a big fan of her radio show) and when I purchased her new book, your interview was part of a downloadable free give away- God IS Great!

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