What is the best mother’s day gift you have ever received?

May 2, 2018

(Sweater : Sezane.)

I love mother’s day for so many reasons, and I thought instead of doing another gift guide I would share some of the most meaningful mother’s day gifts I have received over the last 9 years. I would love to hear, what was the best Mother’s Day gifts you have ever received (or given)?! Hoping this can help some dads out who may be stumped;)

Here are a few of the gifts that made a lasting impression:

1) Gabe knows I love to spend time in our yard with our family, so he surprised me with a hammock a few years ago. We used it throughout the spring, summer, and fall. Remains one of my favorite gifts ever.

2) When we had a few little ones, receiving a small patio set was a dream. It was simple and small, but it was a table and chairs that we could have family meals around. Gabe saved for months for it, and it meant so much to me!

3) Flowering tree or bush – This may not be every guy’s go-to idea for his wife, but again – I love to spend time outside, and it’s cool to see it grow and bloom each year in our front yard.

4) There are so many versions of this, so it can be tricky to choose, but I loved my initial necklace the kids gave me one year. It has the first letter of each of their names engraved on a gold bar. If you leave a little space, it can always be updated! Etsy is a good place to find these. Mine looks like this one.



5) I’d call this gift a rare treasure. My toddlers at the time printed their hands on the back in paint with a sweet message. I have never loved anything more. (This one is the classic Pat the Bunny.) Especially considering my oldest’s hands are now practically my size, and time has never seemed so fleeting.

In case you need a budget friendly idea – this $6 gift is always a good one to lean back on!

What maybe tops all of the gifts though? Mother’s Day brunch. It usually involves pancakes made by dimpled little hands, half bitten strawberries from an anxious four year old, and hand made cards with drawings of humorous versions of me. I look forward to it every year.


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