10 years of marriage.

June 28, 2018


We renewed our vows today on our 10th anniversary. Gabriel, Veronica, Max, Rocco, and Azelie were all there as little witnesses. It was a reminder that we chose to commit to each other on the altar. I will never be one to say marriage is easy. I don’t think it is meant to be. In it’s hardest days, it knocks down the walls we have so carefully guarded around parts of ourselves, and allows us to see ourselves for who we really are…whether we like it or not. The best days on the other hand, allow us to experience a humbling love and acceptance from the other despite our weaknesses.


This year Gabe and I faced some of the hardest days we have ever experienced. When I go through really difficult days, I am always tempted to shut down and withdraw, but he fought through those days to love me the same as he always has…through small actions day in and day out. I have never admired someone more. I think it’s because after all of these years together, those little things start to hold more weight than when it all began. In between our wedding day and this tenth anniversary are many years, days, and moments, that only we shared together. 6 births, the loss of loved ones, job changes, 4 moves, and the list goes on.  The consistency, loyalty, and fidelity of all of the moments in between are just as significant to me. This is the symphony God intended our marriage to be….a string of notes only meant for us. Children created and born through our love. A life of sorrow, joy, pain, and triumph. I will take it all by his side.


P.S. How we met + Our wedding pictures.

Thank you to my sister Angela for these photos! Dress courtesy of Sezane

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  • Happy Anniversary! You two are an inspiration to many!

  • Beautiful! Congratulations!!! And what a wonderful witness to your children to renew your vows. They won’t forget it!

    • Thank you Sarah! Veronica pretty much thought it was a wedding, and was so excited to wear her floral crown. ha ha! I was so happy to have them all there.

  • Shauna DG

    Happy Anniversary! God Bless you with many many more years to come! ❤️

  • Happy Anniversary!! What a special thing to do on your 10year! I bet your children loved being there this time. All your children below you make you radiate even more beauty than on your wedding day! ❤️

  • Happy Anniversary!

  • Bridget Hunt

    Anna, this is so, so sweet. I love the way you guys love each other.

  • Nancy Palmer

    You two make magic happen through the grace of the Sacrament. Anna your gift of weaving words to the story make us feel that we are there to share the joy.

    • Nancy- thank you! Just so grateful for grace, and the continued love of God to get us through even the hardest days! Thank you for reading:)

  • Happy anniversary! This is such an awesome reflection on marriage and I also really love the gorgeous pictures of you and your family 🙂

  • Congratulations! Your words that marriage is hard stuck out to me – obviously many people say that, but I am wondering what advice you have for those of us who have not yet gotten engaged but are considering marriage.

    • Hi! I think because we are all flawed human beings, marriage is going to be hard in one way or another because it teaches us so much about ourselves. It challenges you to overcome things that you perhaps would never face when you aren’t facing life joined with someone else. I have found it more life giving than anything though. When you experience life with someone who loves you so deeply no matter what, there is so much happiness and fulfillment. Being able to share the best (and even hardest) parts of life with Gabe has made it such a good life! If you are considering marriage, and dating, ask the hard questions. Make sure you are on the same page on all the most important things. Finances, family size, how you hope to raise your kids, how you react under stress, past relationships, etc. Those things all matter in big ways as your marriage unfolds. If those things align and can be addressed in the right way, it will make all the difference in the relationship. Respect, admiration, and friendship are great roots:)

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