5 habits that changed my life for the better.

January 9, 2019


As a chronic list maker and goal setter, I actually started the year with the determination to make zero goals. Odd right? But as someone who has put too much value in the past on productivity, this year is more about continuing the practice of rest and habits that fuel my life in the right ways. It takes a long time to become the person you hope to be, but the small habits we implement are what lead to the bigger outcomes. I wanted to share 5 habits that changed my life for the better, and that I am continuing to fight for throughout this year…

1. Start the day with a power hour or power 30
-This is so hard for me to be consistent with, but whew! What a difference it makes on my day. When we give ourselves time to address the core aspects of our being, it bleeds into every hour of our day, and every aspect of our life. When we feel aligned with our purpose and focus for our lives, we are much more likely to be able to give to our day and the people in it with intention. See this post for my morning power hour outline.


2. Block schedule your week. This is a habit I fall in and out of way too frequently. I will get the fancy planner and eagerly fill out the week, and then let it slide as the month goes on. Working this part of organization into my Sundays has helped me significantly in sticking to it. I take a look at the week ahead, fill out the week according to time blocked segments for personal, family, and business. I will also meal plan for the week. When I visually see the blocks of time in my day it immediately removes the stress of everything sitting in a cloud like form in my mind, as well as adjust my expectations to a more realistic place of what can actually take place in a given day. (You can look up some helpful vieos on block scheduling on YouTube.)


3. Replace screen time with something soul fueling. I just heard on a podcast that the average American watches 4+ hours of tv a day. That is 13 years of an average life span. What?! Replace the mindless scrolling or Netflix binging with something proactive. I have heard these words come out of my mouth too many times...”I don’t have time to read!” “I don’t have time to pray!”” I don’t have time to exercise!” Yet somehow I can manage to watch an entire season of The Office in a weeks time. We can choose to replace screens with things that are good for our mind, body, or soul!


4. Move every day. Even if it is just ten minutes! If it is proven that physical exercise releases feel good endorphins in our brains + gives us more energy, than why do we put it on the back burner? I am realllll good at coming up with a list of excuses to avoid going to the gym. Something that helped me change my mindset was “just move.” I started going out in our backyard with my kids and kicking the soccer ball or running sprints with them. (They love to do whatever mom is doing.) A bike ride around the neighborhood. Strength conditioning on the living room floor. Whatever you need to do to get the blood flowing!


5. Set aside intentional time for relationships – Everyone is “busy”…. it is an epidemic of our culture. Yet, as human beings we need connection. I sorely failed on the friendship front last year, as I found myself barely swimming to keep my head above the water. That is a post for another day. However, I did get into the habit of scheduling time in the week spend with Gabe for a date, visit with my parents on Sundays, or get together with my sisters. These relationships are soul filling and life giving. Fighting for time with people who lift you up can positively affect how we live our lives.


If your work schedule or your phase in life with babies doesn’t allow for much of any down time, I have been there too. I am all too familiar with survival mode. Even small habits you can make can lead to a big difference in your day. What are the habits you cling to in your week?

P.S. A more thorough look at renewing your mind, body, and soul in this post.


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  • LOVE LOVE LOVE these tips!!!
    XO, Katie | http://www.meshkomoments.com

  • Thank you for such a wonderful tips! It was just what I needed, was looking for a way how to improve my day with two littles. Thank you for sharing!

  • Thanks for sharing Anna. Have you heard of the Monk Manual? I’m lost without my planner and I’ve used the same one for years so was not looking for something different when I saw it. I’m using it for just three months to start off the year and I like that it has a page for each night to sit and reflect on the day. Going into the year I didn’t set goals either. I just want to live each gifted day to the fullest with love and intention. I don’t particularly like looking at a planner for 10 minutes at night to reflect (because sleep!!) but I am liking being made to think back on how I lived and make note. It also has a grid I’m using to jot down some of my habits and track them. I’m a bad water drinker so a gallon a day is one of them! Most of them are established ones so that actually encourages me to see the boxes checked and press on with the new habits that I’m trying to develop. I got a neat habit tracker for our children off of Etsy for a few dollars because it’s fun!

    • Anna Liesemeyer

      Hi Ashley! I will have to look into! I agree-it can make such a big difference on how we intentionally live our lives. I didn’t think of doing habit trackers for my kids – I bet my older ones would actually like the challenge.

  • I like your power hour routine! It’s something I’ve been meaning to incorporate into my evening routine, because with two toddlers I rarely get 15 minutes of uninterrupted morning time. Prayer and meditation + planning my week sounds like a good way to face each day!

    One thing I cannot do without is my quick morning shower/simple makeup routine. Just a few minutes to dab concealer under my eyes and some gel on my brows, then Chapstick and go! Makes me feel a little more human 🙂

    • Anna Liesemeyer

      Melissa – thanks for reading! I agree – a little skin care and makeup in the morning makes me feel awake! It’s that much of a psychological shift for me that I find it worth working into my morning!

  • Thank you Anna!
    It is hard to wake up earlier than your “earliest” little bird, yet it is so essential! I also found out that working after the kidos sleep is not a good helper – for relations, it is a disaster – so new rule – no work at evenings..as to-do list never ends – yet love may..

    Have a great day!
    With love from Turkey!

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