Happy Weekend: First Trimester Favorites

March 8, 2019

(Rocco and Azelie ask me frequently if they also have babies in their bellies.)

As the first trees start to bloom here in Atlanta to give us all hope that the end of a long gloomy season is almost here, it also parallels with the end of my first trimester! Three months in which I truly hibernated with dedication. I have nothing but gratitude for this little one, although I admit I am relieved to say goodbye to the nausea that came dutifully from 5-8pm every evening.

It was a little humbling for me to be forced to lay in bed during the busiest time of the day. My little ones are most needy at bewitching hour, and Gabe was left to man the ship! It’s incredible though what our bodies are going through during those first few months. My sister reminded me at this phase we are already creating 50% more blood! Every week I stare at the Baby Center app to see what stage our baby is in, and sharing those images with the kids has really helped them connect the dots. We have lots of questions around here about when the baby will come, and how it will come out. L-O-L. S.O.S.

During these evening hours where I couldn’t even find the energy to lift my legs out of bed, I received many visits and snuggles, and jump on top of mom moments from Rocco and Azelie. Being pregnant with toddlers in the house is a true test of endurance. Holy heck. Each day I would think of the mothers doing this on their own, who may not have a partner to help them. I hope someday when my kids are grown I can start a ministry for mothers-to-be and mothers who have lost babies. It is something I feel so drawn to dedicate part of my life to. I can’t believe I just typed those words out for the public to read. I haven’t really shared that with anyone but Gabe!

Okay onto the faves. Here are a few things that got me through the last few months:

I did my research this time, and tried a new prenatal vitamin from Mega Foods. I noticed they contained everything I was looking for…super B’s, iron (I always get anemic during pregnancies), magnesium, vitamin A,C,E…etc!

This amazing calendula lip conditioner and these lip balms in every drawer, pocket, and purse LOL! My lips get SO dry – especially in the first trimester, and this has kept them hydrated. My kids use it for chapped lips as well.

So many of you sent me anti-nausea recs, and the most popular one being B6 + Unisom or Cal-Magnesium. For some odd reason coke was very soothing, but since it’s loaded with sugar, I went for chamomile tea more often with raw honey. It was really helpful in the evenings!

My sister introduced me to these buttery soft tanks from amazon that are very forgiving of my expanding waist line. I will probably wear these through the pregnancy.

A healing balm for my hands and feet that I also will use on my belly (I get super itchy skin when pregnant!)

Well, none of my pants no longer button, and when you are in that odd in between phase of looking bloated, but no big enough for maternity jeans, these Blanqi leggings have been my saving grace. I have had these for the last few babies, and they remain a favorite for pregnancy and postpartum.

I am a little rusty on best foods for pregnancy, nursing, and babies first foods so I am re-reading this book. It’s fascinating!

Speaking of foods! I am currently navigating some healthier snack options as I pretty much only ate things that felt comforting in the first trimester. (I am looking at you fries and buttered toast.) Send me any suggestions you have!

What would you add to this list? Wishing you all a happy weekend!

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  • Nicole McKee

    Thank you for the recommendations! Believe it or not, hubby and I have officially started trying, so for now I have multiple recommendations of yours saved in my Amazon wish list. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And congrats for making it out of the first trimester! You’re such a trooper and have a fab hubby!

  • These are great! And happy to see a buttery tank recommendation; I am 32 weeks and constantly looking for another tank (and so much spills on the belly towards the end!). Fries have also been my weakness ๐Ÿ™‚ There must be something about the starch and salt! My snack favorites: small wraps with turkey, lettuce, cheese and a little pesto, almonds with dark chocolate, carrots and cucumbers, toast with nut butter and sliced strawberries. Hmm maybe those aren’t quick “snack” sized but that’s what I’ve enjoyed :)!

  • Avocado on whole wheat toast was my go-to during pregnancy. Yogurt was another favorite. I had gestational diabetes so had to be mindful of my carb and sugar intake, but I did allow myself to indulge in Lindt dark chocolate truffles every so often!

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