Playroom/Toy Storage: IKEA Brimnes Cabinets

March 6, 2019

My very favorite design hack is finding cabinets and drawers with visual appeal to hide all of the wonderful clutter in your life. We finished the daylight basement with the intention of having a multi-purpose room to use as a play area, workspace, and makeshift guest bedroom. Today I am sharing the storage units we found online at IKEA that are the perfect units for small to large spaces!

I measured everything ahead of time, and knew this wall would fit three Brimnes Cabinet units in a row with room on each side. We ordered two Brimnes cabinets with solid door fronts and one with glass doors to vary it up a little. The price point for these cabinets was a steal compared to other options we had priced out. I already had this desk from World Market so the black matte finish looked cohesive. They were surprisingly easy to assemble. Gabe has not had the best experience in the past assembling IKEA furniture, but these came with straight to the point instructions, and aligned pretty well!

It helps to measure the length, width, and depth of your shelves before basket shopping. I have made poor impatient decisions in the past, so this time I took these measurements to Target, and found this basket storage option that I knew would be sturdy enough for heavier materials. The shelves are adjustable in height which is nice so we arranged them a few different ways. The larger black boxes I ordered from IKEA as well.

Some of the things you can find in these bins and shelves? Linkin logs, cars and trains, board games, puzzles, duplos, play food, magnetic tiles, etc. I also am storing all of my stationary, paper, and mailing supplies in one of the units.

I can’t save this will solve all of my stepping on trains and legos problems, but a girl can hope. I’ve noticed how much it helps for children to know that everything has a place, and we do not get out anything without first cleaning up a prior mess. They’ve gotten used to these systems, and it really helps with keeping the room from becoming the house dump.


​​​​​​These are some storage bin options that are compatible with the Brimnes IKEA cabinets. I loved the black cubes for blending behind glass doors. They also hold larger items well.

I am still deciding on artwork, and rugs for this room, but we are getting there! Here’s to hoping with high unrealistic expectations that everything will stay in place…

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  • Love this! Wish I would have seen this for our kiddie corner before we went with cubes lol

  • Love this idea! May steal for our finished basement 🙂 are options one, two, and three from Target? The link is going to the ikea black boxes.

  • Ok, love this and we have a similar organization system but I want these for all my husband’s records instead of what we have now… I like how it looks flush on top! Did you buy something to add to the top or they just fit together that tightly/smoothly?

    • Oo that would be a cool way to store records! Might do the same! We didn’t! They were pretty good and flush but our floor was off a little bit, so the one on the left we stuck some black shims underneath the legs to even it out.

  • Is there a section of your blog where you have your wall colors, furniture sources, etc. listed? I’m in love with this wall color!

    • Thank you so much Maria! It’s white moderne by Behr paint! We used it on almost every room. I love it. We are working on a better source page for everything:)

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  • Beautiful storage space! I’ve got to make changes in mine! Can you please share the source of the vase?

  • Hi there!
    Do you know if the TROFAST bins fit inside here the long way?

    Thanks so much

  • This looks great – so much more sophisticated than toy storage usually looks! I’m thinking of doing the same in a recess instead of a media unit. Would you mind measuring exactly how wide your three cabinets ended up being in total? Do they fit snugly together? Based on the dimensions I would have no wiggle room!
    Do you know if a remote would work through the glass doors as well?

  • Love it! This is exactly what I need , What are the dimensions with them put together ?

  • Nicole Horton

    Can the cabinet hold a heavy object such as a fish tank?

  • I must know where this rug is from! Beautiful!

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