Meeting Chiara Maris. (VIDEO)

September 25, 2019


Time stands still when your children meet. It’s one of the greatest experiences as a parent to see how much love your children have to give to each other. I think when you receive moments like this, they can really carry you through the difficult stretches. So when I am in the trenches of postpartum next week I will just replay this little video;)

So grateful to Chelsey Heidorn for coming to the hospital to film + photograph, and my sister Angela who snapped some of these as well.)


Waiting to meet their baby.

I could write a whole separate post on adjusting at home since the high of this day, but we are very much still in the middle of it! It’s a lot of overwhelm mixed with happier moments. Thankfully, newborns have this ability to bring out so much good in us, and I love seeing how Gabriel, Veronica, Max, Rocco, and Azelie all melt into butter over their baby sister. There are many squabbles over who gets to hold her….even Gabe has to fight for time. Needless to say, Chiara Maris has found a warm welcome here.

Life is beautiful. In the messy, the lonely, the difficult, and the joy filled. It is a rich gift to experience it. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your well wishes!

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  • This is so beautiful! Brings tears to my eyes and causes me to recall the memory of my daughter meeting her brother for the first time. Such sacred moments for our families! Congratulations on your newest love and many blessings as you and your family navigate this new season.

    • It really is such a rare and sacred time. It feels like time stands still for just a while before the world around starts to spin again. thank you for the love!

  • Katie Cervetti

    There is so much love in your sweet family! Thank you for sharing this beautiful video with us, it is impossible to watch it without crying!

  • Congratulations!!!!!!

  • Beyond words! It is so beautiful it fills my heart and I can’t stop crying. God bless your family and fill you with many more moments such as this one.

    • Anna Liesemeyer

      Mimi- Thank you so much for your kindness! Very grateful for what these kiddos have each taught me!

  • Your children are so adorable ! Your oldest boy’s reaction was the so heat warming. I hope one day I have a family as sweet as yours. God Bless you.

  • Oh Chiara, welcome to the world sweet girl. You are so loved and it was a joy and a gift to witness how much you are loved. What a gift to be born to such a family.

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