A quick Sunday hello! + Memory banks.

October 7, 2019

Happy Sunday to you! We are working on getting back on our feet (literally), and navigating through life as a family of 8. I have so much to share about postpartum recovery, but for now a quick hello! Chiara is 3 weeks old tomorrow which has felt like one long blurry week. It was fall break for our kiddos, and it was a lot of juggling and surviving to be honest. There were lots of tears on my part. Today was actually the first day we navigated out all together. I was craving some quality time with them, and I knew they needed it from me too.  The weather went from 95 degrees to low 60 degrees in two days time, which gave us the last minute motivation to head up to the apple farm….


As most family adventures go, there are always some super stressful moments with two running in different directions, someone throwing a tantrum, or the third potty break in a row. You know how it goes. Gabe and I often look at each other with mutual exasperated expressions and comments like, why do we bother? But the truth is, we bother because it is worth building memory banks for our children. More often than not, they don’t remember the hard stuff….they talk about these days later down the road as if it was the best day ever. If it’s giving them a memory bank full of good days as a family to pull from throughout their lives, then it is 100 percent worth it for us as parents. Well….most of the time;) 


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  • Hello lady. First, congrats to you guys on the new baby. I have a quick question: I know that you are a Christian and your faith is important to you, so do you let your kids celebrate Halloween? I ask because I’m a new Christian and some people have mixed answers about it because of its origin. I want to know what you think. Thank you and loves always, Chis

    P.S I feel like I should have emailed you instead!

    • Hi Chisala – that is a good question! I think through holidays a good deal as we raise our kids, and how I want them to be able to navigate their own morality and Christianity. I have never liked anything that suggests evil and gore, and don’t see the purpose in celebrating something that glorifies it. However, I also think we can choose to find the good in a nation wide holiday. I didn’t want to teach my kids that when we don’t agree with something we cut ourselves off from people, when really it can be a chance to connect with neighbors and friends. In Christianity we celebrate that God defeated evil and death on the cross, and so we get to celebrate that he conquered it! This is how we approach halloween. We make fun memories with silly costumes and trick or treating, but we just choose to avoid the death related decor,etc. We celebrate all saints day and all souls day on November 1st which reminds us to pray for our relatives who have gone before us! Ultimately you have to choose what you think is best for your children, but that is just the approach we have taken 🙂

  • I feel this way often with family outings and it’s good to hear from other parents about it! Like you said, the kids most remember the fun they had and that we were all together, so I need to keep that in mind and forget the exasperating parts.:)

    • I need the reminder often when we are in the moment and taking deep breaths. ha! My kids have a better memory than I these days, and they don’t tend to remember anything but good things about family days!

  • this is how our family outings feel! (but we only have 2 kids!) You are an amazing mama and they are so lucky to have parents who are willing to tough it out to make happy memories for them. Also, can i just say, your family is the cutest! and props to you for getting out of the house and dressed and looking adorable 3 weeks pp.

    • 2 can be tricky too! I am glad my kids have rosier memories than I would think they would about family time. ha! Thank you for the kind words!

  • Congrats to you and Gabe on a successful first family outing! I only have 2 kiddos and my husband and I share plenty of those exasperated eye-popping expressions.

    I apologize if you’ve shared this before, but what baby wrap brand do you use? I have tried so many different ones and styles, but never a ring sling. I might give it a try with next baby.

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