The Home Hunt: Will it be our forever home?

March 5, 2020

We have started the house hunt in the Nashville area, and we know it won’t be an easy search. It is a fast growing city, and cost of housing is pretty inflated right now. Today I wanted to discuss what we are looking for in our next home, as well as addressing will it be our forever home?

patio and pergola design

One thing we have learned from the home we are currently in, is that nothing in life is guaranteed. We thought we would be here at least 10 years. (We have the fruit trees we planted to prove it;)) As much as we would love to proclaim we will be in Nashville forever, we just know how quickly life can change in a season. We sure hope so though! A few things we are prioritizing for this next home:

  1. Location – We really don’t want to spend hours in the car every week, so we are searching within the 10 minute radius of where the kids are going to be attending school. Unfortunately for us, this is a popular area so home prices are pretty high. In fact, we will almost have to double our mortgage for a house a similar size as our current one. Yikes.
  2. Neighborhood – I always thought a horse farm would be dreamy. After experiencing a small neighborhood with wonderful neighborhood friends for my kids though, we realize that this is just a phase of our life where having friendly neighbors and community is more important than a nice big lot! (We were really lucky to have both of those this time around. )
  3. Kitchen – The place we spend a lot of time as a family is our kitchen and living room area. It was the renovation project I was most looking forward to in our current home, but we won’t get to make that happen. An open kitchen layout that is conducive to family gatherings is what we are really hoping for. As long as it has potential, I don’t really care what it looks like. I have a folder full of ideas waiting to be executed;) There is something beautiful about the family table, and gathering around meals. It is why it is something important to Gabe and I.
  4. Basement – This is not common in a lot of Nashville homes, but in the midwest where we both grew up it was! Are basements common in your area? For us, it has been a saving grace as far as having a place to send the energy our boys have during dinner hour. Having a place for the kids to play in our basement during rainy days and winter months keeps us all sane!
  5. A good use of space – For some reason, it seems to be difficult to find homes that utilize the square footage well! We are basically just looking for good bones and potential to use a home that functionally work well for our family. Closet and storage space and bigger main living areas aren’t always easy to come across.
  6. A decent flat yard – It doesn’t have to be huge, but we spend sooo much time in our backyard that we realize a patio and a flat yard is our best use of space in the summer. 
So many sweet backyard memories in this house!

Will this be our forever home?

Most likely not! For us a forever home would be one that checks all of the above, as well as the home our kids can grow up in and come home to when they are older. Would I love to find that? Yes. However, with the cost of housing in Nashville right now, we most likely will not find something that checks all of the boxes. As mentioned above though, nothing in life is guaranteed, and the hunt for a forever home can be an unnecessary pressure we put on ourselves to chase “perfect.” I know that no matter if we stay in this next home forever or not, it will be a special place to our family. When it comes down to it, HOME is where you are free to be yourself, where you can rest and find comfort, and where you can spend time with the people you love the most. That can be achieved anywhere. So, I am ok knowing that if we invest time and energy into a space that builds a home for our family, it doesn’t have to be a “forever home.” 


Writing this post has gotten me thinking…what would you consider a forever home? Or home for that matter? I love hearing different perspectives on this topic. Wish us luck on the hunt!

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  • Theresa Backowski

    We thought our last home was our forever one. We were there for 11 years, birthed 3 babies there, started broke and worked our way to stability there,…..LIFE happened there. We were on the verge of finally being able to put the work/renovations into it. Then life changed and brought us back to our roots. The move was a complete act of faith for us…..knowing it was what we needed to do but not knowing what it would look like long term.
    I can say with certainty that we are living these past 18 months in our FOREVER home. A home I couldn’t have dreamed up if I tried. A home that dropped into our path and fit ALL of our awkward requirements (we never thought all the requirements would be met but they were).
    While we miss our old home very very much (still), “home” is definitely where the heart is. It’s where all my loves gather and make memories. “Home” can be made anywhere a person is willing to put heart into. And YOU, Anna, are amazing at doing that.
    Best of luck, my friend. I hope you find exactly what you are looking for and everything you need there. You are covered in grace and love.
    Praying for you.

    • Theresa! That gives me all the goosebumps. I love that so much. I also like to believe that God loves to outdo our dreams if we give Him space to:)

  • Samantha

    Hendersonville is a great area with fantastic schools, and an awesome Catholic community! The houses are way more reasonable than other areas of Nashville 🙂

  • Curious if y’all are looking in the Franklin area?!

  • Where did you find those gorgeous antique gold curtain pull backs? I love them!

  • Ginamarie

    We just bought our first house last May and it was very unexpected. It’s also a townhouse (but spacious and lots of natural light!) Where I grew up, you bought a single family house with a yard at least big enough for a football game and raise all the babies, and die there.) So the thought of buying a townhouse was completely different from my expectations. Once we realized it wasn’t our “forever home”, it was a lot easier to move forward (because it was the right decision for us. I still want this forever home, but if I waited for it, I wonder how long we would remain in limbo for. As a family we needed/need to plant roots, even if it’s not forever. We’re so happy here and it’s met so many of my expectations and those I didn’t even know I had. I’m also happy to relax and remain here until reality shows us a different path to follow. God is good and he works through reality, just gotta respond to it!

    • Isn’t that true?! I grew up in the midwest, and no one ever leaves their hometowns. It really does take the pressure off to be able to look for a home based on your current phase of life.

  • I like your perspective! It is very hard to say for sure if the next home will be a forever home! My husband and I are also looking for our next home. Similar to what you said, the area we are looking to move to will bring a significant increase to our mortgage and it seems near impossible that we’ll get everything we want. I’m just hoping for something cute enough with potential. Best of luck to you and your family, I hope the search is relatively easy and quick!

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