master bedroom design - platform bed

Bedroom Challenge: Work with what you have!

August 26, 2020

master bedroom design - platform bed

Our home is a bit of an explosion of boxes and piles right now. It’s a mess. With the outer world a mess and our own home a mess, I could feel my own interior stress rising. So I committed to the challenge of using what we had to arrange our bedroom into a place of peace. This is what we came up with…


master bedroom design - nightstands


master bedroom design - king bed

I swapped the nightstands from our old guest bedroom, and the pulled the desk that used to be in our basement studio room. They paired well together. I ended up finding a really nice black dresser on facebook marketplace that was a perfect fit with the rest of the room. (I’m telling you, it’s worth the wait to save big on furniture pieces you love!)

master bedroom design - nightstand- curtains
master bedroom design - nightstand
Floral print is a new download from our shop!

We already had curtains from our old bedroom, so re-used those as well as the rug, chairs and olive tree! After some moving, swapping, re-arranging I landed on a set up that worked with the layout of the room.

Having only one window on the side of the bed is a little challenging to figure out. I didn’t want the bed too close to the door, and also wanted each of us to have a nightstand. I used the same curtains we had in our last room, and hung them about 6 inches above the window. I think adding a large art or mirror on the other side can really balance out the one sided window. I will probably swap the art for a larger piece soon!

master bedroom design - dresser - desk

Swivel Chair from West Elm in Dusty Blush

master bedroom design - dresser - mirror

The master bedroom is not high on our priority list in this home renovation, but it was well worth the time to spend some time working with what we have. I have a feeling the functional and calm environment will be a huge benefit to our mental sanity this year;)

master bedroom design - IHOD

I tried to hunt down as many similar items for you as I could! The platform bed can be found at Home Depot or Target. The nightstands are sold out, but I love this similar nightstand.

Curtain Rod
Leather Wingback chair
Pom Pillow
Desk-World Market (sold out but similar)
Swivel Chair in Blush Pink
Platform Bed
Tufted Coverlet (Sold out but similar)
Linen Duvet
Vase – Crate and Barrel
Eucalyptus branches (sold out but similar here)
Dresser – Similar here , here, or here
Mirror – Target
Nightstands – Sold out but similar here
Lamps – (sold out but similar here)
Rug – Momeni
Floral Art Print– IHOD Shop
Olive Tree
Ceramic Planter – Modernica (similar)

Things I would change: ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
I would love to try a mirror above the nightstand to better balance the two sides, and a large art above the dresser. The curtains are too long, but they work for now! Eventually we hope to paint, add hardwood floors, etc.

We want to see your rooms too! Use what you have and make something new!

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  • Not sure if it’s an issue with my phone but the product links are directing me to Pinterest instead of a webpage. Do you have the link for the faux eucalyptus leaves? They are the perfect size!

    • Anna Liesemeyer

      Hi Sarah! Sorry about that! Not sure what happened. Re-linked everything above. They are from Michaels and you can order online:) 🙌🏽

  • Hi! Could you post a link for the curtains? It’s directing my to the general Pinterest website and not a specific pin. Thank you!

  • Hi there! So happy for your move!! Just a couple of suggestions. Could you raise both sets of curtains. Aesthetically I think it would work better and make your ceiling height look even taller. Also, moving the bed and end tables to the left would maybe make it feel more balanced if there’s enough space to do so. If so, then I would hang a mirror over each nightstand. It’s true, we can do so much with what we already have! You’re doing a great job, God bless!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Aubrie! Love your ideas! Thought about moving the curtains higher but on one side it blocks the semi circle. Probably preference, but I think curtains hung any higher on the single window gives too much wall space above the window. I love the centered bed idea and we almost went for that but didn’t have mirrors on hand. Hopefully next phase!

  • It looks great! Excited to see how the rest of the house comes together!!

  • All your home projects are giving me the bug! I made a Target trip the other day to get a few things for our mantel (a drastic change and Danny has not noticed anything, which cracks me up). I really hope I don’t convince myself I have time to paint lol

  • Hi Anna, started following you after my daughter (a teacher at SJB in Cumming) turned me on to your IG. A couple of questions about the bed. It appears you have the king size, are there center supports, and if so how many? Also, in general would you say it’s fairly sturdy? Thanks!

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