A His + Hers Hospital Bag Checklist

June 30, 2021

I’ve shared my hospital bag checklist before, and there are only a few changes this time around! Also by popular request, Gabe is also spilling what is in his dad bag for this baby;) You don’t need much in your hospital bag, but it certainly helps to have a few essentials on hand! Here’s both of our hospital bag checklists as well as a blank one you can print if you want!

hospital bag checklist

His Hospital Bag (Written by Gabe):
Camera with charged battery and charger – This is not the time to miss the kodak moments!
JBL Speaker – Stick one in the bag for your lady’s birth playlist.
Snacks and more snacks – Stress eating is my bag
Travel toiletries bag – to stay so fresh and so clean, clean!
Phone chargers
Pillows for both parents – Let’s be honest, I’ve spent lots of time at hospitals assisting the birth of my children, and I have never found a decent hospital pillow. 
Blanket – I have a lucky birthing blanket.
Headphones – If you are going to catch some winks at all after the baby is born, you are going to want to bring a pair of these!
Overnight clothes – be sure to have a comfy pair of pants and sweatshirt. Hospital AC is way to cold!
Slippers – Cold feet are a new dads worst enemy.
Extra mouthwash – Don’t want to be knocking out any nurses or your wife with thermo-nuclear dragon breath.
Ibuprofen – Last thing you need is a migraine knocking you out of commission. ­čśë

Anna’s Hospital Bag Essentials:

Cozy robe or nursing gown for post delivery
Cozy socks
Slippers (I love these)
Nursing tanks
Nursing bras -The Kindred Bravely line is great!
Postpartum leggings – I basically just wear nursing tanks, leggings, and robes the whole hospital stay, and the first few weeks at home!
Toiletries bag
Heating pad – you can use your own heating pad for the post birth cramps no one prepares you for. They get more painful with each baby so the heating pads can be a lifesaver. I got one like this on ETSY years ago that had aromatherapy scents inside.
Take home onesies and swaddle for the baby
Diffuser + Oils of choice – Setting the atmosphere in the birth room made a world of difference when delivering Chiara! My sister/doula requested to have the lights dimmed, we put on a birth playlist and diffused calming oils. I have learned how great an impact preparing your mind can have on your birth experience!
Birth affirmations/prayers – Speaking of how mental prep for birth – I love these simple birth affirmation cards and spiritual prayer you can stick in your hospital bag that someone can speak aloud for you.
Thank you notes/gifts for nurses – I ran out of room on the list above to add this! I packed a few notes and gifts to give to the labor and delivery nurses, midwife, or doc that help deliver our baby. I always feel so grateful for their help, and having a hand written note + gift to give them before we leave in person feels necessary!

what to pack for the hospital
hospital bag favorites

A few additional favorites:
Calendula balm – Calendula is a healing and hydrating ingredient that does wonders. I use this for dry hands, breastfeeding, for baby, etc.
Trubee lip balm – Best lip balm I have ever tried. I am always parched and needing extra lip balm! Only $4 too.
Melting Body Balm – Another great relief option for dry or itchy skin. This Monoi scented melting body balm smells and feels like a dream. One tube has lasted a year.
CBD Relief Balm – For muscle soreness and aches, I have Gabe massage this in for back pain during labor. I also use it for post birth cramps. (I think their products are currently on sale, and you can use code ‘inhonorofdesign’ for an additional 15% off.)


In case you missed, I shared my newborn essentials in this post.

meeting the new baby

We included a blank one you can print and use yourself!

For the kids – I prepared a simple surprise bucket for the kids when we head to the hospital. I filled a bin with some art supplies, movie treats, and a few other activities they can do when my mom stays with them. It’s a way to let them know we are thinking of them during this shift in their little worlds.

Anything you would add to this list? Share for new mamas below!

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  • Lacy Ellsworth

    My post partum contractions were worse with each pregnancy. This time I got a tincture off Amazon called Wish Garden AfterEase. You put a few drops in water immediately after delivery. It tastes like perfume but even tho mine were still bad I’m afraid they would have been worse without it. I also used about 15 hospital heat packs that first night so next time I’d bring my small electric heat pad.

    • So good to know, thank you Lacy!

    • Yes!! I second a heating pad. Soooo helpful. I brought it with the intention of using it while in labor but found it more helpful for the after pains. I’d heard of ppl using TENS units, but my husband as a physical therapist snuffs his nose as them. 😂 He says they don’t help the underlying problem. I’m sure heating pads don’t either, but they are a welcome distraction from short-term pain!

  • Not gonna lie – whenever I see people’s hospital bag lists it has me so happy I’m able to deliver at a midwife center/water birth center! Much more of a homey feel to the rooms, the post-birth midwife always has herbal baths for you to do (both at the center and some to do at home for healing), and the food is tasty. Hopefully one day hospitals can start to get on board with a “warmer” version of care.

    • I agree Emily! I am headed to a birth center this time within a hospital and hoping it is more of what you mentioned. There is so much to postpartum care that could be improved. I love some of the benefits of a midwife center:)

  • Great lists! I’ll be taking a few picture frames filled with family and my dog to not only distract me from the pain but to make it feel more homey.

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