Maximilian Francis: 4 months.

November 5, 2013

Laundry Pile

Max and Gabriel

wrist rolls

^^All stickers courtesy of Veronica^^

Max was helping me fold laundry (by smiling, talking, and distracting me) yesterday and it had me wish he could be 4 months old for an entire year. Many people don’t like the dependent phase of children, and I admit, having a very independent 4 year old right now is pretty nice, but I look at little Max and feel honored that I have been given this responsibility. He relies on me for life. I am his only food source and arguably the only one who can get him to sleep in a few minutes flat. He smiles every time he sees his mama. I want to die a happy death every time….

Here are a few things I want to remember about Maximilian at this age:

– He is a dimpley dinner roll. I have never had such a chub on my hands. Dream come true.

– He smiles when anyone talks to him directly.

– He likes to babble and experiment with his vocal chords.

– He can hold his head high but he hates to be on his tummy.

– He also hates to be left alone and will yell until brother or sister comes to save him from his sorrows.

– He stops to thank me every time he eats with a big gummey grin.

– Whenever he hears his daddy’s voice he has to stop and track where it came from until he finds him.

– He is kind of scared of Veronica (who likes to feed him her pretend play food and lay on top of him from time to time).

– He loves his big brother Gabriel who is very careful to be gentle and attentive to him.

– He has a hair line that resembles a toupee.

– He snuggles in tight whenever I pick him up.

He really is my dream baby. The cuddley, chubby, smiley kind and I wish it could last much longer than it actually does. I realize more with each child how fast it goes which is why he has been held the most:) Max Francis I admit it… you have your mama wrapped around your finger…



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