Double Braided Half Crown Tutorial + welcome to YouTube?!

August 11, 2015

Double half crown braid | In Honor of Design
Well certainly a pig sprouted wings and flew today.
You see, I went and started a YouTube channel…and proceeded to blog and tell. I am dying a slow death of humiliation and maybe pride as I surely was never going to do such a thing. However, I have never been afraid to try something new, so here we go!

I needed a place to house some of the content I will be sharing this year and YouTube seems to be the easiest to integrate among other platforms. I shared a step by step Double Braided Half Crown tutorial on eHow and decided to film the process as well. I’ll be sharing videos behind our home makeovers as well, and who knows what else! You can subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss a video, or if you want to be super kind and leave me a thumbs up to soften the digestion of the humble pie that wouldn’t hurt either..

Much love!

Fun fact: We filmed this tutorial a few days before Rocco was born! Oh the crazy things you do when you are waiting for a baby to arrive..

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