Quick Tip for Hanging Gallery Wall Art

September 10, 2015

living room gallery wall

For our living room overhaul, I wanted a simpler gallery wall below the bookshelf so we did a row of four outdoor prints (a good mix of Gabe and I’s taste) from Minted. I was about to just eyeball it, when Gabe suggested he hang them. “Oh sure!” I practically yelped. Happy to hand over the hammer…

Tip for hanging gallery wall art

Here was Gabe’s quick tip for hanging gallery wall art:

Use painters tape to mark the distances above and between as you hold up your measuring tape.  Use a level along the top of your frames to make sure they are straight. Mark the tops with more painters tape. It avoids marking up your wall with a pencil, and leaves you with an accurate and clean result.

Any wall art you are digging right now? I have a whole pinterest board dedicated to living rooms because I am always dreaming up ideas.

Happy almost weekend!

From left to right: Artwork one // two // three // and four


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  • These are great tips! We always wind up just using a pencil, but painters tape is great because it comes right off and you don’t feel like you’re vandalizing your house!


  • I love that my husband always offers to hang up any wall art! I can’t be bothered with the measuring and leveling—it becomes overwhelming haha. I totally agree that painter’s tape is a great way to mark—doesn’t leave anything behind but a clean wall! Your art picks are gorgeous. A lovely compliment to your space. Definitely following that pinterest board! Thanks for sharing ­čÖé

  • I want to buy some family wall art for sale from a good store that has a gallery wall on it. Thanks for mentioning that I can use painter’s tape to distance the wall art from my other wall pieces. If I were to choose, I think I’ll put them on my living room, so I’ll make sure that it suits the palette of the room.

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