As I send you off to school

August 1, 2016

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Sending our children off to school. Something we all experience in different ways across the globe, and what I would call an unspoken solidarity in parenthood!

I’ve tried to write this post a few times, and would get choked up within the first few sentences. Don’t worry, after a very long week with my four energizer bunnies, I don’t think I will be getting choked up about back to school week any longer. I  think I may in fact welcome the normal routine and regular schedule with open and enthusiastic arms! However, it doesn’t change the same hesitations, worries, and anxious thoughts that are trying so hard to fight their way to the front of my mind as I send my children off to school.

These words are meant for them, and also for each of you mother’s walking your kids to the bus stop this week or sitting in the car pool line. Mothers who may be crying as you let go of their hand or happily waving goodbye as they independently walk down the school hallway. Putting my children into the care of others for the majority of every day is something that will always require courage on my part. We place our trust in all who will form their characters, educate their minds, and encourage their strengths. We may believe no one could love them like we can, but we have to trust that there are people (and from my experience mighty good ones!) who care enough to invest in them. Side note: I am no poet, so please be assured poetry will not make a regular appearance here;)



As I send you off to school.

As I send you off to school,
I hold my breath and pray,
that courage and confidence will walk beside you,
and be a friend today.

That you will never doubt your abilities,
and hold your head up high,
and no matter the obstacles you face,
that fear won’t blind your eyes. 

As I send you off to school,
I wonder if they know,
just how much you mean to me, 
and how hard it is to let you go.

Will you learn to stand up for what is true,
even when it gets tough?
Will you be honest, steadfast, and strong,
when fighting for the good is rough?

Will you remember what we told you, 
every day for the past few years?
That the only thing that matters, is how you treat your peers?

I hope you learn that sometimes,
you just have to MESS UP.
Sometimes the mistakes you make,
are what reveal the big steps you must take to GROW UP.

As I send you off to school,
bittersweet tears drop off my face.
knowing that the best part of me,
is stepping forward in time and place.

I swallow hard, and place my trust,
in the ones who were meant to be.
The teachers, friends, and educators,
meant to open doors on behalf of me.

The people who will cross paths with you,
the beating part of my heart.
To form, to nourish, and encourage you,
and help you choose the very best places to start.

And so as I send you off to school,
I swallow hard and pray,
That I learn to watch you fly and soar
to the heights God can’t wait to show you today.



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  • My middle child starts kindergarten in a couple of weeks and I can’t believe how quickly it has come. This poem mirrors my sentiments exactly. I will be crying the rest of my lunch break. 🙁 Thanks you for putting my feelings into words!

  • Beautiful poem! You’re a fantastic writer. I share your hopes for my son too.
    Here’s to a better world and bright future for all <3

  • Just beautiful, written from the heart, this could not go wrong! When our first went off to school, my husband warned me “you better not follow that bus!”. By the time the third was getting on the bus, I was having celebration coffees with my Mom at a local cafe. FYI they (and me) survived but it’s good to know there is a sisterhood in motherhood.

  • My thoughts and feelings exactly!

  • Danielle

    Beautifully said, Anna! I have many mixed emotions as well and am so grateful to have a school with the Dominicans here, which helps ease some of my worries! Good luck with the transition!

  • Oh Anna I was tearing up at your post! These words resonate so much with me this morning as I dropped off my first born at summer camp and I’m sure when he starts Pre-K next month. ? As much as he drives me crazy during the day it is still so tough to send him off for someone else to care for him. We, as parents, have such a hard job. But I guess trusting others to care for our child when we are not there is also a part of growing up right? 😉

    • Rosa, you said it! I feel like I am still growing and have a lot of growing up to do. My children have taught me so much, and it’s hard to let any part of it go and trust others, but it does get a little (not much) easier;) Sending my first son off to pre-k that first year was tough. Seeing him learn and get excited about new things are what will make it exciting for you too:)

  • This is amazing, and so beautifully written. Thanks for sharing this Anna. I can’t imagine sending Shiloh off to school, but I think this gives me a glimpse into what I am going to feel like.
    Nicole |

  • And now I’m all teary! But after the last couple of days, I’m still not exactly dreading the first day of school. Motherhood is so bittersweet (but beautiful!)

  • Heidi Doe

    I loved this! It really is all of the thoughts, worries and hopes in one. Thank you for writing this!

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