First baths with Seventh Generation.

October 13, 2016



I remember when I gave my son Gabriel his first bath, and how nervous I was to mess up somehow. Newborns are so tiny and vulnerable, and that first time feeling his little body relying on me to take care of him was equally terrifying and heart melting.  Now, hundreds of bath times later, I still get that feeling of complete awe and wonder, but thankfully feel a little more at ease;) Gabe and I have caught each of our kids’ first bath on camera in hopes of remembering some of those first fleeting months of their little lives. (Remember Rocco’s and Max’s?)



Miss Azelie didn’t quite know what to think of the water. Her limbs were flailing and her big eyes popping:) Gabe had the lucky job of snuggling her up for a post bath massage to sooth her afterwards. As you know, we have started to switch over our household products to clean ingredients, and have tested out Seventh Generation’s new Coconut Care line. You are lucky if you find baby products that work well with your child’s skin, let alone find a product with clean ingredients! But products that also smell better than most is a bonus. The foaming shampoo and body wash is made with organic coconut oil and is super gentle on their skin. We use this on Max, Rocco, and Azelie.





The Cocount Care Moisture Lotion is made with the same ingredients. I personally like how it is non-greasy and is safe for sensitive skin. Both Azelie and Rocco have had really sensitive bums as well, and so far, the Diaper Cream clears them up lightning fast when there has been any reaction or redness. It’s made with coconut oil and a non-nano zinc oxide. So thankful for options like this. I feel like we have come a long way even in the past 5 years when I was looking for good options for my first baby.


Azelie Jane is already 6 weeks old, and it makes me well up with tears just thinking about how fast her baby days are going, but that is totally normal for the overly emotional sleep deprived days of motherhood right? So thankful for the peace she brings to our family. She brings calm to our crazy casa!

*This post is sponsored by Seventh Generation. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible.

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  • So precious Anna!!! She looks so big already 😉

    Thanks for sharing such lovely options – I wish these were around when my kids were itty bitty but I will definitely pass along to family!

  • Aw my goodness!! So sweet and tiny, melts my heart!

  • omg she is so sweet! i miss having a baby that small! xo jillian

  • There is nothing sweeter than those first few day at home, and that first bath! She is so sweet!


  • Babies are the closest thing to heaven on earth. Beauty itself.

  • Katie Novikoff

    Oh my word. That picture of you holding up your little one, her adorable little tummy and sweet bright eyes – that one was truly breathtaking! What a beautiful image! Makes me want to invest in someone taking some (at least semi)-professional photos of the newborn phase, next time we have a wee one.??

    • Katie thank you so much! It is usually easy to forget to snap the pictures in those first few months, but yes, it truly is the time you want to remember more than any. Especially since our memories tend to fail us post babies;)

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