Weekend Ready Style: Striped Blouses

October 14, 2016


Jacket (similar one on sale) // Button down // Denim (25% off) / Sunnies c/o // Heels // Tote c/o // Necklace

I don’t think there is anything more exciting to me than a Friday in October. Something about the cool morning and smell in the air, and the wide open weekend ahead. I always say the possibility of the weekend is probably the best part, right?

I have had several requests for more every day style (and nursing friendly for mothers!).  Since this is the kind of style that is more relatable for me, I will be sharing a few casual looks in the coming weeks. I always choose options based off of how baby friendly it is right now, and although I love to wear heels, realistically that can only last for a date night or morning at church. This is a look you could trade out the heels for flats and still feel put together.







I will never tire of stripes, so a good blue and white stripe button down has been put to good use over the last few months. I wear a good deal of button downs with a new baby. This button down is from Madewell, but here is a similar long sleeve one. This jacket I stumbled on while picking up batteries at Target. Never fails to get distracted there. Bomber jackets are definitely the hot item this season, and I admit I am totally on that bandwagon.

Shopbop is having their RARE 25% off your purchase sale so if you have been holding out on any of those splurge items like Karen Walker sunnies or a good jacket, now is the time to hop on it! Sale ends today. 

Keep the style requests coming, so I know what is helpful to share here. I appreciate you all! Happy weekend~

Photos by Chelsey Heidorn

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  • Such a classic combination — completely effortless. Would you maybe consider doing a post on nursing clothes / planning your post-partum wardrobe for nursing? I’m a first-time mama, due in a few months, and besides the button-down trick, am rather baffled by it all (what works / what doesn’t / do I even need clothes specifically made for nursing / all that). 🙂

    • Hi Chloe, that would be a great post to tackle! I will work on that:) And I never got clothes specifically for nursing, but I always buy keeping convenience in mind. Will share some ideas soon!

  • I’m not a mama, but I can totally appreciate comfy everyday outfits. I can see a pair of the slip-on sneakers that I’m so obsessed with at the moment looking awesome with this outfit! Thanks for sharing your style — it’s spot-on, as always!

  • I’ll be taking lots of notes with your postpartum/nursing friendly series! I’m due with baby #6 in seven weeks and I’m really inspired to create a postpartum wardrobe that I’m confident wearing. So often, I’ve just made do “until I lost all the weight” but that made everyday dressing such a bummer…for months! I don’t want to repeat that this time.
    Can’t wait to follow along!

    • Ashley, such a good point to make. I decided not to even pull out my pre-pregnancy pants and use ones I already was comfortable in. Makes such a difference in confidence! I hope you enjoy the ideas I will be sharing! And I am excited for you!! Hope the last weeks are smooth for you!

  • i looooove that jacket.

  • I love that jacket! It’s fall perfection!

  • Beautiful!! I absolutely love that vertical stripe button down. The whole outfit looks awesome! I am a nursing mother also, so I can completely appreciate the easy of a button down. It feels good to be put-together (even as a frazzled mama!) and button downs help with that polished, yet comfortable and functional look. I love your blog, by the way, have been reading it for a few months now 🙂

    • Maria, that is such a good point. I definitely feel more put together in a button down. Thank you so much for the thoughtful comment, that always is so refreshing to me! So glad you stumbled on IHOD:)

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