Clean Beauty Week: Full Lashes + Brows

June 20, 2017


After my last post talking about skin care and my pursuit of effective clean beauty products, I have so much to fill you in on! I have found some products equal to gold in the hair, skin, and makeup categories, so I thought it would be fun to do a whole series, and maybe give away some of my favorites along the way;) Sound good? I am no expert on makeup and skin care, but since I keep receiving many of the same questions hopefully this is a more thorough and effective way to answer them…

I’d love to go into a little more WHY I started converting over to clean ingredients, but for today I’ll get right into brows and lashes…

I have always been a mascara fanatic. If I could only bring one makeup item on a trip with me it would be mascara hands down. I have tried them all. The cheap drugstore faves, the expensive ones that claim to do it all, and everything in between. I have also tried lash extensions and the glue on sets. I LOVED the ease of lash extensions, but they were pricey, time consuming, and they ended up pulling out my natural ones which was such a bummer. Since natural is usually the way I lean, I started to look for better options and clean ingredients to restore my own lashes. WELL, I am really excited about this duo…..



2-Step Long and Full EYELASHES

  1. NeuLash Serum – To be honest, I need to research more about this serum’s ingredients, but it is ophthalmologist tested  for it’s nutrient rich ingredients. It also received really good reviews, so I started using it a few months ago. It has restored my lashes as well as grown them longer and healthier than they ever were before.  I kind of wasn’t expecting it to actually work! ha! It goes a long way as I still have plenty left. (NeuLash also has a brow serum!) I am really happy to forget all the rest and just go back to good ole mascara as my summer go to.
  2. BeautyCounter Lengthening Mascara – This mascara applies thick and full without hardening up which I found with a good deal of other mascaras. Made with organic oils and shea butter, this mascara conditions while you wear it. So instead of losing lashes from harsh ingredients, you get the benefits of long healthy looking lashes while simultaneously taking care of them at the same time. (I love all of BeautyCounter products which is why I ended up just joining the team.) Tip: Just make sure to avoid moisturizers under the eyes after you apply mascara to avoid smudging.


2-Step Full Brows


  1. Glossier Boy Brow – This goes on like a mascara for your eyebrows. I use the brown shade and it just adds a little thickening and darkening appearance to my natural brows! Tip: Have you heard of the Think Dirty app? It will scan the barcodes of your makeup and skin care products to let you know how toxic or clean it is! It has been an eye opener. A
  2. Eyeshadow – I have minimal time to do makeup and half the reason I love bangs is because it allows me to be lazy with my brows. However, if I want to go a little fancy schmancy I will also use a brow brush and darker eyeshadow to add more dimension to my brows.

It’s been since Christmas since I have done some giveaways! Too long! It’s way more fun when I can share these faves with you, so head over to the IHOD facebook page (you just have to comment for a chance) to win the products featured today, and come back tomorrow for another round of goodies:)


Full Disclosure: I genuinely fell head over heels for the clean ingredient list in BeautyCounter products, as well as how effective they have been on my skin, hair, and makeup routines. I decided to become a consultant which I swore I would never do, but only because I get to be a part of a really cool team of women (including my old college friend)!. The product discount doesn’t hurt;) Feel free to email me if you have any q’s about the products or if you want to inquire about joining my team

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