Mantle Mirror Round Up + DIY Gilded Mirror

October 5, 2017



1. Madeleine Mirror
2. Primrose Mirror
3. Bellesol Mirror
4. Cho Mirror
5. Classical Buffet Mirror
6. Brass Metal Loop Mirror
7. Somette Mirror
8. Arched mirror

We searched high and low for this round up of mantle mirrors, and these were the finalists! However, if you are feeling nifty, I am including how I gilded our current mantle mirror that Gabe found for $30 at a local flea market. It took me twenty minutes so promise it’s easy!

mirror before

mirror after



1. Use painters tape to tape down paper around the inside of your mirror. Fold and crease along the edges until the entire mirror is covered. You don’t want spray paint to get on the mirror. You can however quickly wipe it off if that happens and you should be ok.

2. Use a metallic spray paint to spray on one coat for the base. Most spray paints lean towards a yellow base, but if you can find a gold that looks more bronzey, that is your best bet for a more realistic gilded look. Rust-oleum or Krylon work well.

3. After it dries, paint over the top with a gold craft paint. I used this one from Michaels. Let the paint dry thoroughly. I really like the look of this bronze paint as well.

4. Using sand paper, rub some of the edges and flat surface areas to distress the look. This is what really makes a difference since an even surface tends to look plastic. Outside I still was unsure about the color, but when I brought it indoors and took a few step back it looked like exactly what I was aiming for.

Mirrors are pricey! If you don’t feel like forking over the money, look on facebook marketplace. People get rid of mirrors all the time for $30- $40. Let me know what else you would like to see here on IHOD that will be helpful in making your house feel like home!


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