The 1-2 punch for warming up your winter bedding.

November 21, 2017

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Our bedroom is the place we unwind at the end of the day. So especially during winter, I like to make it as cozy as we can to get into rest mode easily. When the temps start to drop, I will add a few pillows, change the sheets from linen to cotton, and pile on the blankets! Here is the breakdown of what I’d call an easy 1-2 punch for warming up your winter bedding…

1. Switch the sheets – I tend to keep the bedding light in the summer with linen material and a coverlet. For winter, I will pull the down comforter out of storage, and rotate to cotton sheets. These Wamsutta PimaCott (625 thread count) sheets are unreal. Softer than a baby’s bottom if that’s possible. I wanted to keep the colors bright too because it can get so gloomy in the winter, so the ivory color helps lift the light! Currently, it’s a little dangerous how comfortable the bed is, and it takes at least 5 alarm clocks to drag me out of bed.

2. Add a few pillows – Since we have a garden trellis headboard we needed some extra cushioning to lean up against, and these white goose down pillows with Wamsutta PimaCott cases are a dream.  Plush pillows are a fun way to add some texture and extra lounge material to the space, and they are good for making it look like you made your bed;) My kids love cuddling up at night against these for story time, and I wouldn’t be surprise if they swipe them for themselves.

3. Chunky knit throws to layer up – I am an admitted blanket hoarder. I love having them around the house to grab when it gets chilly at night, and our bedroom is no exception. I love chunky knitted ones especially, and will keep them on top of the bed all season. Here are a few favorites: pom throw, cableknit throw, faux fur throw.

As you can see Azelie would also like to move back in with Gabe and I, and is a little bitter we moved her to her own room. 😉


Wishing you all a warm and cozy week ahead!


Wamsutta linens made with PimaCott are verified pure pima cotton, grown in the San Joaquin Valley, CA. The purity of our extra long and dense fibers makes PimaCott softer, more durable, and more vibrant than regular cotton. Never blended or contaminated, you’re getting the purest pima possible. It’s the Wamsutta quality you expect and the luxuriousness you’ll enjoy for years to come


*This post is sponsored by Bed Bath and Beyond. All opinions are my own.

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